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  1. 2018 Sovereigns

    over most people's heads, Roy
  2. Silver China Panda 2000 coin - Fake or not?

    I am curious as to the name of the seller. I had a similar episode a few months ago with a 1902 double sovereign. It wasn't fake but he didn't send me the coin I bid on and bought, but an old worn out bullion coin. He did have a lot of coins for sale and claimed to be a long standing dealer. He got very abusive, accusing me of scamming him etc. PM me if you would, thanks.
  3. 2017 Sovererign - My first

    Better start saving, she'll make it. That family has good genes and probably the best heathcare you can get.
  4. Nectar Points Offer

    offer seem to have dried up recently, or is that just for me?
  5. Costa del sol

    yeah, that's the problem with these things; depends on supply and demand and things can change significantly from year to year. Not been myself for a couple of years.
  6. The price of silver

    oh I don't know, you clearly are not a politician
  7. The price of silver

    you tell me, I clearly don't know the correct answer. You keep saying things like this relentlessly as if it is fact, but it is your opinion. I agree that banks have suppressed gold and silver, probably. That too is the past, as silver becomes more irrelevant they will cease and it will become simply a commodity, possibly! Nobody would dispute this, but that is silver as a commodity, not money. Good debate guys but we seem to have reached an impasse. No one is offering any more evidence, just deeply held opinions, some valid but some irrelevant to the discussion at hand (IMO ) We'll see what the future holds, BTW the GSR is up to 81.1
  8. The price of silver

    Just as I thought; just because trading platforms lump them in with the currency pairs doesn't make them currencies. Simple convenience as they are often traded by fx traders of various nationalities who want their own pair. Anyway I thought you regarded silver as money not currency. I agree that silver has been regarded the same as gold, my point is that this is changing.
  9. The price of silver

    Illogical. Why should the value of silver rise due to population growth if the vast majority of that population have no interest in it. If very few people regard a metal as "money" then it cannot continue to rise in value.
  10. The price of silver

    Irrelevant, that's the past. It cannot be disputed but it's the future that counts. You've missed the point.
  11. wanted Victoria Crowns

    sorry I forgot, will have a look after the weekend, I was going to sort through my old silver anyway.
  12. Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    Good warning. This is a well known problem but it does no harm to remind people.
  13. Costa del sol

    Done exactly that a number of times, mainly end of march to use holidays up. Weather can be iffy then but end of april should be fine. Definitely get a car, you can get them pretty cheaply around that time, just do a search, haven't had any problems with any company so just use the cheapest. I have found Estepona a good base; nice quiet little town, beach and harbour to walk round in the evening. Fairly close to Gibraltar and also handy to drive up the coast if you fancy a trip out to Cadiz or up around Tarifa. You can get a ferry over to Tangier too if you fancy a day over in Morocco. Personally found the towns just down from Malaga a bit busy and "Benidorm-touristy" for my liking, I prefer things a little quieter at my age! although Malaga itself is a nice historical town and worth a walk around. Another route to consider is flying to Gibraltar (great little airport and runway) and getting an appartment just up from La Linear de la Concepcion; some nice areas towards Estepona, prices very reasonable at this time of year. If you fancy just winging it; I have gone over there before without booking anything and just searching for hotels on a daily basis wherever you need to be depending on your schedule. Had some great deals doing it that way; very nice hotels for little money often with a nice buffet thrown in Good thing about C-del-Sol out of season, always lots of accomodation available.
  14. The price of silver

    yes i accept your definition of money and also Maloney's. BTW Isn't he one of those youtube "silver going to da moon" pundits? what do you mean by currency markets? Trading platforms, exchanges, currency traders at their desks? Anyway, enough of me trying to wind up you silver fans. The question you need to ask yourself is; does the world need silver as a store of value/money? Thousands of years ago (and hundreds) it was pretty simple. They needed money, a form of exchange and store of value, and gold and silver fitted the bill pretty well. Precious metals were difficult to get hold of, nice and shiny, fairly inert etc. Their relative value was easy to determine as well; simply their relative scarcity and that gave us the much quoted GSR of 16 or so. They weren’t used for anything else other than jewellery and fancy flatware/ornaments, but that was just an extension of their PM status. While ever they were simply circulating money, life was simple, everyone knew where they stood. Fast forward to today. Neither metal is used as currency but gold is still regarded as the ultimate store of value. It is the rarest, most inert and it’s a distinctive, pretty colour. Its status is so ingrained in everyone’s psyche it’s difficult to see that changing anytime soon. However, what about silver? It’s not needed as currency. It’s still regarded as “money”, but for how long? It’s not really needed as a store of value, gold does that pretty well on its own. The general population couldn’t care less about it; in fact 99.99% don’t have a clue what its value is. How can something be useful as money if very few people actually regard it as such and know its value? It’s clear to me that its status as a store of value is on the decline. To continue to be it needs everyone to accept it as such. There’s no point having loads of it if very few people want to buy it off you when you want to sell. It is mainly produced as a bi product of other metal mining so there will always be enough to satisfy industrial demand. If not, the price will go up and if it rises too much, they will try to find alternatives.
  15. Modern football is rubbish

    Na not a dive IMO, there was definite contact to take his feet away. The dying swan acting after the tackle is another matter entirely though, deserved an oscar. It's the current LUFC form that bothers me