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  1. Today I bought.....

    That’s the one that Ash was selling a while back I think? Gutted I misssed it, it’s a cool bar.
  2. for exchange Swap silver for gold?

    When I used to live in Cardiff I never saw any sheep in the three years I was there. Are they a small town phenomenon? I did when I went to merthyr tydfil for a weekend though.
  3. Today I bought.....

    Gold streak...like that I picked up a decent 1974 proof at bullion prices.
  4. for exchange Swap silver for gold?

    Just a note here - I have swapped with @Lea79 and found her to be very fair
  5. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    If I was in the US - this would be my no1 strategy. In the UK we dont have many LCS and the ones we do know their prices and tend to be more expensive than retail.
  6. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    Not really. First giving out free postage unless big purchase price and margin is a folly. Second the low premium coins from gs.be still go for close enough uk retail prices because there is high demand for single cheap 1 oz silver cons. In auction I invariably get close to £19 per Brit plus postage. Sterling jewellery and scrap does well too if you get it cheap enough. I just sold a whole bunch of sterling stuff for £1.10 a gram having bought it around £0.57 a gram for example.
  7. My 2017 Mexican coin collection

    I love the 1 Kilo Mayan Calendar.
  8. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Will take you up on that offer, give me a day for the other one and may take both!
  9. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Thank you, I might take you up on that offer. Just waiting to hear from a friend of mine who has been squirrelling away tubes each year. He hasn’t got 2009-2012 but he may have 2000 to 2008, if he does he’s willing to exchange them for 2 2018 for every unique year. I think that’s a good deal...
  10. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Sure! Let me know how much!
  11. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    I often flip Sterling stuff and junk coins, they seem to do really well in auctions. My sterling pendants give me 60% return after fees etc. But time and effort to list pack and ship need to be considered. Would often be packing while watching Netflix much to the annoyance of the mrs...
  12. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Oh if you have any going cheap, may be interested!
  13. 1kg Bar vs Coin Question

    I think a lot of eBay buyers don’t know of the German suppliers. (Good for us) Some buyers just prefer bars, those kilo coins go for similar premiums on eBay.
  14. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    All low premium ones will get you some profit. Ath owls and ASEs are cheap,easy £2 min per coin
  15. Pre 2012 Britannia

    Hi guys, I started buying the odd silver since 2013, but really stacking just over 2 years ago. Never been into Britannia’s however some of the older designs seem quite appealing. Any advice on where to look for reasonably priced version? Seems they are quite high in the usual places. Happy to collect toned but not damaged. Cheers!