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  • Perth Mint - Silver
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  1. Compared to 500k kookaburra, 300k perth lunar, 300k koala, the price is unjustified. Most of the RCM animal and bird series were 1m mintage too, and they were classed and sold as bullion. How much do they sell for now? Ah, but you get a COA! Do they come in a capsule as well?
  2. Affordable yes, good value no. Convenient yes, easy to store. Versatile? Can you melt them down if you need to?
  3. ignore, gold!
  4. yes it can be expensive, was just wondering if shipping a few would work out a lot better than several singles
  5. for sale

    bump, few more available
  6. Does that include postage? when I looked at it before, the postage from the US seemed very expensive.
  7. Would there be any advantage in a group buy for this new edition?
  8. And yes, he does. He happily loaned me his book for a month last year.
  9. Fairly common I would think. The halves are quite difficult to get in straight and I've lost count of the number of loosely tightened capsules I've had from them. Nice vids R Do you ever get chance to do any work at the office?
  10. I find Aldi and Lidl very good for F&V I have 2 Sainsbury's quite close and even though they seem enormous, I just don't find they have the range and choice of other large supermarkets.
  11. yeah sorry, we tend to that sometimes. Hope it didn't detract from what you were hoping to achieve.
  12. "the book" ? edit: ah yes Derek Francis Allen excellent book
  13. Shop? I find Sainsbury's expensive and difficult to shop at. You'll spend (waste) at least the value of any Nectar points obtained on excess prices.
  14. I think the only drawback of it seems to be that it only has a limited number of coin types pre-set in it's memory. Not sure how useful it would be for coins not included. Don't think it just tells you: 999 silver or 9166 gold, yes or no.
  15. @morezone already has one and @numistacker was trying to get a sharing syndicate together a few weeks ago.