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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver Bars & Gold Coins & having being completely sucked in with all things shiny, Silver Britannia's and now Elemetal Metals 'Egyption Gods' series and now own more coins than bars!

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  1. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Not available yet though. https://goldsilver.be/en/miscellaneous/1729-1-oz-silver-british-trade-dollar-st-helena-2018-medal-round.html Pity as Group Order just around the corner. I've ordered mine from Aurinum.de not withstanding a balk-worthy £7 to ship. Didn't have enough funds to make it worthwhile as I'm commited to other stuff right now, but I just 'needed' this coin!
  2. completed 2017 1/10 Gold Britannia

    2017 1/10 Gold Britannia £109 inclusive of Special Delivery Postage
  3. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Ordered Silver version from Aurinum.de today. Can't wait for this one to arrive. Wish I was in the market for the 1oz Gold.
  4. 1oz 2018 South Korea Chiwoo

    Owch, that sword looks lethal
  5. British trade dollar fake

    At least seller obliged and refund available. In the meantime, here's a real one.
  6. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Sounds like a great deal 2:1, particularly for the more expensive ones. As well as the pig- to- find reasonably priced 2006, I also have the 1999 Britannia (love this design) multiple times, and average I paid from my records is £28.73 (that's precise for a Sunday morning!) so I would let that go to you for that price,- for the greater good of funding another set! Where will this end!!!! Reminds me of my three boys when they were little collecting Pokemon cards....
  7. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Oh my goodness, this looks fab. Does your local coin store sell on the internet? Or I wonder if any of the bullion dealers here in the UK are stocking this online?
  8. Queens Beast Bull - First look

    Hmm, just looked a bit closer, what's going on with the mouth? Looks a bit like Skelator's mouth, or Corbyn's...sorry, must try and keep on track, and not let any of my own animosity toward Mr Corbyn find its way into posts about coins.
  9. Queens Beast Bull - First look

    Nice. Can't wait. I wonder when the 1/4 Gold will hit the shelves
  10. Today I Received

    Thanks to @Roy for the last two BU 1oz Britannia coins I needed to finish my 1998- to date run, and another Kennedy half. Also, my obsession with Marianne continues with a 5 Franc coin that isn't even silver.
  11. Introduction

    Hey Alun, Fab looking boxes
  12. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    I would wholeheartedly agree with all @BackyardBullion has to say. I've just had a request to refund a buyer in Spain for a banknote I sent out. He claimed it wasn't described accurately! (I thought a note that actually survived two world wars was accurately described as 'good condition for age'). There is no support from eBay. I think the support you actually get vs. the costs to sell on eBay are disproportionate and the whole ethos is Buyer protection and there are a lot of disingenuous buyers out there. But you list your item, and take your chances.
  13. wanted Engelhard or JM

    Not posting this with any kind of agenda excepting I could offer the opportunity to buy some 1oz Johnson Matthey bars in low quantity for a very similar price as @Gilver & @Webster Don't know about 'too much', maybe it would be better phrased as not what you wish to pay, but its your post and you did ask for opportunity to buy from Forum members, and conveniently for you, @Webster & @Gilver went to the trouble of responding, bet they are not making anything on them. Personally, my observations and opinion of 1oz Engelhard/ JM prices on well known auction sites, and given that Engelhard bars are not manufactured anymore and sought after, then I think £21quid an ounce is about right, or at least a good starting point for negotiation. Don't think you'll pick these up in ones or two's or even much bigger bars for much less an ounce. To provide an example, I travelled a reasonable distance to an auction house today, not a nice drive on my day off in the pouring rain, to specifically try and buy a 1Kg Engelhard bar. It was a beauty, and came in a nice wooden box and having researched it, it was of a very low mintage and the dearth of sales doesn't give an accurate price guide. I was unsuccessful, and it achieved over £650 + the dreaded buyers premium of near 25% inc. VAT on buyers premium, making it a tad short of £800 or around £25 an ounce in the Kilo quantity, all in. I was out at a bid of £600, so the very near underbidder. Bet the proud owner will talk himself into him getting a bargain today. Meanwhile, I'll Probably kick myself in years to come, but hey-ho we all have a price in mind/ and limited funds available when it comes to buying anything. I guess it might be mindful for me to note, and perhaps you and others, that If you factor in today, my time, effort, fuel and the rotten sandwich & coffee I bought at the saleroom today, then I should factor these expenses into my purchase when I actually become successful in buying and owning a 1Kg Engelhard bar. But I'll probably, and conveniently forget these expenses as I punch the air when successful at a price I wish to pay. But I will have probably already spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money chasing the 1kg Engelhard in the end, so you could argue, I should have simply put myself out of my misery today! At least at £21 an ounce, for the thing you want, the only other cost to factor into a Forum 'wanted' post, would be a very small proportion of your membership fee, a bit of wear and tear on the old keyboard as well as a tiny amount of bandwidth. Thank the lord for the Internet! and Special Delivery! We either forget if your as old as me, or might ask 'whats a saleroom' if your young, but I'm old enough to remember having to actually take time to travel to Auction Houses or buy newspapers or subscribe to posted physical auction catalogues, usually lacking photos, just to see whats for sale, never mind viewing or going along, on the day to bid for an item. Today, it reminded me. Guess what I'm trying to say is this, don't be like me, and let the odd quid an ounce lead to you kicking yourself later with 'what if' ! and 'I nearly bought one of them'!, particularly if its something you really want, and it doesn't actually cost you anything much to physically buy it. The item might cost you far more in the longer term. As a footnote, if you come across any/ or lots of 1kg Engelhard bars at £21 an ounce, please give me a shout if you don't want them.
  14. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Hi, Coincidently, today I've just received the last two Britannia coins to complete a BU Britannia run 1998 through to 2018. I'm very new to stacking, and it was never my intention to collect! But have got somehow drawn in and particularly to: Britannia, Queen's Beasts 2oz (and unfortunately/ Fortunately Gold 1/4oz coins!), Provident Metals Egyptian Series, London Landmarks and as many Peace Dollars and 90% Kennedy/ half dollars as I can get my hands on. Latest fad I have is French coins/medals with image of Marianne! Anyway, I digress. My view on the Britannia coins is this, am I happy having collected them all? A big YES! I managed to get the whole date run for an average of around £20 per coin, but that of course included a bit of luck on winning some of the coins on eBay very cheaply considering the average price some of the more sought after coins fetch there (bought when auction ended at odd times, mis spelt, odd blemish/tarnish) but also included a bulk buy of 5 sought after ones together from a Forum member and also due to a kind gesture of one forum member who sold me two coins that usually fetch a relatively huge premium for bullion, very reasonably. I am in the process of doing it all again! I should add however, I'm not a fussy collector, so the odd ding, blemish, scratch, spot or tarnish doesn't worry me (but that isn't to say I have bought rubbish coins!) I'm of the opinion that BU 1oz Britannia is a good safe investment bet, but I guess thats well established: Cheap to buy on release, CGTax free (if you think thats going to be a concern then fair play, I hope so) only downside apparently is quality of manufacture and milk spot. I figure if I can build up as many 'sets' 1998- to whatever the current date will be, in the longer term (retirement for me!) I should do ok, if bought at a similar or better average than I achieved with naivety and impatience working against me! It is pretty clear that playing 'catch up' can prove expensive (wish I had several tubes of each of the 2001, 2002, 2003, 3004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 coins and particularly 2006, 2001 & 2007). I would say do it, or at least buy the images on the coin that appeal to you, but I would also add, that any Britannia Year that is released going forward (or if offered at a very low price to you for a legacy year) with the 'appealing' images you speak of, then it would be a canny investment to buy tube/tubes of them, given the evidence of the premium the older dates fetch. Just my twopenneth. To get you underway with one of the harder to find ones, I bought 2x 2006 Britannia coins last week, one 'carded' for what I think was a reasonable average £30 Each at a coin shop, you can have one of them for the price I paid, plus post to get you underway with the harder to find ones if you decide on collecting the whole date run (I posted photos on 'today I received' only on Wednesday). The only reason I am highlighting the 2006 year is that it was my 'pig in the poke' in the first run I collected. Check out the ridiculous prices being asked on eBay, and this isn't a coin with the 'appealing' image you mention! But this subject was touched upon here:
  15. for sale Gold coins

    It's being held pending payment