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  1. Shill bidding has always been a problem on ebay and always will be. It's impossible to stamp it out completely, even if ebay made a real effort to do so. The only way to deal with from a personal perspective is to have a top bid and stick to it. However, there will always be some bidders who must have that rare coin coin whatever the cost.
  2. On coin fakes in general. I'm not sure whether the fact that most modern day "collectable" and bullion coins are only deemed "legal tender" rather than circulating currency makes a difference, but if one country was guilty of counterfeiting another's currency, that would be deemed an act of war. The fact that China seemingly sanctions such widescale counterfeiting by allowing the production of such things by it's factories surely should be a cause for concern.
  3. Indeed, sarcasm any one?
  4. In the modern era the pandas are quite an old series; the silver goes back to 1989, although there were some proofs before then, and the gold 1982. The design changes every year and there are several sizes and finishes. Add to this the mint varieties, date etc and the special show and anniversary issues, and you have a huge potential for interest and history. On the flip side, the huge problem of fakes, funnily enough from China, and the huge numbers minted in recent years.
  5. I wasn't advocating this new crypto eMunie or whatever, I'm not clever enough to know if it'll be any good or better than Bitcoin. Merely commenting on your assertion that a currency by nature should be volatile. To my mind, that's the exact opposite of what you want a currency to be. As a means of exchange, everyone needs some form of currency and stabilty of value is just what you need, unless you're speculating of course. That's been the problem with BTC, it's too volatile. It can't be used as a reliable store of value, without being subected to exchange risk.
  6. Didn't he say they're still testing and not released yet? Make sure something works before you release it, sounds sensible to me. You can be sure that once it is released it'll get dissected and analysed/probed senseless. If it doesn't do what it says on the tin it'll have a short life. Why? you're thinking in terms of every country having it's own currency. Wouldn't it be better if there was an independent, stable, "reference" currency that didn't fluctuate? A bit like gold used to be actually
  7. Get ready for eMunie https://www.exponentialinvestor.com/can-man-kill-bitcoin/
  8. Therein lies the problem and the reason world stock markets etc are making new highs even though everyone knows the economies cannot justify them. There is no safe haven for cash and no safe investment that generates a decent return. Too much money in the world as a result of all the QE folly of successive central banks.
  9. A gold plated tungsten fake factory in China!
  10. they may be rare but is there a demand for them?
  11. So does that mean you'll be producing proofs from now on?
  12. for sale

    As title, 2oz silver QB Griffins in capsules. No sign of any milking but some show very minor marks (barely perceptible) in usual place, Queen's cheek, from being in tubes,. I will pick out the best that I can see. All in capsules. If you want them without that's fine. £38.50 each (£38 without cap) plus postage of your choice (at cost and at your risk) Photos of a randomly selected coin below. Interest by PM Please
  13. Compared to 500k kookaburra, 300k perth lunar, 300k koala, the price is unjustified. Most of the RCM animal and bird series were 1m mintage too, and they were classed and sold as bullion. How much do they sell for now? Ah, but you get a COA! Do they come in a capsule as well?
  14. Affordable yes, good value no. Convenient yes, easy to store. Versatile? Can you melt them down if you need to?
  15. ignore, gold!
  16. yes it can be expensive, was just wondering if shipping a few would work out a lot better than several singles
  17. for sale

    bump, few more available
  18. Does that include postage? when I looked at it before, the postage from the US seemed very expensive.
  19. Would there be any advantage in a group buy for this new edition?
  20. And yes, he does. He happily loaned me his book for a month last year.
  21. Fairly common I would think. The halves are quite difficult to get in straight and I've lost count of the number of loosely tightened capsules I've had from them. Nice vids R Do you ever get chance to do any work at the office?
  22. I find Aldi and Lidl very good for F&V I have 2 Sainsbury's quite close and even though they seem enormous, I just don't find they have the range and choice of other large supermarkets.
  23. yeah sorry, we tend to that sometimes. Hope it didn't detract from what you were hoping to achieve.
  24. "the book" ? edit: ah yes Derek Francis Allen excellent book
  25. Shop? I find Sainsbury's expensive and difficult to shop at. You'll spend (waste) at least the value of any Nectar points obtained on excess prices.