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  1. It's a gaming streaming site thing
  2. youtube will be 100% channels and videos of people eating washing detergent and acting the fool in time.Or like twitch full of cam whores As that's where the money seems to be.
  3. I watch alot of small animal care channels,Fish tank channels etc.which are all very good and entertaining,But 99% of these are never going to get over 5k subs or millions of views a vid. I don't think most making these channels go into it thinking they are going to make a killing.But rather do it for the love of their hobby The channels that do have 1 mill + in this area are good looking chicks or massive shops etc.
  4. Today I bought.....

    You ever posted any pics of the ones you keep getting from hgm? or have i just not noticed
  5. When i bought afew coins last month,I thought **** it and stuck abit in signature.They charged me 1p or something for the month,So isn't overpriced greedy like alot of others are. They could charge far more and get away with it. I did this from the start,fixed on x amount of one coin or a set etc.Rather then one of this and that,then getting far behind on everything and not being able to keep up etc.
  6. Today I bought.....

    He will be the half sov king soon,Guess it's alittle different to collect half sovs rather then full like everyone else.Plus will always be able to sell on,as not everyone can afford full sovs.
  7. Auctions

    Always will alot of people get caught up in the bidding and forget to work out premiums etc etc.
  8. Auctions

    Well most of them it's the sellers that get screwed over more.Maybe they have a low sellers commission and it's the buyers on this one that pick up all the commission.
  9. Auctions

    31% is just a pure ripoff what do sellers pay?
  10. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    take the Landmarks of Britain coins atm,selling for like £35,£29 without vat on some sites.that's a premium you are paying for the pic on the coin. So in my eyes its not bullion as you've slapped premiums on it.and should atleast follow their own standards and descriptions.
  11. Heath

    Hello and welcome
  12. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    I've always felt the (it's just bullion) is alittle bulls*** when you have massive premiums on most things.As you are paying for what coin it is,and what little picture it has on the front rather then spot or +3% over that for the bullion metal. I can see why people get mad sometimes
  13. Shipping Batteries

    Pretty sure it's more of International destinations,Most good companies if buying from china etc won't even ship you the batteries.Or you pay an insane amount via dhl Sell em on to a vaper person if worried about shipping within the uk.Id buy em but already have tons
  14. first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    Why not? it's all the rage atm Id go for 4 Sovereigns first of.Then if you need money you can sell one coin rather then a whole oz.
  15. Shipping Batteries

    this for shipping within the uk or to other counties,I've had plenty of sharp things or batteries shipped from uk companies to me. what's wrong with the batteries anyway ?