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  1. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    What are Thalers?
  2. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    Very interesting coins! I'm really not familiar with any of them except for the British Crown thanks to BYB. Do you collect those Chinese coins as an investment or is it just something you can't be without?
  3. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    @Alex just out of real curiosity, you're a silver collector? What sort of silver do you mostly collect?
  4. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    Wow thank you Sov!
  5. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1893-1900-Great-Britain-Gold-Half-Sovereign-Victoria-Old-Head-Avg-Circ/182892117126?epid=24009054328&hash=item2a95383c86:g:xPoAAOSwWv5aBdfX I thought half sovereigns were around the $260 mark.
  6. coming dip

    Fellows fellows. I already did the predictions for 2018, but in case you guys missed the post I will tell you again in this condensed format. Gold and silver will be up, then down. Up again then down. Up then down. Up down. There will be bulls and they will be bullish. As the bulls are bullish, bulls will bully bulls.The bears will be bearish and they will push the last push past the bullish bulls in this bearish market making the push a push shove up then down until it bears up again. BOOM...so easy a caveman can do this.
  7. 2oz Yi Soon Shin

    Very nice!
  8. Get Prepared for a Financial Collapse

    No man! Talk to me after a few poops in the woods because your toilet won't flush anymore. You will run to me holding your kooks and pandas for my Charmins.
  9. Also don't forget all the faces of the youtubers that were pushing this Ponzi scheme. Anybody that tells me that I have to put money into a certain coin besides Bitcoin or Etherium is a scam!!!
  10. Get Prepared for a Financial Collapse

    Make sure you're stocked up on toilet paper. Be prepared!
  11. Game of Thrones silver medal by the Royal Mint

    What about coins of the cities from the opening credits? You know when the episode starts and you see the gears turning and cities being erected. They could take key parts and make some gahdaam coins shoot c”mon!!!
  12. Game of Thrones silver medal by the Royal Mint

    Oh God, now I'm into stamps...
  13. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    I don't know this business, and I don't pretend to know how to sway or motivate sales. All I can say is I buy what I like. Not one piece I own is purchased from an opinion or a forecast. The fact that I couldn't buy a 2016 Chiwoo for a decent price maddens me, but I won't cave in and buy an ounce of bullion silver for $99. It'd be different if I thought it was worth that price to me, but even with my desire to own one I would never pay that money. It's an obnoxious price for an ounce of new silver. So are they still making money? I see they are still up on ebay, but I can't tell how much they are doing or what the supply is. One thing is for sure though, in a situation such as this, when the price starts to drop it's a tell tale sign the gravy train ride is coming to an end.
  14. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    But the question still remains. Is the Chiwoo series finished?
  15. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    They are still there except that the price is creeping up. $26.30 pay by check now.