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  1. Is this a mule or is this a fake?

    No, my Welsh accent is useless.
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Cheapskate, the 12 yr old tastes far better! BTW whoever owns that 1911 proof, I'm very jealous
  3. Is this a mule or is this a fake?

    A mule is a coin with one side struck from a die that shouldn't have been used ie the two sides do not "belong" together. It is not a generic term for a mint error. Official gilding of any coin will be done after the coin is minted using a masking and plating technique
  4. Stuff I've learned in my first month of stacking

    Mummy, what are those pandas doing?
  5. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    A decent enough seller, I've had a few nice coins from him in the past.
  6. It's not polite to say that in a guy's sales thread
  7. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    If you're questioning whether they actually exist? then yes they do. They are well documented and I have seen them myself. Years 1880 - 1885, mainly the branch mints and generally rare.
  8. Like most monopolies, the credit card companies charged excessive fees to retailers and used these fees to subsidise cashback cards, cheap balance transfers (aka loans) etc. This encouraged people to develop bad habits and get into debt. Over the years credit cards have been a source of misery for millions of people. I realise for the savvy person, these cards have been a source of convenience, discounts and essentially free cash. I have played the game myself. However, IMO, fees in general need to come down and if this directive helps that, I'm fully in favour. It's not often I have been able to say that about something emanating from Brussels.
  9. Today I Received

  10. The coins will cost money too. 50p £1 £2 coins...........the banks don't give you them for free.
  11. No. It's turnover that's £70k not profit. A big difference.
  12. What will happen to gold if we go digital

  13. sovereign 2016 proof

    By sight really, unless you fancy gently rubbing it with something very soft (not advised!). If it looks like a smear or smudge then it's not too bad, possibly can be removed. If it's mechanical it should be obvious. If it's the latter, it's so prominent, the coin is really not worth much more than bullion. However, there looks to be signs of wear on the reverse high points in the last picture, and possibly slight scratches above the top hoof.
  14. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    So, essentially like owning the metal without actually having it in hand and it won't be subject to speculative forces like bitcoin
  15. Today I Received

    "Impaired"! It looks like it's spent a few years in circulation. Why on earth would a £5 be treated like this?