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  1. Half sovs

    Price difference on silver orders when i looked awhile back,was noticeably higher on their site to others.Gold don't seem as bad,but again if you're buying afew bits £10/£2 dearer etc etc adds up over an order.
  2. Gold Short Term Investment?

    Don't you mean 20k not £20
  3. Today I Received

    It's favouritism
  4. Storing Silver -- Need Advice

    Yeah you can become abit OCD on it lol
  5. Storing Silver -- Need Advice

    I take it you're going to cut open your rolls to replace the anti-tarnish strips after x amount of months?
  6. Today I Received

    Afew bits from the group order,The trade dollar is a nice looking coin.I bottled it and only got two over the ten i had planned to get
  7. Storing Silver -- Need Advice

    The Kook Privys you vacuum-packed look neat,mint packs like from the royal mint have like tons of excessive plastic on etc or maybe it's just me,and i like everything in neat stacks.
  8. Storing Silver -- Need Advice

    I don't have alot of room,so the mint sealed rolls in that plastic is hard to store.If i did ever get a tube of normal brits etc,Think id just store them in the plastic tubes they come in. everything else is in capsules with anti-tarnish things and what not.
  9. 1000 oz Unboxing Extravaganza!!!

    Yeah seen him on numistackers videos moaning about everything.
  10. 1000 oz Unboxing Extravaganza!!!

    I wonder who the people are that down vote these things lol
  11. New £2 Two Dragons LPM and Royal Mint Tie Up

    This coin is like £27.03 without vat on the royal mint site,If that's the real price when in stock. Even on other sites it's pushing £20,Is it worth these prices over other more run of the mill coins. As it's not that special
  12. balls i missed my delivery
  13. Not showing face in YouTube videos?

    Beat me to it lol I guess in a way,you're there to look at the coins not someones face the whole time.
  14. New £2 Two Dragons LPM and Royal Mint Tie Up

    Coin is okay but nothing amazing.
  15. 2 weeks litter picking and a £50 fine