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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver Bars & Gold Coins & having being completely sucked in with all things shiny, Silver Britannia's and now Elemetal Metals 'Egyption Gods' series and now own more coins than bars!

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  1. Hello from Holland

  2. for sale Rwanda HMS Endeavour Silver Proofs

    Have you a link to an image/ photo of this coin please
  3. Baird & Co

    It's not obligatory to set an account up with Bairds, as @mr-dead points out, simply check out as a guest. Bairds don't make this clear though. They only ask you to set an account up if you are spending over, £10k or so, I guess to comply with Government regulations to counter money laundering. Atkinsons asked me for id before they would process an order for the first time.

    My three orders were uneventful...selected the items, put them in the basket, sent payment via transferwise and received the Silver 3 days later. I would use them again and again.
  5. Gold Short Term Investment?

    @LittleJohnSilver I would love to see your reaction to you re-visiting this post in 15 years time
  6. How do you track your stack?

    I use a spreadsheet but also use in tandem with this app. its called Gold Tracker (I have no ties or gain any reward for plugging this app.). I think its a fantastic way to track your PM's and reasonably priced at £2.99. I have an iPhone, not sure if its available for Android.
  7. Today I Received

    There's always more good buys on the horizon, plenty to go around.
  8. Just Saying Hello

    Hiya Mate, happy stacking!
  9. Today I Received

    Well done mate, fantastic coin at an extremely keen price
  10. Scotsdale Silver Bar

    If you like them, snap as many as you can up at £18 and under, but realistically these will be priced at between £20- £25 (and beyond!) on eBay.
  11. completed 90% Silver Half Dollars & Bronze Queen Victoria Medal

    Thanks I'll PM you
  12. for sale 4x Bullion sovs for sale £225 each

    You still have a 1966?
  13. Payment PayPal f&f or BT. 90% Half Dollars take the lot for £36 including postage. SOLD Also, For Sale in very nice condition my duplicated Royal Mint Queen Victoria 1837- 1897 Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medal £32 Posted. SOLD Thanks.
  14. for sale 1964 USA Coin Set

    Payment by PayPal f&f or BT. Price includes First Class Postage Not a lot to say except the set is in immaculate condition- £23 Posted Thanks Richard