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  1. Baird & Co

    That's why they take credit card details and do a check on those. Knowing the ID of a buyer isn't as good as having a means to take payment.
  2. Baird & Co

    I already did have the conversation about how most everybody else accepts scans or photocopies. Having said that, I have bought from at least 2 dozen online auction sites with just a credit card, no other ID necessary.
  3. Baird & Co

    I've just tried to register to bid on an online auction but they require to see the original photo ID and utility bill before you can bid! Do they really expect people to send them their passport or drivers licence for the priviledge of spending money with them?
  4. for exchange 2004 Proof Double Sovereign

    Nice try @Roy
  5. Today I Received

    I would say probably, nice smart coin other than the area around the date. As long as those marks aren't enough to get a damaged details.
  6. Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    7 over 7 ? Difficult to imagine what else could be under there.
  7. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    it'll be interesting to see where they pitch the price of this bullion coin; low premium like a gold krug or closer to the ridiculous like last year's PU ?
  8. Posting gold from UK to another country

    ask @Numistacker
  9. Why nobody bought in the 1990's ...

    Indeed yes, I didn't mention it but I think it's included in the total silver used for photographic purposes.
  10. Why nobody bought in the 1990's ...

    Just a small point but I thought silver was used in all photographic film. At it's peak, it accounted for 25% of the total worldwide production of nearly 1 billion T.Oz per annum.
  11. wanted FOUR COIN GOLD PROOF SOVEREIGN SET (2002 OR 2005) 

    I have a 2002 I could be tempted out of, make me an offer.
  12. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    I doubt it
  13. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    was referring to the proof 2018 at well over 100 quid
  14. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    This has been my experience. The public in general has a mindset that thinks silver is much more valuable than it is; almost a collective memory of the days when it was much closer to gold in value.
  15. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Interesting. I've never come across an individual who has been a stacker for so long. I am interested to know when you will be a seller, or have you been already?
  16. Gold shops in London

    I expect it to have minimal effect.
  17. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    I haven't changed my tune at all. I still regard it as unacceptable. I just believe you should give Lizzie a fair chance to look into it. If their response is inadequate, I will be the first to criticise. I also resent the implication of "arse-licking" and favouritism and nowhere in this thread have I defended them. I realise that all companies can cock-up and it's how they deal with these issues that is their measure. When all the facts are out there, that's when individuals can judge and decide if they want to deal with them in future.
  18. Gold shops in London

    HGM have plenty of gold available
  19. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Give her a break, it's the weekend and she was off work Friday. They are closed until Monday, at least give her a chance to go in and find out what went wrong.
  20. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    Can anyone think of a reason for buying one of these?
  21. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    I thought it might be from the product description. Maybe the "older coin" request caused the delay and then they ran out? The currently available status is puzzling though. Perhaps they are waiting for old stock as that is what they believe you want. I would phone them again and ask for clarification on all these points. @ChardLizzie may be able to elucidate?
  22. Gold Short Term Investment?

    was it ever?
  23. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Unacceptable mate imo, who are they? Sounds like the are just bullion sovs so such a delay is a poor show in all but the most bizarre market conditions.
  24. Today I Received

    Oh yes
  25. 1/2 sovereign 1915 s

    fair is an illusive word when it comes to sovereign values, depends on who the buyer and purchaser are. IMO £120 - 130