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  1. Sunday night metal chat

    Very nice! we included a pack of cards, notebooks and paper in each bag. We have done a few camp outs with only the survival bags and even our 9 year old can start his own fire, we use different ways each time so he will know what to do. you can but all the stuff you want it doesn't help if you don't know how to use it!
  2. Sunday night metal chat

    Those are awesome, I guess I nee to break out the bag and take a few photos too! Love seeing all the preps everyone is sharing
  3. Sunday night metal chat

    Very cool! yes being able to carry everything is a must that is a nice set
  4. Hand poured Silver- it's all in the details

    Very cool process, and lots of great info! Thanks for sharing! We have not tried this method yet, with the great how to you shared, we may have to give,it,a try sou,ds like fun!
  5. Hand poured Silver- it's all in the details

    Hand pouring silver it’s all in the the details Many of us love to watch the videos of people pouring silver, what you don't see is that sometimes they have to pour the same piece over and over to get the detail they are looking for. if you are using graphite molds it can frustrating but if you are pouring into sand that means having to start by making the mold again, and again and again.This can be a very timely process. There are so many factors involved to get a full pour that it is a high chance each time you pour it will not come out. Temperature of the mold,\ the metal and the room can all be a part as can many other factors. And sometimes you get more detail than planned: You have to be careful what you are using in the mold , as you can see this really cool octopus says “CHINA” on it. LOL Here is the finished product without China on it: We have really enjoyed all the creative things we have seen in the silver community, there are so many talented people.Not to mention, all of the other artists(musicians, photographers, wood carvers, etc) we have found on social media. Remember every time you see a piece of handmade art that the person that made it put a lot of time, energy and passion into making it. If you see art you like, you should let them know, it is nice to hear. If You can support them by purchasing their art, at the least share it with others, via social media or in person. Art if very important and we should encourage our children and do our part to support the craftsman and artists of this world, this rock we call home is a much nicer place because of them. Thanks for reading, Happy Stacking!
  6. Cool Coins from our stack

    no apology needed it is really cool to learn new things even if they aren't what you think you want to hear! And yes you are correct anything can be special if you think it is!
  7. Cool Coins from our stack

    LOL a blow Torch! and I had never heard of the black penny stamp, thanks to google I now know that is awesome! very cool, I will definately have to look into that more thanks for sharing!
  8. Cool Coins from our stack

    Oh great now I wonder if I have a piece of a beer bottle instead of a cool meteor!
  9. Cool Coins from our stack

    The premiums were killer, but it is nice to treat yourself sometimes lol
  10. Cool Coins from our stack

    We spend a lot of time talking about poured silver, making poured silver and buying and selling poured silver, but that is not the only silver we stack. We stack bullion, gold, platinum and palladium. We also have quite a few numismatic collector coins and I thought we should share them with you also. The first 2 we are going to share are from the Cook Islands: 2014 Cook Islands MOLDAVITE IMPACT Meteorite Coin CONCAVE 999 silver $5 Proof w/ box & COA And 2016 Cook Islands TAMDAKHT METEORITE SILVER COIN 999 1/2oz $2 Proof w/ box & COA These coins are part of the Cook Islands Meteorite series they have released 13 coins in the series starting in 2004 each highlighting a major meteorite that has landed here on earth and each coin has a small piece of the actual meteor on it. The amazing Moldavite Impact is the latest and very interesting coin edition 2014 of Cook Islands with an authentic piece of meteorite inlaid. It depicts the crater generated by the meteorite impact in very high relief, and the coin is concave shaped to enhance the crater deepness. The vivid colours and the amazing design are perfect to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series. This unique and extremely rare coin features an insert of a piece of Moldavite meteorite with an amazing colored design. The particular concave shape of the coin and the new technique of multilevel minting make this coin unique. The coin’s obverse depicts the Raphael Maklouf effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination.1 Limited MIntage at 2500. The moldavite has a average price of about $20 a gram. The meteor hit the earth in the Czech Republic and although there is debate if the rock was the meteor or if it was formed when the meteor hit the earth it is only found in the one area of the earth.3 The amazing Tamdakht meteorite is predestined to be immortalized on this very interesting 1/2 Oz Silver coin, with an authentic fragment of meteorite inlaid. The coin has an interesting particularity – has a hole in the middle. The coin features Ultra High Relief, antique finish quality and mintage is limited to 2500 pieces worldwide.2 Tamdakht is currently selling for $10 a gram. In Ouarzazate, Morocco on 12/20/2008 the Tamdakht meteor impacted the earth and left 1 large and 2 smaller craters, 4 These coins come with a very high premium but seem to hold their value(unfortunately not gain much) but honestly when we bought them it was because we thought they were very unique and we liked them. Hope you enjoyed seeing these unique coins. These are just 2 of 100’s of meteorites that have hit the earth and not all when the dinosaurs were here. We didn’t realize how many areas had been affected by meteorites until we found these coins! Thanks for reading and happy stacking! Sources: 1 http://www.bullionstop.com/2014-moldavite-impact-silver-coin-cook-islands-5-meteorite-series/#product-tab-description 2 https://www.powercoin.it/en/cit-coin-invest-trust/2267-tamdakht-meteorite-strike-meteor-silver-coin-2-cook-islands-2016.html 3 https://www.gemselect.com/other-info/moldavite-tektite.php 4https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1464343X17303084
  11. Sunday night metal chat

    wow those alpha rice packets look awesome, I will be checking those out! Thank you! and yes wet tinder blocks are a must, all of our bags have at least 4 ways to start fires, it is so important
  12. Sunday night metal chat

    I am loving the responses here, I posted this on a similar forum that is mainly USA members and most of them couldn't get past salt, that was apparently very funny to them. There seemed to be no concern for what could happen, I hope they are correct but I sure rest easier know that we are count our wealth in calories, rounds and ounces. We have a seed bank and a portable large water filter, our list is very extensive including sutures. I created a full spreadsheet to track our pantry and to add up the total calories we had to be sure we have enough of everything, We have taken the whole family camping a few times and everyone can only use their 72 hour bags, it is fun and they all see they could do it! I guess I really listened in Girl scouts when they said always be prepared!
  13. Sunday night metal chat

    Wow sorry you went through that, I grew up in New England and we had to be ready to be stuck for weeks due to weather, I now live in hurricane area and have spent up to 3 weeks with out power during recovery more then once. WE have life straws and all the misc, items.
  14. Sunday night metal chat

    That is awesome!!! we have our 72 hour back packs and EDC bags too! I agree I can,t imagine not planning ahead, I is better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it