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  1. New member saying Hello

    Welcome aboard!
  2. 4 Ducat

    Hi @BleyerBullion, I was just wondering why there was little interest in the ducat. I know you have them for sale.
  3. 4 Ducat

    Thought I had seen it somewhere.
  4. 4 Ducat

    I think if you have an account, you an set up an alert for certain coins. Or maybe I dreamed this up, cannot remember.
  5. Today I Received

    Look good for lucky dips, you must be pleased.
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    QB Lion oz - £989 - Royal Mint Bullion.
  7. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    Holy moly!
  8. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    about 78 oz
  9. 4 Ducat

    I don't see the smaller fractionals appear on the site, do you get first dibs?
  10. 4 Ducat

    I bet it's you that buys all the 1/10 krugs off em!
  11. 4 Ducat

    Ducat, what Ducat?
  12. 4 Ducat

    Looks that way buddy. Or just get a couple of sovereigns and play safe.
  13. 4 Ducat

    Sold, no it wasn't me.
  14. 4 Ducat

    Yes, the majority are restrikes I believe.
  15. 4 Ducat

    Thanks guys, hopefully @BackyardBullion will buy it and do a video, then I can evaluate it some more!