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  1. Today I made.....

    Very impressive! Wouldn't mind seeing one of a dragon or tiger!
  2. Low premium on 1oz rectangular dragon

    Tbf, I think 25,000 is pretty high mintage for a gold coin is it not? I think it's a beautiful coin, probably one of the best-looking lunars I have seen! The dragon looks 'as it should' - majestic and terrifying! I would probably get one if I had some spare cash lying around - I'd be intrigued to see how the rest of the series look.
  3. Low premium on 1oz rectangular dragon

    Thought you mentioned silver, not gold - can't..... delete....damn.....message...
  4. Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    To me, to you...
  5. Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    Didn't think about that but hell yes! Whether the demand would be there is dependence on a coin collector who 'wants my initials'...! Could be a bit like personalised number plates....
  6. Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    I wouldn't mind having a coin with my initials as the privy, maybe on a birth year sovereign but that's as far as I'd take it with privy! Do not like them as all!
  7. chard

    At least GSBE fulfil orders...(!)
  8. 2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Mis-read, thought I read you asked if I had any
  9. 2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Plenty...in my dreams! lol
  10. 2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Here you go! http://news.coinupdate.com/st-helena-introducing-first-bullion-gold-coin-featuring-historic-rose-crown-shield-motif/
  11. 2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

  12. 2018 St Helena - Spade Guinea

    Saw these a month or 2 ago, the gold one looks amazing!
  13. Topcashback

  14. Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    They probably do. My 2018 sovereign proof was scratched and got one back and it was immaculate. Fingers crossed!
  15. Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    They must surely be getting lots of people returning them so hopefully one day, they will take a good long hard look at themselves.
  16. Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    Just annoying especially as the first time I sent it back, they should make the conscious effect to make sure the next one they send is immaculate especially considering I am paying for a proof coin!
  17. Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    Unfortunately it's normal! Have sent back 1 oz Clarence Bull proof 3 times as each time there were scratches! Been about 2 weeks since I returned the last one and got an email yesterday to say it's being despatched.
  18. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Am wondering if you can buy one at a time and add to 'storage' then get it all shipped altogether although think transferwise fee is around £1 each time...still works out cheaper than other dealers but whether GSBE will allow that lol

    Like in my email, I apologised as well and did appreciate your help. I totally do understand it's not about the money, guess that's the negative of the internet as I am sure in person, I would have asked you the same thing and straight away you would have said no, and I would have just paid the £15. I am just of the mindset 'if you never ask, you never get', although on this occasion there seemed to be an unfortunate ending. As mentioned before, thanks for your help, it was thoroughly appreciated.

    "tried to screw me down for a fiver!!!!" - seriously? I even responded back to your message and apologised - which you decided not to respond to. ----- I do appreciate your time for helping me and imparting your valuable knowledge. Please do not think for a second it is not greatly appreciated. In regards to the book, all you had to say was no, I will not accept £10, £15 is the price. I was only asking cheekily as I am on a budget as well. I was happy to pay £15 but was waiting for you to say yay or nay, not come back with the response you did. I am sure you know as I do, everybody on the forum is always looking for a cheaper deal on gold or silver so even with a book, it's no difference. For future reference, Hermes do delivery up to 1KG for £2.79 and 2KG for £3.99. Thank you for all your time and effort, I really do appreciate it. Sincere apologies, I genuinely didn't mean to cause offence. I even referred to you as the panda expert to the seller of the fake panda 2000. -----

    Over £5? I expected a no - not 'I am not going to be your friend anymore'

    I'd expect him to say no, I cannot give you £5 off - not message me later and literally 'have a go'. That's it, not make a mountain out of a molehill considering it was a 'cheeky' question. Also, I am sure people on here will always find ways to save money hence why GSBE are the company in question - poor customer service but cheap prices. Horses for courses.
  23. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Added 3 to an order and proceeded to check out page. Got an email to say my order has been cancelled lol

    Yes, I am really surprised. Maybe Eva is the only one working on the desk during the day as I do remember when I messaged in the evenings, there were 1 or 2 chaps (can't remember names). Maybe she's under pressure or something. I can imagine she gets a lot of messages and maybe even has to deal with the payment side which is probably another headache for her if someone doesn't pay correctly i.e. waste more time Even so, I am still shocked at the responses from GSBE, whether it be her or someone else, as surely they know everything can be publicised on the internet. To be fair, I had another experience with a German site, enquiring about Silver Swan 2018, and after a few messages, they replied and said 'no more messages please' which probably leads me to think these companies get a lot of emails but surely they would appreciate that especially if a lot of their customers are based outside of their country. I am pretty sure like with most customers we message these companies to make sure everything will be okay i.e. number of items, delivery, customs etc A bit of a shame for GSBE as their service aside from their 'customer' service has been top-notch especially considering their prices too.

    Have to agree, they should not have said that. Can't believe they have removed access to his account!!! Guess it goes to show you need to get your orders & payments spot on with GSBE otherwise, seems there are no scope for rectification! I am just surprised as I have ordered from them a few times without issues but I am used to knowing that the continental way of talking with people is more blunt, although think they will or have lost customers because us British are so used to better customer service. i.e. 'customer is always right'