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  1. 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p

    I really like this series but as has been said above, I think they would look far better without the colouration. To me it looks sort of tacky.
  2. 2oz silver Queens beast coins

    Not a fan. Will get one to continue the set but wont be getting any others.
  3. Buying junk silver in the UK?

    Pre-47 silver coinage is very easy to find, however the best way to get it cheap IMO is to go for the smaller coins (3d and 6d). I regularly buy 50% silver 3d way under spot, you just have to know what to search for on eBay. Plus the smaller coins tend to get ignored by most who tend to favour larger Shillings and Crowns, which helps keep the prices down.
  4. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    To make it worthwhile you would really need to buy in bulk. If you just brought 20-30 at a time the amount of profit you would make after fees, capsules/flips, packaging, postage, etc would be very small indeed. Even if you did buy in bulk (which in itself would mean tying up quite a bit of cash) the returns would still be far too small to justify the stress and hassle of organising it all IMO.
  5. Today I bought.....

    Please don't get it slabbed, coins this old look bloody awful in plastic coffins. I have seen it done to far too many Saxon/Norse hammered coins and it really drives me (and many others) crazy. It would also in my experience make little difference to price or desirability if and when you came to sell it. The vast majority of collectors to which this coin would be of interest are what I would describe as being traditionalist. They tend to be older individuals for which the joy of collecting is to be able to hold a coin which was struck 500-600 years ago, to be able to have a direct connection into the past. These types of of collectors do not attach a great deal of value to a few letters, a number and a plastic case. At the end of the day it is your coin, so do as you please. But if I was you, I would get an nice mahogany coin cabinet commissioned with plenty of room (to expand in time...) to display what is a fascinating coin and to most importantly enjoy it.

    As said above, this posters images do not show UK hallmarks. They are a deliberate attempt to confuse a buyer into thinking that they are Sterling whereas in fact they are plate.

    Welcome to the forum, Another posted an item with the same markings the other day, I had replied to that thread so will copy what I said then below. 'These are rather interesting marks as there is actually very little know about there origin. They are almost certainly for a silver plate piece and can sometimes be found with a Gothic 'CS'. There is a discussion going on in the silver collecting community that these potentially originate from the continent (hence CS, 'continental silver') and these pseudo marks were in some way designed to dupe a buyer into believing they were Sterling (.925).'
  8. Hello from the US Midwest

  9. sovereign on mount

    Not all mounts actually damage the coin. Some are simply held in place by a series of folding metal supports rather than 'spot welded' to a frame. If the mounting style is the former, very little damage is actually done to the coin in my experience and they are very easy to remove (just a case of 'unfolding' the supports). If you are able to remove the Sovereign then it would be best to do so and then sell the mounts separately. Would be good to see some images when you get a chance.
  10. Newbie saying Hi 👋 from Yorkshire

  11. Hello all!

  12. Kinda new to the game

    Welcome aboard.
  13. The Clarence Bull Silver Proof Royal Mint Pre Order

    Seems very fair if you ask me.
  14. 1987 and 1973 half sov valuation opinions

    The Isle of Man really do know how to design coins (just look at some of their circulating stuff), the 1973 is no exception. One of my favourite gold coin designs.
  15. London coin fair Feb 3rd

    Managed to get down in the end, but only for the last few hours. Managed to pick up some high grade 50% Shillings for the collection as well as a rather nice hammered penny of Cnut (Canterbury Mint). So a successful day all in all.