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  1. Not a bad end for a thread that started with "catalonia is lost". This is what happens when you believe the propaganda they shove us down the throat, instead of doing your own research. And this is what happens when you downplay a strong democracy and the rule of law. And regarding the banking system: yes, it's mostly dead (BCE, FED, etc.). But it was also dead on 2009 and they managed somehow to turn it back to life with drugs (QEs). I would not be surprised that this time, with 3 times the public and private debt outstanding, they would still manage to achieve a new resurrection.
  2. The test of time will settle things down. The problem is that we might not be here to see it by then.
  3. completed Small amount of Bitcoin to trade

    You can trade your private key itself (if the amount is only in one address) and save the fees.
  4. No one knows how long the party will last. But we know that some day it will be over. In many countries the public debt is so high that ridiculous amounts of the budget are already devoted to interest payments only. I think someone will have the brilliant idea and say "hey guys let's do a reset, look at this shiny cryto thing, ain't it cute?"
  5. Is it worth it?

    I sleep better al nights knowing that my savings are far away from the hands of the psychos that control today's economies.
  6. What If....?

    It has been the case in the last 6000 years, I would sleep pretty well knowing that.
  7. This seems to me like a "corner" pattern, this is, a high rise due to no sell side counterpart. When the estampede starts the doors will be shut down.
  8. Ugly Coin Designs

    It's hard to beat the Spanish Mint (FNMT) in ugly coins but man, you are trying hard
  9. Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?

    I have a couple Birds of Prey spoiled, full of that white s**t. Never buying Canadian crap again (unless it is melt value)
  10. no silver deficit in the last 10 years?

    When money flees away from the stock/bond/crypto hype, it will return to PM. When? Who knows...
  11. I see it as a last call to accumulate cheaper silver. I'm 44 and my horizon is retirement. I don't think this QE and debt nonsense masquerade can stand 20 years. Patience.
  12. Today I Received

    1oz Silver 2013 Somalia Elephant arrived today!
  13. Charles Moore on the news coverage by the BBC http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/08/catalonian-revolt-different-brexit-leavers-should-not-defend/ (Subscription needed) BBC "debate" was organized with help from Mr. Roures, a news tycoon well known here in Spain for his inconditional support to catalonian secesionism and for promoting extreme-left party Podemos.
  14. Mintage Threshold

    Good question. When it comes to collectibles I remember the adage from an old jeweller I heard “only what it’s not meant for collection becomes collectible”.