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  1. Copper and lithium price going up?

    sci-fi future crystal ball prediction : I think we will be able to look back and see a lot of similarities between the story of Lithium and the story of Aluminium. Aluminium : <nearly?> twice as abundant in the earth's crust as Iron, yet early civilizations jumped straight to the Iron age and aluminium didn't get a look in till the mid 20th century. Reason being it required an understanding of electricity / electrolysis to purify it and start using it. According to wikipedia, In 1900, a metric ton of aluminium would set you back $14,000. Within 50 years price had dropped to around $2500 which is pretty much where prices still are today. Lithium : another super abundant metal. Clearly doesn't hang about if exposed to water, so unsurprisingly most of the world's supply exists evenly dissolved in the oceans. Where-ever you are in the world your seawater will have the same concentration of lithium dissolved in it. The challenge is how to get at it. There's a lot of dissolved sodium <sea salt> in the water with it which makes purification difficult and more expensive. But its a good challenge to crack, and Lithium is too good at doing its job in battery chemistry to be ignored or easily substituted. But when someone does cracks the supply challenge, from an investment perspective, Lithium prices will be game-overed and the world won't be running out of the stuff in a hurry.
  2. Copper and lithium price going up?

    ... where's your sense of adventure
  3. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

  4. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    hi, I enjoy your contributions to the forum @KDave you make good points! Enjoyed your analysis of the housing market the other day. Rhodium has certainly been on a good run. I was selling at spot when 1/2 oz was £565, now spot is £750 a 1/2. I'm a terrible haggler... so I don't. Bullion and PMs is where I go do for a little rest and P&Q from the hustle of daily trading! Someone else has done all the haggling for me, prices published. nice and easy all you have to do is ride... my price is spot price. prices too high? who knows! I guess the inconvenience travelling is compensated by being able to add some rhodium to your stack at +30% below a dealer's price. <edit> maths, 34% premium over spot! but, if its over-valued, spot price will drop and then you can buy it off me cheaper Personally I don't think prices are extreme if you look over the historical record, but its a record of spiking rather than being stable. Today we're closer to its 10 year historical average than we were back in october 2017. I think the future outlook is very strong. I think a lot of speculators will be exiting at this point to break-even or profit take. So I'd guess prices to ease off somewhat, infact a pullback would be healthy. But moving forward India and China need loads more rhodium. Supply is very tight. Thats my technical analysis! see you on the next bump!
  5. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    thats not very nice thing to wish on someone is it? @StackerNoob I'd rather pass it on to a more professional seller, ie. someone with paypal and an ebay account who can make a bit of profit off it! I'll be on holiday for a few months soon but will have another go advertising later in the year.
  6. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

  7. A more light-hearted look at the same graph... Oldie but a goodie Thanks @Bumble a good read
  8. great idea! congratulations on the youtube milestone! 12.25
  9. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

  10. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

  11. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    yup! but thats bullion's no.1 positive feature. It doesn't perish or grow old like recycled comments 6 months, 6 years, its a piece of stardust thats going to outlast us all. Selling at spot, cash, collect, kent.
  12. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

  13. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    Its lovely owning something and enjoying it for a time, but I'll confess, I like a bit of profit! I've vested interest in selling, so you can take what I say with that in mind, but I'd be cautious of forming a solid conclusions based on this one thread alone. bear in mind… 1) I'm a dinosaur with limited mobility. No posting, cash in hand. Immediately cut my potential market audience down to a very limited geographical area. I'm not sure if there are any other active threads advertising in this fashion on this forum. 2) dealer offers buy back for a price under spot. I think non-dinosaurs would have an easier time. Several what I'd call genuine offers from other sales boards (not thesilverforum) wanting postage, plus quie a few quite funny ones along the lines of "I'll pay your asking, 14g is half an ounce" then quotes me the gold spot price. Hey, If you don't ask... Its an interesting thread for me seeing the responses, I'm sure other people too, I've got my little tribe of subscribers and commentators who like to respond whenever I refresh the ad. I'm a weekly/fortnightly bumper, i promise its not me with 2000+ clicks! so from a 'market research' perspective I think people are definitely curious. Public online sales forums can be a bit like rolling up at boot fair with a car-full of treasure. First the dealers will swamp you, practically try and climb into the back and unpack your stuff for you. Next wave its the circuit routine! 'much too expensive that mate' shakes head, you'll never sell it. £200! wouldn't pay £20 mate, never shift that "arf arf" look here's my mate he says the same… its all part of the banter; as long as everybody is able to make a bit of profit and have a good time in the process, its all good For me, my motivation for diversifying into a bit of PGMs was because I wanted something in my stack that wasn't so associated with all the doom and gloom porn out there! I'm a bullion believer not a collectibles person, and so much gold and silver stacking seems to be done in response to concerns over the financial system. PGMs don't have that monetary tradition, price is going to be linked to industrial supply and demand rather than sentiment. I wanted to have something diversifying in my stack that would move upwards in response to 'positive economic growth' rather than exclusively betting on "financial collapse". I also wasn't deeply clued into the supply side of things when I originally picked-up, but I do suspect a lot of the upwards price movement is being made with one eye on whats happening in south african politics. Personally, I'd rather just keep this sales thread, as a sales thread! love this forum for some of the discussions it generates but I reckon there are other PGM threads people could comment on, and leave this one "opinion free" and just for selling as was intended. Thanks again for the interest.
  14. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    bumpium is good selling at spot, cash, collect, kent. You can probably guess I'm not in a hurry!
  15. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz