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  1. I have a figure of 17k in my head, not sure if that's correct without looking it up. I think the other side of the 2014 mule pair, the Britannia obverse coupled with the lunar horse reverse is supposed to be more common but in my experience, you don't see so many for sale.
  2. Is it nicer than the proof?
  3. for sale

    Selling a few of the latest Privateer 2 oz HR rounds. £45 £44each + your choice of postage and risk.
  4. for sale

    I have never done facebook, it is saying a closed group, how do you get to join?
  5. We all know that some people like "errors" whatever they are and are happy to bend reality to suit their fantasies. In other cases like this where the RM has admitted an error and asked purchasers to return the error coin/coa etc for a replacement eg the 1994 mule £2, it has been impossible to know how many of the errors remained in the wild. Therefore they have been assumed to be rare and developed an aura of mystery and value. I think it is irrelevant what any TP service grade them as. They are officially a BU coin and as NGC or PCGS grade the coin not the COA, they should be given that designation. They do not grade the COA or even see them. I don't think it will make much difference to the value whatever the COA says but personally I would keep the error just in case some misguided person is willing to pay a premium for a coin with an "error" COA. I don't think it would ever lower the value so you can't lose.
  6. Certainly, go to the head of the class
  7. In my case, not very well.
  8. You've got to love these guy's marketing. Here's how they try to get you to buy a Vic VH bullion half sovereign: Yes, a whole £50 less than a 2017 Proof half sovereign!
  9. for sale

    Good of you to invite comments on your pricing. Personally I don't have a clue regarding the asking price.
  10. for sale

    good point but I usually forget about my listings until it's past the time when you can edit
  11. for sale

    Thank you, but how do you know I've any left? Price reduced on the last few before they go in the safe or to the Bay, £44
  12. some would consider that a bargain
  13. well I suppose it's possible but as the frosted relief will be a depression in the die it would need to be removed chemically rather than being polished. It's an interesting discussion though; is it worthwhile adapting proof dies rather than making bespoke bullion dies? Sounds like we need a forum coach trip to Wales. Maybe we could negotiate a special tour with access to all areas? More likely they'd tell us to "go away" at the mere mention of "TSF"
  14. I don't see how that can be true as the finish on the 3 coins is different. They may use old proof dies for BU coins though; the different finish being achieved via the blanks themselves. If they used proof dies on bully coins you would see some sign of the frosted relief and some variable "proof like" results.
  15. Miss for me. Never did like the Indian Head design. I'm sure some will like it though.
  16. Picture the scene. The RM packing department a couple of months ago, a few regular employees along with several rushed-in temp workers, all sat next to a pile of 30,000 Peter Rabbit coin boxes and a load of bubble envelopes.
  17. sorry to hear that, it really sucks
  18. forgot to mention there's vat of 20% on all the Paris fees too!
  19. indeed, the more the merrier.
  20. no, the rare and valuable coins go to Paris. Just the less valuable bread and butter gold that goes to the US; the ones where spending the extra £20 doesn't make economic sense. As i said, this is just an early plan at the moment. I need to carefully look at shipping and weigh up all the costs against the risk. It may well not happen Not an issue
  21. ok if you live close.
  22. ok for modern coins (€20 or £17.50) and for more valuable older coins (€45 or £39.50) but for less valuable, older gold coins they are too expensive. PCGS US are only $32 or £24.50 It depends on outward shipping really as return is about the same cost. Submission to Paris at a coin show is possible but you have to factor in travel to the show unless you're going anyway. That's a big expense for me,
  23. I wouldn't rule it out. I'll probably send some over to the US at some point and would be happy to send anyone else's. Certainly wouldn't be as prolific as Numi though Not sure if I will yet, need to look into the shipping across the pond.
  24. @shortstack68
  25. Interesting, they've been trying to sell a couple of 2015 at a higher premium for weeks. Probably seen the error of their ways.