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    klacey got a reaction from Danny-boy in Fake Pandas   
    Yeah I agree ebay isn't the problem, in fact you have a lot of protection to be fair to them. As long as you know what to look for ebay is a great place to shop. I like many sell on ebay and do quite well, I would hate to lose that as a resource.
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    klacey reacted to Shamatti in Just Made My First Purchase !   
    Have a word with KLacey he is a sponsor and has done me a few good deals on here! Shhh!
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    klacey reacted to ChrisSIlver in Shout out from DogSoilder1973 on YouTube   
    I am sure you are all aware of the forum competition. Thanks to DogSoilder for the shout out on YT.

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    klacey got a reaction from Danny-boy in lowest mintage bullion coins   
    Still you found it and posted it mate. So thank you sir. lol
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    klacey got a reaction from STG in STG shipping and handling ?   
    Just took delivery of my silver from STG, delighted with the service and turn around. Thank you everyone at STG.
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    klacey reacted to STG in STG shipping and handling ?   
    Hello everybody!
    Please stop panicking and spreading rumors
    1. It is not possible to compare your shipping prices (at least not accurately), as shipping costs are calculated basically on the three factors of weight, number of parcels, destination. It can happen, that we have to pack one order in several parcels as they might be to heavy to carry otherwise (especially with silver, more than one monster box doesn't work). Besides we don't pack more than a certain value per parcel, to 'spread' the risk, just for the case that something get's lost or stolen.
    Destination: This is the tricky part. UPS calculates upon their routes - routes that are covered frequently are cheaper than routes, that have a lower coverage. If you are unlucky, living in a pretty place called middle of nowhere, this might push your shipping costs.
    2. Shipping prices for resellers and private customers differ a little bit, please be aware before comparing your shipping prices with our fellows here in the forum.
    3. In the past we have subsidized a lot of the shipping. However, we have realised that margins are too small to continue this. This has not affected all of the shipments, but many and especially those to more 'exotic' locations & to the middle of nowhere within UK, NL, GER and also those, that were quite heavy. We are currently working at full speed to fix the calculations of the back-end system and your front-end calculator in a way, that we cover our actual costs without charging you too much. This has caused some problems in the last couple of days, where we had to fix the shipping costs manually, as the system didn't know better (yet). This was also the case with alec86's order.
    Please be patient with us these days: We are doing our best to find a solution as soon as possible. We are not looking to 'generally rise shipping costs for a certain weight at a certain rate', we are only looking to cover the costs we have in order to deliver to your doorstep.
    Considering UPS: Yes, at some places the deliverers are not as good as in other places. They are human in the end! If it comes to numbers I can say, that we are shipping thousands of parcels each month (also with CoinInvest.com) and the percentage of UPS inconvenience is VERY low. In case you experience problems with UPS in any way, please inform us so that we can help with the communication, follow up and complaint management.
    I hope this helps! Please - always feel free to contact me here or on sales@silver-to-go.com /  +44 20 351 47583 (e-mail/call in urgent cases) in case of uncertainties, this is easier and better than any speculation =)
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    klacey got a reaction from realbluegold in How much money would change your life today   
    For me it would be about 50-100k which I would invest in trying to build my silver empire. One day I hope to be in a position that I need to employ people to keep up with demand, then I will know Im doing good.
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    klacey got a reaction from HighlandTiger in vat   
    Its probably to screw over us 99%er's.
    Silver is a poor mans gold so add tax to it
    Gold is what the wealthy will buy so don't tax it. Not going to screw themselves over are they.
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    klacey got a reaction from realbluegold in Silver on ebay, what's with the prices?   
    Welcome to the forum mate.
    The biggest issue we have in the UK is having to add 20% VAT charge on top of the value. Most dealers in the UK have a set premium and adding all these charges on top of the market rate soon adds up.
    The people who buy from these dealers have either accepted the price hike and generally have no knowledge that they are being over charged. Or are just to lazy to shop around, look abroad with in the EU. I myself sell in the UK and find for small quantities im one of the cheapest around. I buy VAT free silver and pass the savings onto my customers. I dont make as much as I would like, but its pretty steady.
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    klacey got a reaction from realbluegold in No more silver for me   
    Its abit old now, but I remember when it happened. Some banks are buying silver.
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    klacey reacted to STG in Silver to go - question?   
    Hi guys, lots of speculations going on here
    Our official answer to these questions can be found in the FAQ of STG, please check out yourself as I can not copy-paste in here.
    CoinInvest and STG belong to the same investor and are operated by the same managing directors, Daniel and Stephan, you might have been in contact with them as well.
    As CoinInvest and STG operate in two totally different tax models, they are deliberately set up as two different companies to avoid any accounting mess. STG doesn't buy from CoinInvest, both companies have their own stock which is refilled separately, as well as different bank accounts and so on!
    The reason why STG doesn't stock all sorts of silver is, that the margin scheme tax model is limited to certain coins, no bars, nothing heavier than 10oz etc. All the rest has to be taxed with VAT and is therefore sold through CoinInvest only.
    I hope I could bring some clarity into the discussion. Please appreciate, that I can not publicize our business model in detail - competition never sleeps
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    klacey got a reaction from realbluegold in Aurinum,de v STG, Some Advice would be welcome   
    I Have dealt with both and I have had a few bad dealings with Aurinum, finger prints on coins, dates on delivery forever changing, but the price is good. I do hate the dispatch length too. 
    STG are awesome, prices are good, delivery is very quick and the customer service is top notch. My only issue is lack of coins to choose from.
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    klacey got a reaction from clinisbud in 1.5oz Arctic Fox   
    It's one of the only coins I have never had in stock. The premium is stupid compared to the same metal/size of the polar bear. No difference bar the image, crazy.
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    klacey got a reaction from clinisbud in Aurinum.de   
    Aurinum.de usually dispatch 9/10 working days after the order is placed, if its saying dhl has been provided with shipping instructions it will still take this long. (As mentioned from Pete)
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    klacey got a reaction from HighlandTiger in Aurinum.de   
    I order tons from them, but the delivery times are about 2-3 weeks, quickest I had so far has been 11 days. But they are a great site for those patient enough.
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    klacey reacted to Ares in New silver collection...   
    Recommend heading to klacey and see what he has, it'll probably be cheaper than buying elsewhere within the UK for a few coins
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    klacey got a reaction from Cornishfarmer in How silver has to be preserved   
    Keep them in original caps mate. They are air tight so you shouldn't opening them if you can help it.
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    klacey got a reaction from realbluegold in How to detect a proof   
    A proof coin has a better mirror like finish. Trust me you put a BU next to a proof you will notice a big difference in finish.
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    klacey reacted to jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    What the fraud specialist said was, "there are millions of sellers on ebay and they can't check everyone's feedback. So known counterfeiters need to have their items reported. Our hands are tied unless buyers report items from known frauds".
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    klacey got a reaction from jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    Well played Jason, you have done a great thing in flagging this up with ebay
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    klacey reacted to morezone in How Do You Store Your Coins   
    Air-tites in the US. Klacey is putting in an order on Monday with them if you don't want to order direct yourself.
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    klacey got a reaction from jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    one of the neutral comment were also about it not being silver and is actually brass. I hope people being look at these feedback comments.
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    klacey got a reaction from jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    You did the right thing and it paid off mate. Be interesting to see the response. I hope he is a shocked as you are, cause if he knows he is selling fakes without saying so is just so low.
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    klacey got a reaction from jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    What is the sellers feedback like and does he sell just PM's. If he is in the business of selling Pm's only he should know where to buy from and make sure he is selling the genuine piece. If he sells other items and this is a side piece he may have been ripped off himself and just didn't know.
    Maybe contact the seller first and see what his response is, if its positive then you might want to just get a refund or a replacement. But if he knows full well the items are fake, report him. Make sure other buyers know too.
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    klacey got a reaction from jason1977 in verified my 1st fake   
    Report the seller to, if it isn't advertised as a fake/replicia then others will fall for this.