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  1. Meaning size, shape and generally bulkiness. If it needs to go in a safe............different matter to sitting on the sideboard. I use trays like those for keeping my proof silver coins in the safe. Nicely stackable and slim.
  2. Depends on where you are going to keep the box.
  3. Spink, St James and Baldwins are large and very reputable coin auctioneers. There are dozens of smaller ones that do both dedicated coin auctions and have some within their normal routine sales.
  4. LOL Just designed by people wanting to appear cool and clever by pretending to be anarchists.
  5. I don't think they're controversial, although the people who collect and pump them may like to think so. The majority just think they're naff.
  6. My 2 replacements arrived today, seem perfect to me, #6807 and 4869 Will probably be going to PCGS next month
  7. If you wanted to leave, you didn't have to reply
  8. you can count me in for your "football", love it and can't wait for September. Although how you can call it football I'll never know, seeing as the ball only touches a foot about 20 times a game!
  9. WW William Wyon Chief engraver at the RM from 1828 -1851. He engraved the effigies of William IV and Victoria YH
  10. Wasn't me.
  11. Indeed lost the plot I think. It was a forum member who sold them this last week so we know how much they paid for it. Profiteering sods [emoji1]
  12. I'm feeling left out and quite embarrassed at all these sovereigns. I haven't bought any for ages!
  13. Wouldn't prove anything to those who refuse to believe, you can't see dismembered bodies, could easily be faked or a photo of an emergency services training exercise.
  14. You clearly don't know the arena and attached railway station. The space where the incident took place is the concourse between the two. The effect would not be felt outside and there would be very few windows close enough to satisfy your morbid desire to see carnage and destruction. If it were faked, it would be easy to smash a few windows for the camera.
  15. What the hell do you expect to see in the first few hours of an atrocity such as this? Do you really think that the first thing the police and news agencies think of is to prove to a looney minority and associated sickos that it actually happened? Do you think it's advisable to let a roving camera on the scene so we can all gawp at the dead and dying to make sure it's all real? The place is a murder scene and needs securing to gather evidence as well as deal with the casualties. There is also the possibility there may be another bomb or would you like that, a grandstand view that going off too? Something like this is almost impossible to fake, the truth will come out in good time so why don't you just wait until no proof appears before you spout your conspiracy theories to make yourself look clever?
  16. Show some respect and keep the conpiracy theories until after you see the funerals and the injured discharged from hospital talking about their experiences. If it's a hoax you'll get plenty of opportunities to tell us how clever you are. We've already heard from at least two people on the news talking about how they were blown off their feet. We've also seen a list of hospitals and how many casualties were taken to each. If you think this sort of thing can be faked without the staff there not noticing then you are deluded. I know for a fact that 2 walking wounded were treated in north lancashire after driving home and then deciding they needed treatment.
  17. Isn't there a time limit for the OP to do this? I've been unable to edit old sales threads at times.
  18. With it being the Queen's Jubilee year, It's logical there were more minted, the extra interest and the proof sets produced will see to that. Also, more coins will have been put aside for collectors and as souvenirs, which will mean lots more coins in UNC and high grades will have survived. This will keep prices generally depressed.
  19. Judging by the numbers you see for sale and their prices, I would have thought the 1887 crown would be the highest mintage.
  20. Emergency issue trade dollars, overstamped Spanish Reales from various South American mints. The original portrait is Charles IIII of Spain.
  21. Actually, having had a look at this "Onegram", it doesn't actually say the price will "track the price of gold" just that the minimum floor price will do so. Therefore, the actual price of the crypto could rise significantly above gold.
  22. where one earth are these jewellers shops you seem to frequent?
  23. It's not like any milking I've ever seen. Perhaps it's a smudge on the plastic that's catching the light? there seem to be a lot of surface makes on the slab that are quite noticable on the photo.
  24. 41
  25. Yes obviously too good to be true, no chance of a bullion shop like them getting any quantity of G3 sovs. I would buy every one they had at anything like the price they were being offered.