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  1. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Just my thoughts as a stacker, more than a collector. I've been stacking for about 4 months now. In month 1, I went crackers, bought a lot of coins (vat free) and a 250g bar (full vat). Since then it's gradually dawned on me that I need to cool it a bit and not just give in to magpie within! The few rules I now live by are.. - no new / full vat silver, unless it's a very limited mintage (I'll never make my money back on the 250g bar I bought! But I still love it) - buy mainly bars up to 5oz. Anything that is a good deal, and preferably collectible. (Hand poured etc). Trying to move on larger bars always seems to be trickier... - buy silver bullion coins when available for as cheap as possible (my personal limit is £17). This way I should always be able to make my money back, within reason... - try and be patient rather than spend any spare cash instantly. This has allowed me to move in to gold. - buy full/ half sovereign where possible as a priority. The rest of my budget I spend on the silver mentioned above. Not a particularly scientific list of rules, but it's just what's started to become obvious as my stack and experience grows! Have a good weekend all.
  2. wanted Fractional Gold Pandas

    Does 3 gram count? Theres a couple left with Chards, I bought one last week when the price was really good...
  3. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Great, thanks again for info!
  4. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Thanks Lizzie, that's really interesting and helpful. I'll be over your way soon with work, so I'll pop in and spend some money with you folks! Can I just nip in or do you have to make an appointment?
  5. Morning all, A few more 1oz silver coins up for grabs as I reduce the number of duplicates I own. Prices do not include postage, and are for PayPal f&f, if you wish to use gifts and services that's fine, just add 4%. Postage will be £2 for 1-2 coins, or £3 for more. Will be sent 1st class recorded. Amenian Ark 1oz. Extremely good condition - £19 2017 Steamboat Willie. Pristine conditions - £20 2016 kangaroo, light toning £17.50 2014 silver panda, extremely good condition - £20
  6. Sarnia Silver

    Evening folks. Sarnia silver, are they well known and /or any good? Ta Ben
  7. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Yep, as has been said, he's a really top guy to deal with. Bought my very first piece of silver from him!
  8. Hi all, Im selling a few duplicates and bits I no longer want. All prices are paypal f+f without postage. postage will be £2 for 1-2 coins or £3 for more. Tracked delivery. Also open to exchanges for bars. 1) 2017 Steamboat Willie. Pristine condition £19 2) 1994 Kook still in mint capsule. Some slight toning to the very edge of the coin. Hard to see and photograph £25 3) 2012 Koala. Toning and milking, seems obvious in one light, hard to see in another light £18 4) 2017 Athenian Owl very light toning 17.50
  9. 2017 Half Sovereign question

    My 2017 half sov came in mint packaging from atkinsons.
  10. completed Gold Sovereigns

    Hi Pete, My coin arrived today, very happy indeed! Thanks, Ben
  11. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    Thanks Shaun, some good advice there. I suppose a mix of both types wouldn't be a bad thing then.
  12. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    That's good to know, I reckon I'll be a new customer of thiers pretty soon. Thanks!
  13. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    Aye, CGT shouldn't be a problem, I'm not going over that threshold for a while! Thinking about either 2 full sovereigns or a half Krug. The bigger coin aspect of the Krug is very tempting! All being well next year I'll be able to buy a full ounce coin once or twice depending on work. Are HGM a good place for Krugs in general? Heard a few stories of people buying from on line sellers and getting quite damaged coins....HGM were never mentioned ough.