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  1. 1/10th gold coins

    In my very limited experience as a new buyer, as was said above, if you’re careful you can get tenths for a touch over spot. I’ve recently got a tenth brit for £95 incl postage, which I’m happy with. However I draw the line at the huge premiums you get on things like the Libertads, which I’ve seen go for £150+. It just depends if you’re a stacker or collector i suppose? In my opinion you just have to find a price bracket you’re comfortable with and don’t be tempted to go beyond that, which is difficult due to the shiny nature of what we all buy!
  2. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    Oh dear, that’s sad to see. Glad I never reveal the full stack to anyone, mainly because my wife would go nuts if she ever knew!!
  3. Bars Photo Thread...

    Starting to really like hand poured bars....
  4. 1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    Totally agree, I think I’d go for at least 10g. In recently got a 1/10 coin and I swear the envelope was empty until the coin dropped out!
  5. 1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at buying bits of gold as and when the budget allows, along side silver, mostly sovereign and half sovereign. Within my budget you often see gold bars from 1 > 2.5g gold bars pop up too. Just wondering what people’s opinion of the smaller bars are. They seem to be harder to sell on, but I know some folks that go mad over them. Bit of a new guy question I suppose, but these smaller bars intrigue me!
  6. Evening all, After a stacking hiatus, I’m back on with the addiction, but I’ve narrowed down what I want to stack from now on. So I’m offering a few coins and rounds for sale, or swap for bars of 1oz and above. Postage on top of stated prices... Libertad 2015 1oz, bullion grade with some light marks/toning as per the photo. Will include the capsule. £18 Libertad 2009 1oz, bullion grade with marks/toning as per photos. Will include capsule. £18 BU Silver 1oz Krugerrand 50th Anniversary edition, with certificate and capsule £30 Sunshine Mint Bull & Bear round, 1oz bullion grade £17.50 Silvertowne 1oz Buffalo round, again bullion grade, 17.50 Postage will be £2.50 for 1-3oz (at Buyers risk) or If you buy the lot I’ll pay for SD. Thanks Ben
  7. Starting a stack

    I second the above comment, very addictive! But good fun too. I’ve only been on this forum for a couple of months, but everyone I’ve had contact with or bought from has been great. The classifieds are a great place to pick up some deals, I’ve bought quite a few bits on here, all with great success!
  8. Morning all, Just a few bits I’m looking to sell, in order to buy more! Payment by PayPal f&f or add 4%. Postage included in the prices, will obviously discount postage for multiple buys... PURE 50g sacks, £35 each posted (3 available) - slight storage marks on the reverse Emirates 50g in sealed packaging £35 posted Degussa 1992 Olympics 50g bar including the case, still sealed £36 posted Geiger Security line 250g bar, only bought a couple of months ago from Silvertrader £147 posted (includes special delivery) 100g Metalor Bar with COA £65 posted Thanks, Ben
  9. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    Not the 'flashiest' or most valuable piece I own, but I just find this '81 A-Mark bar really pleasing. And I love my Libertads...
  10. Hi all, Just interested in moving on a few coins. For sale, or will swap for American silver eagles. Payment by PayPal f&f. Postage will be £2, I'll send recorded 1st class.... 2016 Kangaroo, slight toning £17.50 Armenian Ark £18.00 2013 Maple £17.50 2017 Steamboat Willie £19.00
  11. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Just my thoughts as a stacker, more than a collector. I've been stacking for about 4 months now. In month 1, I went crackers, bought a lot of coins (vat free) and a 250g bar (full vat). Since then it's gradually dawned on me that I need to cool it a bit and not just give in to magpie within! The few rules I now live by are.. - no new / full vat silver, unless it's a very limited mintage (I'll never make my money back on the 250g bar I bought! But I still love it) - buy mainly bars up to 5oz. Anything that is a good deal, and preferably collectible. (Hand poured etc). Trying to move on larger bars always seems to be trickier... - buy silver bullion coins when available for as cheap as possible (my personal limit is £17). This way I should always be able to make my money back, within reason... - try and be patient rather than spend any spare cash instantly. This has allowed me to move in to gold. - buy full/ half sovereign where possible as a priority. The rest of my budget I spend on the silver mentioned above. Not a particularly scientific list of rules, but it's just what's started to become obvious as my stack and experience grows! Have a good weekend all.
  12. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Great, thanks again for info!