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  1. wanted

    The only one I'm seeing on BBP is £347 delivered, that's some price. I have a couple that are in pretty good nick, I'll pm you some pics.
  2. wanted

    "good condition" is a vague and subjective term, can you be more specific about condition and budget?
  3. for sale

    Indeed it is assuming it is as knocked about as you say. I would be interested in seeing better pictures. I have found that sovereign prices are way too high in Germany as a rule anyway.
  4. Got mine thanks
  5. my last laptop was bought from currys I think, refurbed Toshiba, solid as a rock and still going strong 9 years later.
  6. At least they are applying a little care these days.
  7. A couple of coins from the DNW auction last week. 1817 G3 Halfcrown and a 1872 QV Gothic Florin
  8. for sale

    Only if it had a printed picture, in colour!
  9. It looks like it's been cleaned rather than edge damage, to my eyes.
  10. for sale

  11. Don't feel bad about the 1887 £5 sov, they are an absolute minefield. I sometimes think there are more fakes out there than real ones, I've had a couple myself too.
  12. Phenomenal service, you must have a contact there Or they must have a big box the coins go in. last in, first out!
  13. for sale

    3 day bump for non-premium members, still a few left.
  14. They have a "controller" yes, but who controls the controller and does he/she really control editorial output? So you're saying the BBC is directly controlled by the EU and a Tory government and if so how come they have spent the last few years peddling anti-govenment propaganda and pushing a socialist agenda whenever possible? It's very easy to search the internet and find links that agree with whatever crackpot views you hold.
  15. You think the BBC is controlled by the government? Why would they cover up the deaths of others over and above the numbers released? It makes no difference to how the government or the council would be regarded whether it's 50, 100 or 500 dead. Even if nobody lost their lives, the anti-goverment agitators will take the opportunity to criticise. There's more risk to the authorities being caught covering up extra deaths than the actual death toll being double that reported.