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  1. Queens Beast Bull - First look

    That's a lot better than I thought it would be. Some of the caricature's had me worried as I am trying to put together a whole set of the proofs.
  2. This is the first I have heard of it. Interesting, thanks for posting the link!
  3. US help needed

    Im in the states, what are you looking to do? There are several Liberty coins in the U.S so post a link to the one you are talking about as well.
  4. Silver at Spot When Prices are Up.

    Not worth the hassle. Its a long term play for me...
  5. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it...
  6. any ideas of a value

    Some are worth more than others but I would say between 112-135 GBP
  7. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Talk about pricey! At 6 grams that's around $156 an ounce. Ouch...
  8. JM Bullion 1 time deal

    Yep, its sunshines standard or buffalo rounds. Its a good deal to toss in with and order as it will bring down your cost per ounce. SD bullion has a similar deal on their 10 Oz. bar for spot...
  9. The Monarchs are nice. I only buy larger bars so I vote for the 2 oz. Take a look at Yeagers poured silver as well if you like the poured bars. http://yeagerspouredsilver.com/product-category/classicstylebars/bare-bones-bullion/
  10. Pacific Cloth

    Its good stuff! I wrapped a RCM silver coin in that had milk spots and it has removed them. It is designed to attract the contaminants in the air and imbed them in the cloth. The cloth is infused with silver particles which keep silver from tarnishing. You can sew up little pockets for coins and bigger ones for bars. Make sure to only get the Pacific silver cloth brand as their are cheaper knock offs. https://silverguard.com/collections/authentic-pacific-silvercloth-by-the-yard People wrap up expensive silverware in this stuff so it only makes sense to protect our expensive coins and bars.
  11. Maker's Mark

    Are there any other marks on the bar? Weight, purity, etc,etc. How about some more pictures as well...
  12. Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?

    Its what its for, to protect and to keep silver from tarnishing and spotting.
  13. silver krugerrand

    They are one of my favorite coins. They can be had on Ebay for $36 each now. Still kind of high but even at a million mintage I think the value will increase over time when people wake up and realize this is a one time offering on these. Got a great deal on some mint sealed bags of 25!
  14. Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?

    "Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?" Hahahaha, nope. I avoid them like the plague because the RCM could care less about the issue and has stated "its bullion, who cares" You can wrap your milk spotted coins in Pacific silvercloth. Took the milkspots out of the one RCM coin I have.
  15. Silver testing magnet

    I by mine from KJ magnetics, great assortment. I like the nickel plated 1"x 3/8" disc Axially magnetized. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=1