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  1. Don't take this personally, but I love haggis. Welcome.
  2. you could sell them anywhere for a few points below spot, so around £230 each
  3. I've been collecting coins forever. I started with foreign coins when I was a kid. Didn't really continue the interest wholeheartedly but came and went as the years rolled by. Didn't really get into "stacking" in terms of thinking about the precious metal content of coins until around 2012 I think it was.
  4. Yes nearly everything I've had from the states has been USPS with very little problem.
  5. If they're the right size and weight, I'll stick my neck out and say they're genuine. A quick look at your photos doesn't scream out to me, they look good. They may turn out to be fakes but will be gold, so you're in the money. Doesn't sound like you took advantage of some old biddy so well done, it sounds like they were foolish but hey, that's life. I think you'll be fair if you go and give them something extra.
  6. Not complaining but just to point out the problem whereas non-premium memebers can see new sales threads is still with us.
  7. The topic was in my OP, a non-premium member replied within an hour.
  8. @Numistacker do you think NGC will point out the problem if you ask them?
  9. can you see the repair?
  10. The pricing of these things is getting silly. Here's the one from a site sponsor, yes it really is the BU version mintage 1 million! I would be really interested to know how much retailers are having to pay the SA mint for them.
  11. sovereignsteve?
  12. Tubes of 10 2oz QB dragons £360 + your choice postage - 3 available. £18 per oz Condition: usual marks on Queen's cheek on most coins. Will consider splitting and selling singly if enough people interested, £37.50 each I've plenty of capsules if anyone wants them, £0.75 each Unable to send out until back end of next week. All sold pending payment. Haven't arrived with me yet, bloody FEDEX
  13. for sale

    All sold pending payment, thanks.
  14. completed

    ok let's go then
  15. it's been hacked back much more than gold recently.
  16. .......and it's gone
  17. 1872 shield in at HGM usual 15% Did anyone get the double a short while ago? 1887
  18. completed

    If it's spotless, buzz
  19. Is that an elephant further down, aren't you worried about milkspots?
  20. Assuming those nasty marks over the dragon's head are on the coin not the capsule, it's a no brainer return it. Unless the coin is as described of course.
  21. for sale

    anyway, if you're a student, you should be studying not bantering with me.
  22. for sale

    na, finished with exercise for tonight, dog is knackered, I'm sat here with a nice malt.
  23. for sale

    Of course. I enjoy our little chats
  24. for sale

    but you keep trying to get me to reduce the price. In jest I know. I get plenty of exercise, just not gym. Walking the dog for a couple of hours a day through the hilly woods close to home. Enough for someone my age.