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  1. completed 1/4 gold proof sovereign 2017 and 2018

    I'll PM you
  2. Today I Received

    Went to the saleroom today in an attempt to buy some silver and came away with paper! I failed miserably, prices were high and encouraged to see .500 coins making decent money...took a gamble on these though 1940's French and Dutch banknotes: French 100 francs bank note 14th March 1940, a 5 francs allied military currency note 1944 & a Netherlands Muntbiljet 1 Gulden State note 1943, there was an outlier as well- a 70's Turkish note! but not worth photographing but all in fantastic condition. Anybody collect old banknotes and wants to do a swap for some silver before they go on fleabay?
  3. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    19th Prize
  4. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Nice one @Quicksilver
  5. completed 2010 SOVEREIGN

    ~I'll take it please
  6. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    1oz JM Bar
  7. Hello All!

    Hi Ray, I'm new to the collecting game too, enjoy the forum.
  8. for sale 100 gram Umicore sealed bars

    Received the bars safely. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone

    Hi Ryan it'll be great to hear news from Nabraska
  10. Hello to all!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. Now received my first shipments from the eBay sellers I bought from: 5x 1oz Johnson Matthey bars and a 100g Scottsdale poured bar, nice! So, I have begun my silver bar collecting journey and I don't regret it one bit. After lots of reading I will continue with the strategy of silver bars as near to spot as possible as well as buying some interesting bars for aesthetics/interest, and decided to concentrate on poured silver wherever possible. Also plan to buy gold coins, probably Sovereigns and/or Krugerrand's. I've taken a lot of time to read through so many threads that are both enlightening and informative, thank you all. I am having to be disciplined in my buying approach as there are so many tempting buying opportunities on the forum and could have bought hundreds of pounds worth of silver already! But I have decided to try and stick to my plan of growing my holding between £120- £150 per month, as I am already committed to reduce my mortgage, and I am still invested quite heavily in shares- not an easy thing to get out of/ change plan mid way through a strategy I have in place and notwithstanding current paper losses! Also, the bank of Mum & Dad remains firmly open for business, and having three boys one in higher education and two on the cusp of deciding if they are going to university, unfortunately, the bank feels quite a bit of pressure now and then!
  11. Hello to all!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. @BackyardBullion I shall take a look at the Belgium site, looks like a great buying opportunity moreover, I'm very interested in the forum branded 'proper' bars, but having also seen your shop, there's lots of goodies I'd like to get my hands on, decisions, decisions...
  12. Hello to all!

    Hi everyone. I stumbled upon this wonderful site yesterday evening and I'm so pleased I did so. I have only being investing money for around 3 years, chiefly stocks & shares and mostly AIM shares and have had a variety of results, not all favourable! I've decided to diversify further, I bought a couple of paintings recently as they are much more pleasing on the eye than watching flashing figures on a computer screen! and it reminded me of the fun I used to have of collecting/dealing art deco pottery around 30 years ago. I had being thinking about purchasing Gold and Silver for a while and took an (impulsive) plunge yesterday evening! My plan was to buy silver bars and gold coins and plan to budget around £120 a month. I can't wait for my first purchases to arrive. Rather impulsively I have bought 5x 1oz Johnson Matthey bars and a 100g Scottsdale poured bar, so over budget already in month one! Bought on FleaBay (I'm old enough and daft enough to know the risks) and paid a tad over £18 an ounce for the lot including postage. When I found this forum, wish I had waited as there appears to be some great deals to be had from the community, but I don't think I have faired too badly on my rather impulsive purchases! I have an overall plan of retirement saving, I'm around 20 years from retirement. Any advice/ tips always welcome. Nice to meet you all. Richard