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  1. educational, wow by being in the school will do the trick, why need the simulation, when you can experience it life and real every single week inside a US school
  2. Hi from the Netherlands!

    @ TheBeast it must be one of the carrier Griffin that slip through that got to you first; I tried to captured them and sealed them with one of these, half a dozen are still on their way
  3. who has double Pandas stamp ??? all need be done is buy a heart and hammer the Panda stamp on the heart
  4. AI trading Cryptos and Immortal stackers staying around in the forums
  5. Queens Beast Unicorn Stock - Royal Mint Bullion

    the capsules would have to be uniform to fit the display box, that would be nice to have that for stacking just leave them in the tubes its just too much to be paying VAT for bullion coins, just get the law change its just wasting time for the beasts to go traveling around and come back leaving the VAT behind, where they should not be there in the first place
  6. QB Unicorn Toning

    did someone split coffee and cleaned it with nobody knowing
  7. time to sell everything, but what to buy next ???
  8. 1 kilo in 1oz coins or a 1 kilo coin?

    the distance to that brick is as near as your heart beat and the sound resonance back from the surface of that metal, else the distance to the coin in capsule is as far as the moon you see the comparison is between one bar and one coin, where you have too many coins, imagine trying to cut that bar into pieces without any Ag dust created... the sweat and dust to the face this tax driven scenario, Never let the govt intervene in your love and proximity to your heart felt metal across your palm it is easier to let go the coins and hold on tightly to the bar, better grip baby fingers
  9. Certified Bullion?

  10. no, money supply does not go down, the velocity (money turning over) keeps going down the minority hoarding more and more money, yet the price are suppressed down Government borrows money more and more, just to pay interest to that minority
  11. NK gold coins

    page 16 http://sgcoinfair.com/showbook-2015/ http://sgcoinfair.com/sicf2016-showbook/ Korea Pugang Coins Corp. were in SICF (Coin Fair) not 2017 nor 2018 http://sgcoinfair.com/exhibitors-attendees-2017/ http://www.nkeconwatch.com/2013/03/29/jim-rogers-goes-long-on-dprk-coins/ follow the American lead
  12. NK gold coins

    wonder selling US/Israel financed ISIS weapons captured by Syria/Russia and sell to NK/Hezbollah would be a violation of US sanction US usually buy Soviets weapons for their fighters selling oil to NK is legal https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-oil/how-north-korea-gets-its-oil-from-china-lifeline-in-question-at-u-n-meeting-idUSKBN17U1I1 selling with a different route is countering UN sanction
  13. Queen's Beast Series

    i bought mine recently from my lcs https://skbullion.com/product/2016-the-queens-beast-the-lion-2-oz-silver-coin/ another dealer cost a bit more here https://www.bullionstar.com/buy/product/silver-uk-queens-beast-2oz-2016 we got it much cheaper
  14. Best idea for this?

    its bullion coin, recently got a roll for 320
  15. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    http://thesaker.is/the-petro-yuan-bombshell/ The petro-yuan bombshell