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  1. Hello!

    Hi Agpanda, Thanks for the welcome first coin i bought was silver panda love the design.
  2. Hello!

    Hi Kimchi, used to dj local bars and clubs but moved to mobile djing core business was weddings. No 3am finishes!!! I get what you mean by the advice been lurking for a while. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. Hello!

    Hi Augur, Just to many shiny things to choose from!! Exit strategy is in 20+ years time unless the price does something crazy before then. Thanks for the welcome.
  4. Hello!

    Hi All, My name is Ian Sayers (djlivewire) I am new to the world of collecting and stacking coins. Found my way to the forum via YouTube. Backyard Bullion, Numistacker. You know how it can be on YouTube one click leads to another an so on. I must have watched countless clips over the last few weeks. I am unsure what direction i will go with my collecting/stacking all the different designs have my interest at present. So may collect a few samples of them to start, before buying weight. I look forward to getting to know you all.