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  1. LIDI COIN CASE / box offering

    Darn, too wide for my safe.
  2. LIDI COIN CASE / box offering

    Can someone who has one tell me what are the external dimensions please?
  3. LIDI COIN CASE / box offering

    I can hear the burglars now... Spike: "Grab the case Butch, its full of coins!" Butch: "I can't Spike, there's no handle!!" Spike: "WHAAAT!! Quick, lets get outta here!!"
  4. Coin capsule advice needed

    Oh, I was looking 15 or so Nevermind, thanks for checking.
  5. Coin capsule advice needed

    Any luck finding those capsules @fehk2001 ?
  6. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Received mine, thanks very much Stan.
  7. Brown Bess?

    I’ve found a lot of friends and acquaintances in the UK have been very against guns of any type. My kids have always had toy guns but I’ve known many parents that have frowned on even those and wouldn’t let their kids near them. I think the Nerf revolution has changed that somewhat though in the last few years. I had air rifles growing up and was in to .22 indoor range shooting as a young teen. I have used shotguns for clay pidgeon (skeet) shooting and more recently have done some modern long rifle shooting up to .338 calibre at longer ranges (1000m). I’ve also participated in airsoft for quite a few years. I’ve always had a real interest in guns and shooting but I think I’m in the minority in the UK. I would love to shoot some more exotic weapons but I’d rather the UK keep the restrictions it has on guns - it makes it somewhat of a safer place to live!
  8. Litecoin has done incredibly well over the last 24 hours.
  9. TopCashback - eBay 10% Today

    Me too! We buy a lot of stationery through eBay for our business - I always get the Nectar points but have probably missed out on loads of TCB cash back
  10. for sale Free Sterling Silver Brick Giveaway!

    I think you need to join his group first.
  11. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    The current eBay selling prices for silver items don't appear to have been swayed at all yet by the drop in silver price. What sort of price were 1oz bullion coins selling for on eBay when silver prices were at their £30+ highs?
  12. TopCashback - eBay 10% Today

    Does Topcashback work in conjunction with the Nectar points you get for paying with Paypal? One doesn't mess the other up does it?
  13. Stolen goods - please read

    Yes, you're correct. As a noob, my stack is a long way from these limits at the moment
  14. Coin capsule advice needed

    Spot on, thank you!
  15. Coin capsule advice needed

    I mean the outer thickness. Some of the ones I have are only 6mm thick which I would prefer.