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  1. Gold and silver tend to go up and down together but not necessarily by the same amount, therefore the ratio changes. In the old days when silver was primarily used for coinage, the ratio tended to be stable and also reverted to the mean if it got too out of hand. Some people say you can make money by buying silver when the ratio is very high and selling when it's low. The trouble is, this presupposes that the future will mimmick the past. However, the changing uses for silver mean that this might not necessarily hold, ie silver is increasingly used for industrial purposes and very rarely for coinage. Personally I think relying on historical patterns with this ratio could be dangerous.
  2. How much do NGC charge for return postage and is it insured? I was looking on PCGS and they do fully insured return shipping for set prices depending on how many coins are being sent.
  3. £1200? that's ok, they go for really good money when graded over 61 these days. There are fakes around though, hopefully NGC would pick them up. should grade up 62 - 63 IMO but looks to be a nasty mark on the horse. I did see it when it was only £700 and it certainly caught my eye.
  4. Is that half in box with COA? Nice.
  5. If anyone wants to try the stuff I made up, I can weigh up the two solids to make up whatever volume you want and it'll ship ok. I can work out how much it cost me, won't be much, and postage will just be a quid or so.
  6. Just to be clear, I wasn't being funny. The two statements weren't connected. the Dragon and Phoenix auction was definitely in the "popular" category though! I did think about the Morgan........... re: shields, I could actually do with moving some dupes on actually, never mind buying more
  7. Full Date Run, Proof 1oz Silver Britannia
  8. well his gold is worth just over £2m so... he was probably quite wealthy
  9. Oh I don't know, I thought it was quite fun watching, shame it wasn't something I was interested in. Auctions should definitely be saved for potentially popular items though. Don't give up
  10. what is it? looks like a 1 oz Britannia
  11. The way the format usually works is that if a bid is received in the final 5 minutes, the auction is extended by a further 5 minutes, from the time of that bid. This is then repeated until at least 5 minutes have elapsed since the last bid. It may seem fiddly but it makes sure everyone has a chance to view the last bid and increase their's if they want to. Doing it the way you did allowed last second "sniping" just before the 5.05 declared finish. No different from how the situation would have been if you hadn't extended by 5 mins. eg Auction finish 5pm bid received at 4.58 finish time extended to 5.03 bid received at 5.02 finish time extended to 5.07 no more bids, therefore auction closes at 5.07 If it seems a bit congested and difficult to decide the exact timing of bids and finish time, why not call it 10 mins instead of 5?
  12. At first I thought the proof looked "empty" with too few words etc but now seeing the two together, I much prefer the proof and think the bu is too busy.
  13. Also bear in mind that mintages were in 5 figures generally for older pandas but are getting well into 7 figures for recent years.
  14. I take it it'll be for the sportsbook not exchange?
  15. http://stores.ebay.com/Texas-Gold-And-Silver-Exchange?_rdc=1