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  1. I would like them both please, pm your bank details and I will transfer the funds in the morning. Martin.
  2. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Have I arrived in a kinder garden or a forum where I can buy at what ever price I wish........... I certainly do not need to read drivel from an obviously bitter person @Sal business is thank god the art of getting the best deal at the rate you wish to pay, be that at bargain price of an extortionate price! So as my dear wife often tells me " wind yr neck in " (I can if you wish give you the american translation?) Martin
  3. Royal Mint Beatrix Potter Book + Silver Proof Edition

    I bit the bullet and purchased one along with the silver proofs, somehing for the granddaughters in the future :-)
  4. completed 2011 full sovereign @spot + post!

    Arrived this morning thank you martin
  5. wanted 1959 sovereign

    Thank you. Martin
  6. wanted 1959 sovereign

    Hi, I am looking for a 1959 sovereign for the simple reason its my birth date... Kind regards Martin.
  7. completed Gold Sovereigns

    Hi Pete, It arrived this morning, beautiful coin. Kind regards Martin.
  8. completed 2011 full sovereign @spot + post!

    I will have it pm me your bank details please Martin.
  9. I found an old pru pension the other day that I had ignored due to it only paying out £1800 a year ( I canceled it 25 years ago as we were broke ) I have just had a cash value of almost £25,000 less tax quoted on it. Yep its being cashed in and a large portion will be put into gold in my hand as well.
  10. completed Gold Sovereigns

    Hi, can I have coin 'B' please if you can pm your bank details I will transfer the £ tonight. Kind regards Martin.
  11. Hi,

    Whoop's I see the dedication a lot of the members put into their collecting and whilst I admire that to me I am collecting whilst the money is spare ...lol
  12. Hi,

    Hi, I have just joined the forum after several months of watching the topic's. I am just a sovereign stacker who buys 20 or so a year ready for retirement in 10 years, I know its probably not the best investment to make but its spare cash and I like to hold what I pay for :-) Kind regards Wilky1