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  1. Payday

    I put £500 in my Lifetime ISA and the rest towards flipping shoes or maybe some gold.
  2. I won on Footdistrict so I paid £150 or thereabouts for the shoes. I am selling mine on eBay received an offer of £350 I might accept, this is my first raffle win.
  3. Just an update guys, I won a raffle for the NIKE AIR MAX 1/97 SEAN WOTHERSPOON, they are selling for £300+ resale right now
  4. Hatton Garden price increases

    Oh well, Atkinsons is my go-to now.
  5. 10p Coins

    Maybe yes, the most popular ones so far are the B for James Bond, P and Z off the top of my head, Bond will be the best I think, depends on the premium for the gold version and mintage.
  6. 10p Coins

    He will be even more angry once he's seen I have sold all my sets for a decent profit, I will be sure to let him know either way, not sure where to get the frames now, probably have to eBay them and pay extra unless RM get more in at a later date.
  7. 10p Coins

    Got a message today on eBay from an angry member who wrote this "So you order for £55 then sell on for £90 why don't I just order them myself save you ripping me off" Hahaha so I sent him a little message back to cheer him up the poor fellow, I wonder if he sent the same message to the people who sold theirs for £110+ I wonder if he will be as mad when he checks to see my advert Saturday for a pair of shoes I paid £150 for and are selling for £1400 resale LOL.
  8. 10p Coins

    For me, sets as collectors will want them, not sure which will be the most popular coins yet though.
  9. 10p Coins

    I bought 3 in total, 1 RM set and 2 Westminster set, sold one Westminster set already, keeping the RM and selling the remaining set, if that sells too I will buy my girlfriend another set.
  10. 10p Coins

    No but the mintage is still low.. and like I said I have already sold one set with offers on my second set, I will be £100 up, if the hype dies down it wont matter too much but it depends on if they sell out... 25,000 people in queues on the RM website is a good sign...
  11. 10p Coins

    Big mintage? 100k per coin is a big mintage? Kew Gardens has over 200k......
  12. 10p Coins

    I just sold one of my sets... £100, pretty happy with that so I am putting up another one of my sets
  13. 10p Coins

    Just bought a set off the RM... it worked for me finally... will sell two sets which will pay for my own.
  14. 10p Coins

    I just bought another set as my girlfriend wants one... selling mine though which should cover the cost of both if it sells, if it does I will buy another to keep.
  15. 10p Coins

    Yeah I have bought the complete set, £55 with booklet and collectors coin, original album on RM is £9 or so but if they come in their own case I wont take them out or get the original album, full set is currently £60+ on eBay with 4 days to go and 17 bids as of this moment, they will be a good buy. Also certain coins seem to be going for between £5 to £9 each at the moment, I think the RM will sell out... thisismoney says they will mint 2.6m 10p coins but that's total so 100k mintage for each, 100k less than the 50p Kew Gardens. This link may be useful for you guys; http://coinhunter.co.uk/ 100k mintage per coin... buy them guys