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  1. All sold pending payments.
  2. For sale, all prices include postage and are cheaper than anywhere else currently, will do a deal on multiples. 1/10th Krug 2001 - Sold pending payment 1/10th Brit 2000 - Sold pending payment Umicore 2.5g 24ct bars - Sold pending payment
  3. How do you safely store your stack?

    I have a safe, but when I buy my own house I will store my gold in a safe in the floor in a place known only by me, I will use a secondary safe not so well hidden with nothing in.
  4. Sovereign resources

    Just ordered the Michael Marsh's book from Amazon (Speedyhen) hope the price guide comes with it as some people have had problems.
  5. Sovereign resources

    Hey all, just been looking up old sovereigns from the 1800s and mintage figures etc, I am planning on buying a few old coins with low mintages and maybe get them graded, is there any books or websites with a rough guide on what I should be paying for each coin etc? eBay isn't the best since some of the coins I am curious about are not on there.
  6. I'm not too worried, where I work they have lots of machines but they fail, they breakdown regularly and will always need people to run them, on top of this they are very expensive especially the AI you are talking about but the price of gold will most likely increase.
  7. Today I Received

    Nice grade, seen the eBay advert also.
  8. £250 a month...

    I save around £600 to £800 a month and if I had £250 and currently didn't own a home ( like I do not ) I would open a Lifetime ISA and save the max you could then each tax year get 25% bonus of what you save up to a maximum of £4000 so the max is obviously £1000, only downside is the money must be spent on your first home or retirement and you can't withdraw without a fee otherwise, so I max that account and buy 1 or 2 Sovereigns per month.
  9. Today I Received

    I am so jealous, this year I am working on filling a tube of Sovereigns... I wont achieve it due to me needing to max out my Lifetime ISA but I manage 1-2 per month only... I guess 150.
  10. Today I Received

    My first Sovereign from Atkinsons, usually buy from HGM but at the time they were out of stock, Atkinsons was the same price or cheaper (because of free P+P) coin quality is the same as HGM but Atkinsons was packaged better, plus I got a free chocolate coin, might stick with Atkinsons in future depending on price, overall happy even though they had no Edwards in stock.
  11. I withdrew something like £500 in 50p coins and £2 coins from the bank once, I managed to get around 3 50p coins that were worth more than face value and around 5 £2 coins, not really worth it for me as a job but definitely worth it for a collector, still don't own a Kew Gardens 50p though.
  12. new years resolution

    My resolution is the opposite, first is to fill my Lifetime ISA allowance and second is to buy 1 or 2 Sovereigns per month and fill a coin tube eventually.
  13. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    Completed, bought my two tubes, will take me 2 years to fill though, all good for now, as I will start filling them in April.
  14. Today I bought.....

    Another Gold Sovereign although from Atkinsons not HGM who I usually buy from, free delivery is nice, be interesting to compare them to HGM.
  15. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    I've heard they are harder to find than a Unicorn.