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  1. John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    A generous giveaway, well done
  2. 1989 Gold Sovereign

    A friend of mine just sold 1 on eBay for £1053/1057 or something very close. Box, certificate etc
  3. Did you also forget that the coins are not free either?
  4. How do you safely store your stack?

    Might just have a go at pouring one myself, you haven't copyrighted it yet have you?
  5. Beware of Large Gold Fake Coins on eBAY!

    You say that like it could be a bad thing
  6. Go straight to homemade enemas with a garden hose, job done
  7. wanted 1869 HALF SOVEREIGN

    Did you receive it yet?
  8. 4 Ducat

    Ah well, poor @JunkBond, no video, will have to buy the next one blind
  9. 4 Ducat

    Maybe @BackyardBullionbought it, just to make your video
  10. wanted 1869 HALF SOVEREIGN

    Glad to be of assistance, lucky the year stuck in my head
  11. wanted 1869 HALF SOVEREIGN

    UK silver stackers, just checked
  12. wanted 1869 HALF SOVEREIGN

    Pretty sure it is silver stackers
  13. UK 50% Junk Silver Liquidity / Snobbery

    At least in the US you are not as heavily restricted as we in UK are. You can buy nitric acid, dissolve the lot and drop almost pure silver. Pour your own bars and you're sorted
  14. Why is it

    Why is it that on a silver forum site, the most popular coin by far, is a Sovereign? Not that I mind, I have them as well as silver
  15. Today I bought.....

    Queen Elizabeth silver is not silver, it's cupro-nickel