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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns (and maybe a wee bit o' silver)

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    Hello, I discovered thesilverforum by way of Numistackers prolific youtube content, and as I was already thinking about starting a modest stack I thought I'd get an account here. I was happy to see the email this morning allowing me to log on to thesilverforum and introduce myself. I live in the cold part of the UK and have many and varied interests; I don't know if numismatism is one of them. Having said that, my initial thoughts were to stack sovereigns as they are reasonably affordable in bullion form, but I've already bought the recent edition of the Marsh Sovereign book. I think the alarm bells are ringing in my wife's ears so I better tread carefully. We bought Sovereigns for each of the kids for the year they were born, all proof as that's all that was minted for those years of birth. My daughter got lucky as she received COA #0012 which coincides with her birthday, 12th day. I've bought 3 recently, Geo V, QE II 1980 & 1963, which are really nice looking coins for around bullion prices. Well, I'll take a look around the forum, and as a total newb, be sure to use the search function ;-) Cheers for now, Sovsaver