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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    You may have one 2002, if I can have the other, what say you dear @Numistacker ?
  2. dodgy sov? a or b on melbourne

    http://www.drakesterling.com/coins-for-sale/products/1908-melbourne-half-sovereign Well here’s a graded one, so perhaps compare the two. I think the M is quite typical, but I’m not considering buying it.
  3. Today I Received

    I kept going back for a look, before finally caving in. Yes, eBay. I find it a good place to shop, the seller was very quick shipping and I think his buy it now price was realistic.
  4. Today I Received

    The postie came with 2 coins today, both Young head halves. One is graded AU Details (first time I bought a graded details coin), the other ungraded, both are obverse 3. I bought the details coin for the lack of wear, and because I believed at least some of the “surface hairlines” might be die cracks/wear. To be fair, it has quite a few scratches, under a magnifier.
  5. for sale 1892 Full bullion sov £230

    Ooh, same sofa cushions as us👍 He’s good folks👌 Seriously, good price for that one.
  6. Today I bought.....

    I was looking for a VF obverse 1 Victoria young head half. Failed! Ended up with another obverse 3.
  7. valuation of sovereigns

    It has a nominal value of one pound sterling. As you say, legal tender.
  8. Today I Received

    Cool! It must be worth a fortune😂
  9. Today I Received

    Seems like deliberate act, c’est la vie!
  10. Today I Received

    Seems like deliberate act, c’est la vie!
  11. Today I Received

    Ah, so you decided to work through the world’s supply of half sovs now?👍
  12. Today I Received

    Okay, it seemed familiar to me for a similar reason, different mob though👍
  13. Today I Received

    Are you taking, the Micky??😉
  14. Today I Received

    It’s on the obverse, behind Queen’s head, looks like a letter I (or Z maybe). Next the “gratia”. Also, some under her chin and possibly cleaned, but apart from all that...we’re good😄
  15. Today I Received

    Another from eBay, bought and delivered by a local, had a nice chat and coffee. Cost £125 and the coffee. I knew about the damage, but was happy to live with it.