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  1. New Swan Coin incoming?

    I can see people talking about the price of them, all I can see is Apmex's 'Alert Me' button? Is another dealer selling them already?
  2. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    What confuses me is the fact that they all say exclusive, but for starters i can buy a lunar dog from other dealers? http://www.goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.jsp?coinId=289&yp=700 Are they talking about exclusive price instead?
  3. 2018 Britannia coming down the pike

    On the Royal mints website they arent using the chipwood design, looks like some sellers have just reused old images??
  4. Should I return this 2018 Lunar Dog to dealer?

    It looks like something has been spilled onto the coin or rubbed up against it rather than something stamped in to me... Just to confirm it came encapsulated and hasn't been removed from the capsule since?
  5. Should I return this 2018 Lunar Dog to dealer?

    hmm, very strange indeed.. I've never used that retailer myself so I cant speak for the reliability of the company, but all I can say is you've got nothing to lose in contacting them !
  6. Should I return this 2018 Lunar Dog to dealer?

    Just out of curiosity, where did you get it from? I've only been collecting for a year or so myself but none of the lunar coins I've ordered have had a mark like that.