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  1. 8.7oz silver dragon 1000 mintage 😂

    yes please
  2. I would imagine that we're simply stuck with the forum software as it is. There was definitely a step backwards in a couple of areas after the last software upgrade and it probably means we are left with Chris having to make suggestions for improvements to the software author or having to pay for any SF specific improvements. In the meantime there's nothing to stop the group getting our heads together and coming up with a suitable system that will run on the platform as we have it.
  3. Doesn't really apply in the case of sellers; most sales will be advertised through the forum sales thread so the seller's part in it is there for all to see. Some buyers do not want it broadcasting to all and sundry, I respect that and it's fine.
  4. Today I received.....

    scary thought
  5. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    i keep forgetting where i've buried them!
  6. there's no legislating for revenge feedback would never let it stop me leaving honest feedback, however bad.
  7. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    would be better in my garden
  8. Today I received.....

    are you sure they're not silver?
  9. VAT on silver coins

    I have asked the Perth Mint for more information regarding their assertion the legal tender coins cannot be treated under the 5% numismatic HS code and told them about replies from UK Border Agency given to other parties essentially saying they can. Awaiting their reply.
  10. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    na, lost me there but there again I easily forget stuff
  11. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    I think the main problem has been getting him to reply, commit to selling when advertised and continually changing his mind and withdrawing sales. Sorry?
  12. The 1923-SA Sovereign story

    Did you not have a 1902 matte or is my memory failing? a couple of rogue slabs in there as well!
  13. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    Excellent. He has a long history of messing people about with sales
  14. Today I received.....

    Didn't take much spotting if that's what you mean
  15. The 1923-SA Sovereign story

    Possibly, but I've done it by having more than one window open as well.