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  1. Agreed. Something big is coming down the pipeline when the big players amass large amounts of gold and silver. I have heard that some other private big players are moving out of stocks and into PM's very quietly ahead of the coming storm. The USD is a joke, its all debt based. I am grateful I can still trade worthless FRN's for real money, gold and silver!
  2. Interesting. I agree a large initial purchase for backing will be necessary. I wonder if China and Russia would be involved? They have been buying physical hand over fist for a while now. Its going to take a few really big players to bring down the current manipulation.
  3. They settle the contracts in cash, then take the profits and buy physical. Wash, rinse and repeat. At roughly 700 million ounces of physical JPM can swing the market in any direction they want to. The paper market is 250 times the actual supply and there is nothing to stop it from increasing since it is totally detached from reality... Its been manipulated so long its hard to know what the REAL price is. But I am sure its much more than the current $16 handle just based on what's mined and above ground supply. We need to get away from the banks. Be your own bank!!
  4. @sixgun I do appreciate your posts, you seem well informed and are very logical in your thinking. There is one thing I am curious about. It seems like the underlying theme of Kinesis is to break the strangled hold of price discovery on PM's. But since it is highly manipulated I am not sure that will ever be achieved. Futures contracts are almost always settled in cash since those quantity's of gold and silver actually do not exist. Supply and demand is no longer the driving factor for price and has not been for some time. They can produce contracts in multitudes and settle out for cash which in turn they also have an endless supply because all they have to do is turn on the printing presses. When the product is fraud and its paid for in fraud no amount of supply stored by an honest system can break what is not affected by a legitimate supply of gold or silver. The level of dishonesty is mind boggling since it is actually the banks who are running most of the governments. They in turn are the law makers, they will just keep moving the goal post so they are the only ones who profit from their misdeeds. I think its important for people to understand that when they think of central banks and government they need to realize they are one and the same.
  5. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    If these are actually coming out the BU version is available for the low low price of $46.38 per coin! And that's in bulk on a monster box! https://www.goldbroker.com/bullion/buy-silver/silver-coins/1-ounce-silver-krugerrand-monster-box-of-500-2018-south-african-mint-205 Not sure why they think one ounce of silver is worth 2.6 times the spot price.
  6. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    That's just a picture. Where did the mint say they are releasing these?
  7. Checking Your Silver Bullion

    Buy from a reputable dealer. They test everything with a scanner when it comes in. Weigh everything when you get it. Use a rare earth magnet to check all of it. Ice cube test on bars. If you are going to buy in quantity invest in a Gold and Silver Purity Testing Scanner.
  8. Scotsdale Silver Bar

    .79 over spot...
  9. Restoring PAMP bars ?

    Flitz, and a microfiber cloth. I did it on a 10oz. Engelhard bar and it worked great. https://www.amazon.com/Flitz-BP-03511-Fiberglass-1-76-Ounce/dp/B00MUG95UI/ref=sr_1_3/133-7664114-9933410?ie=UTF8&qid=1522812050&sr=8-3&keywords=flitz
  10. Graded silver emu coins are at $100

    Unless the price of silver goes up I would say $100. It seems like fewer and fewer are really taking off, maybe the market is just over saturated with these types of coins in general. Even with the QB proofs at 6500 mintage, they seem to take a few months before they sell out. That tells me the buyers are scarce and the market is over saturated...
  11. Queen's Beasts series. Has the capsule changed?

    No, not yet. I sure hope they fix it...
  12. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I asked them to clarify on the 20th anniversary brits. The trident privys are easy to come by but these from Goldco are hard to find I believe. https://goldco.com/1oz-silver-britannia-20th-anniversary/ Do you have that coin?
  13. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I just heard back from my contact and the dog privy brits are all sold out to private customers. Sorry man, I tried... "I've been told the Dogs are all sold out. But the vendor has silver Canadian Dragons, 20 x Silver Brits Monkey Privy and 20th Anniversary Brits. Let me know if you are interested in any of these and how many so I can get pricing info worked out."
  14. The price of silver

    There is a difference between currency and money. And yes people still do use silver as money today. I bought firewood last month with silver.