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Everything posted by richatthecroft

  1. for sale 1oz 2018 silver swans

    Could I take three please, Cheers
  2. for sale SilverStan.999 Silver Bars

    Small Bar Sold
  3. for sale SilverStan.999 Silver Bars

    I have 3x very nice hand poured SilverStan.999 Silver Bars for sale. Selling at 48p per gram plus postage of buyers choice. Large: 153.7g = £73.70 Medium: 126.1g = £60.50 Small: 93.9g = £45 SOLD
  4. Hi

    Welcome mate.
  5. 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Which 100g bar? Seriously, I never had thought about all the lettering and numbers on these poured bars were cast individually/uniquely. Thought they were all stamped?
  6. Today I bought (Non PM).....

    Found these at a flea market today, just had to have them to remind me just how much life has changed for us all...
  7. Toy cars found in an old shed.

    What’s the worse thing that can happen Mick? Weigh them and work out the postage costs, wait for an eBay final fees deal, preferably a £1 to sell. List them on eBay in an auction format, take as many photos as you can, start them low to hook people in, and make sure the auction end time is reasonable. Good luck.
  8. Today I Received

    I wouldn’t mind a suitcase full of cheap and tatty Baird & Co. products
  9. Today I Received

    Little and Large. A couple of finds this week on fleabay at low premiums
  10. Hello

    Hi @cubes, happy stacking!
  11. wanted 2017 1oz silver bar

    @Jeastaugh if the 2017 mintage is sold out, don’t be disappointed, see it as an opportunity to double up on the 2018 mintage. I think there are still some 2017 100g Bars left, these are really nice.
  12. completed Silver coins

    @MickD, PM left for you.
  13. completed Silver coins

    2x avail 2018 Athenian Owl £14.95 each. 2x avail 2014 Somalia Elephant incl. capsule £17.50 each 1x avail 2016 Somalia Elephant incl. capsule £17.50 Plus postage of buyers choice. PayPal f&f or Bank Transfer
  14. completed Silver coins

    Hi Mick, I’ll send you PM
  15. completed Silver coins

    Prices and quantities updated
  16. Today I Received

    I would second that. The JM Bar is fantastic @CadmiumGreen, nice pick up.
  17. Today I Received

    Sure is Rich! Tell you what though, I am absolutely amazed that I managed to bag it, I’ve been on night shifts this week, and woke three hours after @arshimo2012 posted the two bars, couldn’t believe my luck, and it looks like he still has the other left to sell....ssssh! It might still be there come payday, and it’ll be mine, all mine!
  18. Today I Received

    Thanks @arshimo2012. What a beauty.
  19. 1 oz Queens Beast Unicorn Vs 1 oz Oriental Border Britannia?

    No, they’re not worth collecting I would recommend people get rid as soon as possible
  20. 1 oz Queens Beast Unicorn Vs 1 oz Oriental Border Britannia?

    Regardless of premium, which is always attractive, the Oriental Britannia wins it for me.
  21. April 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Nice one @Big23
  22. Bars Photo Thread...

    Up from last months total of 1230g of beautiful BYB Bullion
  23. Today I Received

    Just got in from work, nice surprise to find a meticulously wrapped package awaiting opening....Thank you so much @BackyardBullion
  24. Today I Received

    This wasn’t a very recent delivery, think it was mid April ish. I placed a pre-order in March for the 10oz QB Dragon plus some other bits and pieces for me and two of my sons and once the QB was in stock, it was shipped to me in three days. I guess GS.be will have latest information if there is a strike.