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  1. Collecting advice from long-time collectors

    I started out buying silver from the big cos here in U.K. Didn’t realise how much more I was paying for these coins. Mostly Eagles and Maples. Then I started to do a tonne more research and realised how silly it was to buy silver cons at 20% premium plus 17.5% VAT (back then). So i sold it all on eBay, lost 10-12% of what I paid but used that to stack scrap/junk silver coins, buying them individually on eBay one by one. Soon enough I had more silver weight for the same money. I quickly learnt that research is a good thing. So for the long game (retirement funds) I stack mostly “junk silver” when I can get it at spot or lower, Silver Brits as they have a capital gains tax advantage and half sovereign and full sovereign. i will often trade or sell any coins with a higher numismatic value over metal and stack more metal, however I do collect some stuff that is for me, rather than investment. These include interesting poured items, 1oz silver manufactured bars, certain circulated coins such as silver crowns, silver Indian rupees and some semi numi series like the lunar 1/2 oz, interesting Britannia and German silver. I also collect odd silver items like ingots, pendants, interesting spoons, bullets etc. However I know what limits I have set myself on the premiums, and what prices I am willing to pay overall. I also found it highly educational selling coins on eBay, as well as watching hundreds of auctions to know what retail prices you could achieve. That knowledge goes into buying stuff from dealers who don’t have websites and then trying to flip it for more weight.
  2. Hello from Holland

  3. completed 2010 Full Sovereign

    No of course not. I think a lot of people are now waiting to see if gold breaks out or sticks.
  4. Today I bought.....

    1.7kg of 50% pre47 Brit coins at spot... had my eye on the lot for a while, made offer to seller and got accepted...
  5. completed 2010 Full Sovereign

    I think if you listed closer to hgm scrap prices they would be picked up. In that last couple of months there have been solid deals on the forum, 1/10 at £100 and under sometimes, sovs for £225 and half’s for £115 and under. 1/20 usually £50-52. If I look at my own buying pattern, I seem to hold out to buy as there is always a deal coming in. I bought a fair few of those deals myself. Although those prices may seem low, they are still better than what HGM would pay you especially for the fractionals.
  6. Gold repatriation

    I bet they drill test every bar.
  7. Gold repatriation

    http://www.kitco.com/news/2018-04-20/Is-Gold-Repatriation-A-Trend-Now-Turkey-Wants-Its-Gold-Back-From-The-U-S.html?sitetype=fullsite very interesting piece. Govts lack confidence in dollar and etfs?
  8. for sale Special Offer - Hand Poured Silver Kit Kat Fingers

    Yeah I think I was having a daft moment sorry
  9. for sale Special Offer - Hand Poured Silver Kit Kat Fingers

  10. Today I Received

    Some recent pick ups 1901M Vic Full Sov 1891M Vic Full Sov Rare short tail 1866 Shield YH (the 1966 YH picked up last week, but nice to see 100 year difference coins together) 2005 half sov Two 9ct gold ingots (bought at 2% over spot)
  11. Would you prefer a 960-ish anti-tarnish silver alloy over 999 silver?

    yeah I am the same- especially when buying older coins / bars. Nice selection you have there.
  12. Today I Received

    He is basing his maths on a flawed assumption. Assuming only 25% of them are copper. Ie: 25KG is copper which works out at £121.50 NOT £88.30 (maybe spot was diff when he worked it out). 100KG of only copper pennies will then actually yield you even a his figures 4 times as much.
  13. Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    they saw your copper pics and thought that silver is getting so expensive you have been reduced to collecting copper pennies And that caused a massive surge in buying.
  14. Today I Received

    Your maths looks wrong matey: Each coin is 97 per cent copper, which means that each 2p coin contains 6.9 grams of the metal and each penny piece contains 3.45 grams. (7.12g and 3.56g full weight) To get a tonne of copper it would take 145,000 2p coins or 290,000 1p coins, giving a face value of £2,900. 1 tonne worth of pure copper pennies pennies would weigh 1032400 grams (pure weight 1000500 grams or 1000.5 KG) Metal content they would be worth £4,861.81 Scrap dealers pay £3.80 -£4.2 per KG of "heavy" copper which is 97-98% copper = £3923.12 Profit: £1000 per tonne.