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  1. This seems to me like a "corner" pattern, this is, a high rise due to no sell side counterpart. When the estampede starts the doors will be shut down.
  2. Ugly Coin Designs

    It's hard to beat the Spanish Mint (FNMT) in ugly coins but man, you are trying hard
  3. Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?

    I have a couple Birds of Prey spoiled, full of that white s**t. Never buying Canadian crap again (unless it is melt value)
  4. no silver deficit in the last 10 years?

    When money flees away from the stock/bond/crypto hype, it will return to PM. When? Who knows...
  5. I see it as a last call to accumulate cheaper silver. I'm 44 and my horizon is retirement. I don't think this QE and debt nonsense masquerade can stand 20 years. Patience.
  6. Today I Received

    1oz Silver 2013 Somalia Elephant arrived today!
  7. Charles Moore on the news coverage by the BBC http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/08/catalonian-revolt-different-brexit-leavers-should-not-defend/ (Subscription needed) BBC "debate" was organized with help from Mr. Roures, a news tycoon well known here in Spain for his inconditional support to catalonian secesionism and for promoting extreme-left party Podemos.
  8. Mintage Threshold

    Good question. When it comes to collectibles I remember the adage from an old jeweller I heard “only what it’s not meant for collection becomes collectible”.
  9. Or probably because most of the media are generously payed big bucks by the secesionists to tell their story (via institutional commercial campaigns). And this includes some budget for the "Assanges" and similar international attention whores.
  10. Whisky is for drinking, not investing. That's what my grandpa said and he died at 99.
  11. 2018 China Panda design

    Cute design! I'm buying a Panda for my 3 children and also for me when it's available.
  12. I would not bet too much on platinum’s role as a catalyst but still think it’s undervalued in terms of scarcity. Not as much as it is silver, I would add.
  13. Many years ago I read an article in cashless societies, that stood this interesting point: when there is no cash, society creates their own cash means. Call it cigarettes (war zones), food (natural disasters), gold, silver (geopolitical turbulences)... Will the story repeat again?
  14. I’m basque, I know something about violence and separatism because I have seen it live during 3 decades . Believe me when I say that this has nothing to do with Ulster or other similar political conflicts. This is about a corrupt-to-the-bone right-wing party (JxS former CiU) making strange liasons with extreme left marxists (ERP, CuP) to achieve the same goal for very different reasons. The former want to avoid the slow but relentless action of Spanish justice by creating their own safe haven. The latter want a socialist paradise that only exists on the iron curtain lovers’ heads. Mr. Puigdemont’s insistence on peaceful means has only one motivation: he has commited sedition, which has lower penalties than rebellion (sedition+violence). We are talking about 25-30 years in jail that he’s facing now. Today official buildings still have the Spanish flag and several Catalan high rank “consellers” (like local ministers) have renounced without a problem. A demonstration supporting Spanish government measures is peacefully going on in Barcelona as we speak and only some few fanatics are still waiting for a violence that will not show up to justify their victimhood