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  1. Black Friday

    sausages tend to run at around 6 - 8 carat fat content
  2. Black Friday

    not with the extra sausage! sounds like he had the greasy all-day breakfast special
  3. for sale 2oz Queens beasts lion

    given up on the £15 / oz ?
  4. Black Friday

    you should eat less fast food, it's not good for you
  5. Rwandan Lunar Pig

    read the thread on the dog and see who was selling them etc
  6. If you celebrate it...

    I've no idea what it is but you yanks seem to like it, so Happy Thanksgiving to y'all Have some turkey for me!
  7. Today I Received

  8. Today I Received

    thanks, it's ok where i am, other areas near me been worse than 2 years ago, some not as bad. Generally not in the same league.
  9. Today I Received

    na, with sovereigns, just buy as many as you can afford, sod the records
  10. Grading

    Lies, all lies
  11. Special Coin or plain old farthing?

    Maybe you're right, but I do hate people messing with old coins and all these crappy new silver coin themes that we seem to be bombarded with lately.
  12. Special Coin or plain old farthing?

    I would give it a wide berth even if I was the world's biggest farthing lover and it was as rare as rocking horse doo-dah. It's awful.
  13. NGC 1965 MS 65 sovereign for....

    so a lot less than spot, catalogue clearly out of date. also the fact it doesn't differentiate between all the early Eliz II sovs shows it is just going through the motions and isn't a serious price guide. you won't get accurate values for the very top grade coins from catalogues. MS65 is a high grade for any sovereign that has seen the light of day and as such the value is very much dependent on what collectors will pay at the time. 1965 is a common year and has nothing notable to increase it's value but people will pay for the top condition coins. £365 is possibly too much but certainly not horrendous.
  14. Australian Lunars loosing demand?

    yes but most of those will be unsold stock at dealers
  15. Grading

    No, my point is there is no "right" grade. The whole thing is subjective. If the grade is important to you for $$$ reasons, surely it's only right that you get the grade the coin deserves. You are paying good money for the service after all. Once you accept they don't get it right all the time, if you are prepared to accept the extra cost, and you think they have got it wrong, send it back.
  16. Grading

    It's just not possible to precisely grade any coin using the grade definitions available. OK, maybe it is but only with brand new therefore modern coins fresh from the mint. It should be possible to say if a new coin is a 70 or not. However, once you start looking at older coins with some wear, it becomes impossible. All coins are different and will show wear and faults in different places and to varying extents. Even if you get several graders to look at each coin, you still have to realise it's human beings giving their opinions by comparing the coins to the defined standards. It's not possible to use some kind of scanning technology etc. Once you accept this fact, it follows that sometimes you will receive grades less than you expect, sometimes the opposite. I have had both. The question is what do you do? If it's better, do you just smile and rub your hands together with glee? Or do you send it to be re-graded? Ha I think I know the answer. Once you accept that there will be "errors" made by the TPG's, what's wrong with re-submitting hoping to get the right result next time?
  17. NGC Grading Submissions Open

  18. Grading

    Not necessarily, I have seen numerous of these "errors" or "differences of opinion" and they cut both ways.
  19. Security Safes

    you can pick up cheap safes on ebay at times, if you can find a local one.
  20. Security Safes

    depends on how much space you have to site it and whether you can bolt it to the floor, hide somewhere etc. Also how much in value terms you have to protect. All things being equal, buy the biggest, strongest, most highly rated safe you can afford (equated to the above points).
  21. Quidco 10% eBay cashback

    how long does it run for?
  22. Not logical. The silver ice cubes may well cool the liquid very quickly but would still be able to cool it as much in total as a real ice cube. It would just do so quicker (better surely?) and wouldn't dilute the drink with extra water, also an advantage.
  23. Misleading Prices

    Why not? It really pisses me off when they advertise pre-owned coins (mainly silver) as "from £xx" when you can only get that price by buying loads, when in fact they only have one or two in stock
  24. Help what grade do you think this gothic crown is

    Ignoring the black marks, the coin only has minute arears of wear, as you point out. The reasons I say better than gEF are: I have found DNW to be a little inconsistent with their grading and, compared to Baldwins, they generally grade lower on average. They had a couple in their last auction, both under-graded imo, and also compared to a similar one at Bladwins. To get an UNC grading, a coin doesn't have to be perfect. I have seen many coins as good as this graded as UNC or "as minted" by DNW. Perhaps they are taking the black marks into consideration. as well as wear. However, the area above EF is always a minefield to grade and does tend to polarise and split graders somewhat. We must alwqys remember grading is personal and subjective. I would agree but gEF could extend to 62