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  1. Novice silver stacker

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  2. Greetings all

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  3. New Stacker

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  4. Morezone, is this gold coin still available to purchases?
  5. New to Forum

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  6. Hello from a new collector

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  7. Introduction

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  8. I'm in too, have backdated to the 9th of September 2016 and have also put in £100 of change. This change I periodically cash in at the bank. I am going to update mine every week and any extra cash will go in also. My obvious choice of container to put my money in is a piggybank. I'm aiming for a 1 oz gold panda or roo.
  9. withdrawn 2017 1oz Silver Somali Elephants

    I'll take one also standard delivery, please send payment details, thanks
  10. Very excited to join this forum

    Hello and welcome to this forum
  11. Hello from UK

    Hi Richo, welcome to the forum.
  12. Fresh Meat

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  13. My small stack all thanks to to this website

    Great starting stack and it will just keep growing, before you know it you will be asking the forum about storage solutions