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  1. Today I Received

    Gold Panda MADE me SKIP the Christ Mass
  2. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    Silver Users Association is for cheap silver check them out
  3. Why is it

    there is no VAT very liquid people here like them so much, the more the merrier like the Ag forum, make it attractive to young and young at heart
  4. Today I Received

    any UN-authorized copy in the market?
  5. Someone please explain this to me

    the mint sold to the buyer (the one who commission the coin), keep some to satisfied the loudest of noises it is comical to see people just bidding up the price like no other that bear the swan's mark, this is tulip mania re-play in cyber spaces
  6. just get the cheapest for its bullion, no point to pay extra premium to get destroyed by milk spots one or two coins to form your sets talking abt silver
  7. the mint can do a re-mint with better technology, and the grading is up in the sky. all existing coins will be re-ranked and buyer will suffer big loses, the premium will also depends on your location, usually foreign land would not pay such high premium as compared to the local with massive supply etc the opposite can be true as well just like Peter rabbit, your end would rush up the premium, but we don't know what is all about.... tax, shipping etc can be contributors of the differences too I do see kook going for A$31 ea 2016 in the other forum, but my local market here in SG, they are readily available just for S$28.75 the exact same coin 2016 kook, different in prices too in different places
  8. they do look like the double dollars with double dumps。but the dumps are missing. it's not pieces of 16 twin joint at the back I don't want it it's another dragon coins
  9. silver items (coins, rounds, metals) from Portugal

    yes, like the US 90% silver coins circulated in the past, Australian 80% silver etc Thanks
  10. silver items (coins, rounds, metals) from Portugal

    hello and welcome may be you can film some junk silver from coin dealers in your area thank you
  11. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    once the bottle caps arrived in the mail, never leave them on the kitchen top, it will surely be put to the dust bin risky investment indeed coke bottles collectors would want to upgrade for their bottle caps, from tin --> silver --> gold
  12. Best place to order 10 oz silver bars?

  13. 2017 1 oz Cayman Islands Marlin Silver Coin (BU)

    fish swim under water for a long time, once in a while it jump out of the water fish with milk-spot ? may be fishy alright how would you store these coins, as the way the come in? on their carded paper?