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  1. Help what grade do you think this gothic crown is

    The reverse especially is pretty much as minted, so UNC in the British system imo
  2. for sale Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    I'm betting a 1937 proof sov set
  3. Rakija is the generic term for "brandy" in most central and south-eastern european countries. Methanol is always present in any fermented and distilled fruit regardless of whether it contains woody bits or not. It is common practice to discard the first distillate produced as it is fairly pure methanol.
  4. My First Junk Silver Purchase

    why shouldn't you? old silver coins are great, real history.
  5. Silver has not been good to me

    bloody hell, they've even got my picture on the homepage
  6. Today I Removed

    other than this method, would anyone advise on a good way to extract a coin from a PCGS slab, without risk (to the coin)
  7. Silver has not been good to me

    F***ing spiders! Certainly dwarfs my measly 2.5 oz
  8. How to invest 5000€

    Hi and welcome. I'm just curious about your name; are you a apiarist by profession or hobby and made a little mistake with your spelling or does it have some deeper meaning?
  9. Andy Hoffman says he's sold all his silver

    I doubt he will have any more of an idea now than he did before. These "experts" spout off as though they have insight and knowledge but they're just shooting in the dark like everyone else.
  10. I think you know the answer to that!
  11. Universal Credit

    Or an alternative is cut taxes so those in work spend more in the shops...................................etc, it would have the same effect. but seriously, are you suggesting anywhere near the extra you pay in benefits will come back to the treasury? the majority of the money will go to China etc and the most value in goods will sit in the homes of welfare recipients and be worthless in a few years.
  12. Universal Credit

    my wife prefers another version when applied to me: and you get rid of him for the entire weekend
  13. 2012 Uncirculated Gold Sovereign - Why so Much?

    just took it out of the new marsh book, but I did mean the single, boxed version. I thought 2303 was a strange number
  14. Midlands Coin Fair to buy bullion gold?

    no and he didn't offer to buy me a burger either
  15. 2012 Uncirculated Gold Sovereign - Why so Much?

    The half is a lot rarer at 2303