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  1. Vat free 10oz QB's

    I'm not a vat registered business so don't know the mechanics of it but it seems to me that what you say is correct only from the business viewpoint. The customer pays vat on the total selling amount, which is the desired, from Government perspective, effect. Don't forget that the original seller, the manufacturer or wholesaler, will have paid vat on the first sale as well. This added to the vat difference you speak of will mean the Government gets the vat on the full retail selling price.
  2. London Mint Office "sovereigns"

    They make it on to the scale?
  3. 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang South Korea 1 oz Gold BU 2016

    or Apmex?
  4. Today I received.....

    1863 sov with roman I for 1 in date
  5. Today I received.....

    1885 Gothic Florin 1887 Double Florin
  6. Today I received.....

    1836 half crown with 6 over 5 in date
  7. Today I received.....

    1745 Half Crown with 5 over 3 in date
  8. Today I received.....

    A few recent pick ups Perth S2 1oz proof tiger (with thanks to our man in Germany) 1890 Crown
  9. Which silver series...

    Above and beyond, you are a hero Sir. It's what this forum is all about when people will go so far out of their way to help new members.
  10. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    Do these help? Bullion Matte Proof
  11. Which silver series...

    they are all easily available....for the right price
  12. Today I received.....

    probably not the rare one then
  13. Today I received.....

    perhaps, depends on horse's tail
  14. wanted Wanted coins

    They go for a little over £400 on ebay (in box, coa).
  15. wanted Wanted coins

    what's the right price?
  16. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    There are many high quality fakes of these in "half decent" grades. Did I see you posted a pic of yours yesterday? EDIT; found it in the "received" thread.
  17. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    Probably all sold to @mr-dead but not nearly enough for his needs
  18. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    @Numistacker was talking about this a week or two ago. I think they are difficult to tell apart in other than mint condition.
  19. Today I bought.....

  20. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    do they have to be £5 versions? the £2 ones look just the same and photos for comparison will be easier to obtain.
  21. Today I bought.....

    Streuth Bruce that's ripper! but my first name isn't Andrew ......with apologies to our Australian members
  22. Today I bought.....

    Err no, sorry Sherlock
  23. Today I bought.....

    Aussie sovereigns (and presumably halves) were used extensively at the time for circulation but mainly for trade payments especially with India, China and the Far East. Is it not inconceivable that most were melted at some point to use the gold for other things and that the few that survived will show their age. Wear was exacerbated by the composition of the alloy which contained mainly silver not copper. It was a feature of the early Aussie sovs that they wore out very quickly and needed relacing.
  24. Customs Importation Codes

    Received this reply back from the Perth MInt regarding the 5% vat HS code; The HS code 7118.90.20 which we use for all silver numismatic legal tender coins is correct and it appears that the broker in the UK has made different classification to minimise VAT but we can’t really do anything about it from our end. 9705 is the correct classification if the coins are of numismatic interest (i.e. for a collector) but please note the below exceptions from the HS explanatory notes… Additional Notes. 1.- (a) Coins which are legal tender in the country of issue, including such coins in presentation cases, are not covered by 9705.00.00. (b) Coins are not covered by 9705.00.00 as collections and collectors' pieces of numismatic interest unless presented as collections or as separate pieces clearly intended for a particular collection.
  25. question about sovereigns

    You need to get your head around this if you're going to be buying gold coins. Sovereigns: weight of coin; 8g coin (near enough) of 22ct gold. Therefore pure gold content = 22/24 * 8 = 7.32g or 0.2354 Tr. oz.