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  1. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    Would have been more special had they left it alone to only the 1oz siver and even a gold at the same time. Now it doesn't feel so special now!
  2. December DNW auction

    Okay cool! Will see what happens - Will be coming back from Croatia on the previous evening so maybe on 14th. https://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/auction.php?auction_id=467
  3. December DNW auction

    Hey, I might come and have a browse if I am free - Do you have more information regarding this?
  4. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Didn't the 'American English' gouge the Native Indians of their lands?
  5. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Brought from them before - great service.
  6. Email notifications stopped working...

    Think it's working for me now - Thanks!
  7. Hello!

    Hello & Welcome!
  8. Email notifications stopped working...

    Still not working for me...
  9. Email notifications stopped working...

    I understand how you feel - keeping up with notifications is a job in itself lol
  10. Email notifications stopped working...

    Nice one! Lol I know what you mean but least you can be kept up to date with anything new..
  11. I was getting email notifications about a week about but since then I have gotten no emails whenever someone has messaged me or commented on a post. My setting is the same as before and I know someone else is not getting email notification either... Thanks
  12. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    You need to effectively buy something (even a 5p carrier bag) and redeem a voucher per purchase although if you find a nice person at the customer service, they can swipe all your coupons at once... Sure, although can provide better beverages if required!
  13. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    Luckily the petrol station near me is a bit bigger than normal one plus I was kinda lucky to able to go in 4 x times without there being too much queue! Went back today and got another 10000 points with my mum too!
  14. Thought so, doubt it was about Theresa May! Thanks!