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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Half Sovereigns all the way for me... well for now anyway!

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  1. Today I Received

    I feel a "Today I Brewed" coming on.
  2. Today I Received

    40 pints of the good stuff
  3. Half sovs

    After bunking off science and maths at skool, third favourite to skip was english. I think I meant reduced purchase frequency coupled with increased quantity.
  4. Half sovs

    Postage is always the killer if you can only do one a month, HGM had a price hike recently but I think they are still one of the cheapest. Just max the postage and buy more less often.
  5. Half sov shield back

    Please PM me details of any shield half sovs you are thinking of selling they may be on my wanted list.
  6. Half sov shield back

    Have to agree with @Elements, Jubilee Head would be the way to go and although they are the scarcer, 1887 always seem the best condition and readily available. £160 should get you a nice one. Or Atkinsons have a young head for £159. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/dated-sovereigns?sort=price_asc&quantity=24&page=1&view=grid
  7. Why nobody bought in the 1990's ...

    I used to work in the printing industry and before that went digital we used film and bromide paper with silver emulsion. Buyers used to come around every few months and buy our old developing chemicals to recover the silver from. This was large format stuff with film as big as 8 A4 sheets of paper. Must have used tons there too, all gone now.
  8. My pre-1937 Proof Sovereign collection so far

    http://mjhughescoins.co.uk/eshop/two-pounds/1911-king-george-v-gold-proof-two-pounds-piece-5-graded-ngc-pf64 1911 2 pounder too @Numistacker
  9. 1/10th gold coins

    I was married to a brummie once... a long time ago.
  10. 1/10th gold coins

    Jewellery quarter is Birmingham I think.
  11. completed The 'Austin Rover' collection

    Yes Roy I understand, one will come along.
  12. completed The 'Austin Rover' collection

    The Eddie please old son.
  13. completed The 'Austin Rover' collection

    Dig out a nice 04 from the collection please @Roy
  14. Gold Short Term Investment?

    you got me!
  15. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    A shame if it's one of the so called good guys we all use.