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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Too early to tell.
  1. for sale 2003 half sovereign

    Hi all, I have this 2003 gold half sovereign for sale as I got sent two 2003 instead of a 03,04 run. Would return it but decided to sell for cost on here as its still sealed. I'm selling it for £120 plus postage of your choice. Thanks Ike.
  2. **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Received my items today. Thanks BYB and extend my gratitude to Mrs BYB too. Looking forward to the the next group order.
  3. completed Half sovereign

    Hey all. I'm currently looking to buy a half sovereign. Not looking for any specific one just one for about £120. Please pm me with photos and price if you have one going. Thanks Ike.
  4. 1oz 2018 South Korea Chiwoo

    Beauty. They also have a new one this year. Think I'll be collecting all of them.
  5. completed Small amount of Bitcoin to trade

    No worries. They are on the way.
  6. completed Spotted coins sale

    Tell me about it
  7. completed Spotted coins sale

    While doing my end of year inventory, I found out my 2015 African Ounce coins and one of my nautical ounce coin sealed pouches had come loose causing the coins to start spotting. So I'm putting them up in case someone on here doesn't mind the spots. They are going for £18 each plus postage or if you take the three, I'll pay for postage. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Mrs BYB! and thank you too for all the effort.
  9. Thanks Mrs BYB! and thank you too for all the effort.
  10. Help when buying silver

    It's a website. goldsilver.be
  11. for sale Selling a few of my collection

    Hi all, fairly new to stacking and collecting silver. Along the way I have picked up some coins I now know do not fit in my collection so I'm listing them for sale on here hoping they are of interest to someone. 1×1oz PCGS 2015 CHINA PANDA MS69 £42 1×1oz 2017 KRUGERRAND Silver with cert. £38 1× 1oz 2008 COLOURIZED AMERICAN EAGLE £28 1× 1oz 2017 BRITANNIA (TRIDENT PRIVY) £18.50 1× 2015 1.25oz CANADIAN BISON £23.50 Payment by PayPal and £1.50 postage. I'll accept reasonable offers but I'm selling them at what I got them for, already.