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  1. well his gold is worth just over £2m so... he was probably quite wealthy
  2. Oh I don't know, I thought it was quite fun watching, shame it wasn't something I was interested in. Auctions should definitely be saved for potentially popular items though. Don't give up
  3. what is it? looks like a 1 oz Britannia
  4. The way the format usually works is that if a bid is received in the final 5 minutes, the auction is extended by a further 5 minutes, from the time of that bid. This is then repeated until at least 5 minutes have elapsed since the last bid. It may seem fiddly but it makes sure everyone has a chance to view the last bid and increase their's if they want to. Doing it the way you did allowed last second "sniping" just before the 5.05 declared finish. No different from how the situation would have been if you hadn't extended by 5 mins. eg Auction finish 5pm bid received at 4.58 finish time extended to 5.03 bid received at 5.02 finish time extended to 5.07 no more bids, therefore auction closes at 5.07 If it seems a bit congested and difficult to decide the exact timing of bids and finish time, why not call it 10 mins instead of 5?
  5. At first I thought the proof looked "empty" with too few words etc but now seeing the two together, I much prefer the proof and think the bu is too busy.
  6. Also bear in mind that mintages were in 5 figures generally for older pandas but are getting well into 7 figures for recent years.
  7. I take it it'll be for the sportsbook not exchange?
  8. http://stores.ebay.com/Texas-Gold-And-Silver-Exchange?_rdc=1
  9. Not directed at you @Kman, you bring up some good points, but I do get sick of seeing the term "racism" or "racist" bandied around at every opportunity. It's just that everyone has been pre-conditioned by our overly-liberal rulers and press to believe it's not possible to mention race at all, in any context, without it being deemed racist. The actual definition of racism is along the lines of: "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior." I see very few instances of the "R" word being in situations that actually fulfil that definition. Most is just hysterical shreeking from the liberals and chattering classes.
  10. for sale

    Bump for new viewers
  11. for sale

    As title, 2oz silver QB Griffins in capsules. No sign of any milking but some show very minor marks (barely perceptible) in usual place, Queen's cheek, from being in tubes,. I will pick out the best that I can see. All in capsules. If you want them without that's fine. £39.50 each (£38.75 without cap) plus postage of your choice (at cost and at your risk) Photos of a randomly selected coin below. Interest by PM Please
  12. Any kind of farming without high tech mechanisation is bloody hard work, even then it's probably hard work To be able to be self sufficient going into your older years is probably not possible. I would think it's a better proposition to supplement a small other income such as a pension.
  13. and so you have every right to be
  14. Is it worth it, do we really need that many? Coingallery sell them quite cheaply. (not the ones with foam inserts. I may add)
  15. wanted

    These are for auction, one ends tomorrow with no bids at £30
  16. wanted

    You may be right but £30 is perhaps a tad optimistic. Although there are 2 or 3 on ebay now within your budget. Prices are depressed at the moment.
  17. Do you mean trust you with the coins or to record a decent youtube vid?
  18. I made up some imitation EZest using thiourea in sulphamic acid and it cleaned up toning nicely but didn't touch a heavily milk stained RCM bird. I think I'll have to find a coin with the odd one or two milk spots and see if that works.
  19. @SovereignDid it arrive like that, or has it developed since you've had it?
  20. wanted

    What's a fair price?
  21. Thanks. It's been a while since I physically bought any shares. I used to deal on HL too and found them as you did.
  22. what's the total cost of these inc commission and tax?
  23. You wrote a one line translation and quoted 14 lines of German text. My question was light hearted, do you really have no sense of humour? BTW I was genuinely interested in what the 14 lines had to say but I find Google translate to be a poor substitute for a real translation provided by someone who can speak and read the lingo. "but you obviously were keen to jump onto the German thing," what on earth do you mean by that?
  24. many thanks for your advice and concern, appreciated