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  1. POBJOY Pegasus - 2018 Reverse Frosted Silver Bullion

    I don’t like it at all. People just have different tastes.
  2. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    How much would the shipping be to the US?
  3. Selling silver

    And that’s how you know silver is undervalued. Walk through any store and see the plastic junk from China that’s selling for the equivalent of an ounce of silver!
  4. US help needed

    I agree, if you think the tax is unfair then work to get the tax laws changed in your country. Otherwise just pay the tax, it’s not worth breaking the law and destroying your integrity. With that said I don’t like taxes either and live in a state with very high taxes here in the US. I complain about them and have talked to my local representatives but I still pay them.
  5. Wall Street crashing Gold most likely to go up

    Also I’ll add that the market isn’t falling because of the expectation of higher rates, that’s the narrative that the media peddles. The real reason is that people are waking up to the fact that everything is over priced because of the ultra low rates and massive liquidity that’s been pumped into the global financial system over the past 10 years. Rates CAN’T actually rise back to normal levels, if they did the governments of the world would be insolvent and unable to service the debt. The only option now is to inflate away the debt because massive taxation to lower the debt can’t be done without revolt.
  6. Wall Street crashing Gold most likely to go up

    Interest rates rising are a sign of inflation, which is good for metals in a numerical currency price sense.
  7. Selling silver

    There is always buyers, in fact the higher the price goes the more buyers there are! Remember what the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end.
  8. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    Looking at these sets again this afternoon, I’m very happy I bought them. I do like how low mintage they are. If everyone who’s viewed this thread bought them that represents almost half the sets in existence!
  9. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    The details are amazing, Captain cook has pupils in his eyes lol. Incredible detail, it’s actially amazing that level of detail can be achieved today. The amount of pressure it takes to make the coins that high relief is crazy. I just looked at all the coins and they all lol flawless. I’ll look in greater detail tonight.
  10. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    What I didn’t tell you guys is that I bought 3 sets lol!! i think I’ll save one to have in the original case, send one set out for grading and keep the last to either sell or give as a gift someday. Beautiful set, I’m very impressed. I would be more impressed if I hadn’t bought my five five kilo coin so recently.
  11. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    Beautiful coins! It’s very hard to show the ultra high relief in pictures for some reason?? The strike is very high relief and look very impressive in hand!
  12. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    It says it shipped today so with any luck I’ll have it in hand by Saturday and I’ll get the pictures up then!
  13. Libertad Mexico Kilo Prooflike 2017

    I bought the 2016 prooflike kilo for my son who was born in 2016. It’s currently sitting in a safe deposit box and I’ll give it to him when he graduates. It’s a beautiful coin and well worth the price in my opinion.