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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns (and maybe a wee bit of scrap coin silver)

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  1. New member saying Hello

    Hi Matt
  2. People in Aberdeen don’t celebrate a lot these days! Luckily I only work here :-)
  3. I have long believed there’s no difference between regular 1st and 2nd class. I always go with 2nd class unless it has to be rmsd. Also, it seems living north of the border matters not. It helps working in a city too. It would’ve took longer to get to Elgin, which is home. I’m sorry to hear my friends south of the border are still waiting :-(
  4. Thanks @BackyardBullion also many thanks to Mrs BYB for massive effort at a busy time of the year for all. my silver arrived really fast, second class to Aberdeen. thanks again. Sovsaver
  5. completed Pre-1947 50% Scrap Silver Below Spot

    @MikeSol I’ll take it please. Will pm address if it’s still available.
  6. Starting a stack

    Duplicated post.
  7. Starting a stack

    Hi tomato, I also recently started stacking a bit of silver, also collecting sovereigns. I don’t care what the silver looks like, because it’s just a long term hedge on inflation, planning to keep 15-20 years plus. So for that reason I’m stacking old silver currency like pre 1920 sterling silver. I bought a set of George V half crowns from the forum recently, they are about 14 grams of sterling silver each and are liquid, easy to sell (see ebay). Might be a strategy to consider. I set bids on eBay at just under spot, I don’t often win because many are willing to pay over spot, but every now and then I do win, usually because of poorly titled auctions, or auctions ending at odd times.
  8. eBay Warning!!

    They are pricey, best stick with weight and diameter/thickness. If they are correct for the type of coin you can be quite certain it’s gold because nothing else really has the same density. Steel is more than twice as light for example.
  9. eBay Warning!!

    Accurately weight it, then check dimensions. If the weight and dimension are accurate for the particular coin it should be gold. If you have a pmi machine it’s even easier.
  10. 1913-C gold sovereign

    Stunning, I’ve been thinking lately I’d like to work on collecting the George V sovs, my logic being that I should be able to add relatively good grades at relatively low prices. I’ll need to wait a few years for some though, clearly.
  11. wanted Sovereign

    Have you thought about buying a bullion sov from atkinson or one of the others? I bought a couple from ats bullion for considerably less than your price and they were very presentable. Having said that, I have a George V Pretoria mint 1930 you could have for 240 plus special delivery if you like. I can send photos.
  12. George V Canadian minted sovereign

    I'll bear that in mind, it makes sense of course. Instant gratification wasn't my primary goal, I was just trying to determine if the pamphlet that arrived with the book was accurate; I imagine I will learn that through experience based on the approach you highlighted.
  13. George V Canadian minted sovereign

    It is the kind of thing I had in mind, oh, it is so nice.
  14. George V Canadian minted sovereign

    Hi folks, The initial strategy was to stack some sovereigns, aiming as close to spot as I could achieve. The funny thing is, I'm not sure I can remember what led me to this idea. Thanks to some who will remain nameless, I have decided I'd like to collect some coins based on more than just their bullion value. I have but few sovereigns now, and a solitary "collectable" one, so now's a good time to make my decisions on what strategy my collection will take. I've read forum postings and listened to what the experienced collectors have to say and it seems that buying a coin in the best condition one can afford is a good idea. So, with that in mind I'd like to initially target as my next piece of the little collection a George V Canadian minted full sovereign. I have the 2017 M.Marsh book, with the price guide and I've looked to ebay, I can see there are many there from all corners of the globe. Some have been graded by one of the grading services and some have photos and the invitation is to make your own mind up. I think I'd be best, as a novice, to pick the former option. It seems quite easy to get hold of these in EF grade (>=AU58), with quite a lot MS62/63 etc, but I'm not sure about prices. I know it's a mute point, because something is worth what someone's willing to pay (unless they have no idea what they are buying) but would you consider the current Marsh 2017 price guide to be representative of what you think is available at EF plus for these coins? In order to keep the outlay reasonable, but achieve my goal I'm considering the 1911, 1918 or 1919 coin. Feel free to be blunt with me, I can take it. Maybe I should be working on ability to grade a coin first and searching for coins that aren't in slabs, or maybe the way I described is a better way to go.
  15. Updated Michael Marsh book

    They offered 3 choices, I could keep the book with a 25% discount, return the book for an exchange or return the book for a full refund. They were fine about it, efficient and responsive. It was fulfilled by Amazon by the way.