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  1. wanted wtb half sovereign BU 2015, 2016 NOT proof

    Buying specific half sov is not that easy in Germany... Thanks for your advise.
  2. Thanks for your offers. Shipping destination is Germany. I check my britannia tubes and found even more mule 2014... Lucky me.
  3. Pictures are of the actual item. Stain etcetera on capsule as far as I see. Can provide more pictures if asked for.
  4. Today I Received

    And Now for Something Completely Different ( o )( o ) Libertad 2017 Kilo High Relief KG Proof (Reverse) and Prooflike (Obverese)
  5. You are right. I'll go to Bank tomorrow...
  6. all 100% complete with all papers and boxes... 600 plus shipping from Germany
  7. Gold Nanoparticles as Antivirals

  8. sovereign 2016 proof

    thanks a lot for your feedback, steve
  9. Greetings from Germany

    My name is Manuel, I'm 37, German and a student (again) I do have a Master of Business Administration degree but decided to study once more in order to teach children with special needs. I worked for a big auditing company but perceived the work as dishonorable and pointless. I'll have my verbal exam next year and will start the practical part of my education at schools in spring 2019. I started "stacking" in late 2015 and I'm really fascinated. Coins represent a value I really do believe in (in about 10-20 years a lot of people will I guess) and the connected history really thrills me. I'm mainly into bullion (Maple Leafs, Philharmonic, ...) and only collect a few proofs and "brands". I sold my video game collection in 2016 and allocated the funds to Britannias, Libertads and Sovereigns mainly... The British do have some lovely coins and who can say "No" to an angel?! Estados Unidos! Manuel
  10. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    Is this version apmex exclusive or an official royal mint bullion like 2017 anniversary? https://www.apmex.com/product/159563/2018-great-britain-1-oz-silver-britannia-oriental-border
  11. sovereign 2016 proof

    thank you very much for your fast reply. I really don't know what the blemish could be... maybe it's a mechanical damage - how could I find out? I made some more pictures...
  12. sovereign 2016 proof

    Hi folks, how would you garde this coin? How much is it worth? Thanks for your support! box coa is included but I don't give that much about these papers... condition is more important I think.
  13. funny kugelblitz = ball lightning Definition: a rare form of lightning consisting of luminous balls that may move along solid objects or float in the air I will not sell mules only - at least mixed with other years e.g. date set Happy New Year
  14. Would do so if I sell one lot 20-25 Britannia each 2013, 2015, 2016 with or without OB Lion
  15. 10 x qb Lion 20 x Britannia 2014 mule Error 20 x Britannia 2017 anniversary 45 x Britannia 2013 45 x Briannnia 2015 45 x Britannia 2016 195 oz Spot (Euro) x 1.8 14,1 x 1,8 x 195 oz = 4949 Euro Happy new year!