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  1. Starting a stack

    I second the above comment, very addictive! But good fun too. I’ve only been on this forum for a couple of months, but everyone I’ve had contact with or bought from has been great. The classifieds are a great place to pick up some deals, I’ve bought quite a few bits on here, all with great success!
  2. Morning all, Just a few bits I’m looking to sell, in order to buy more! Payment by PayPal f&f or add 4%. Postage included in the prices, will obviously discount postage for multiple buys... PURE 50g sacks, £35 each posted (3 available) - slight storage marks on the reverse Emirates 50g in sealed packaging £35 posted Degussa 1992 Olympics 50g bar including the case, still sealed £36 posted Geiger Security line 250g bar, only bought a couple of months ago from Silvertrader £147 posted (includes special delivery) 100g Metalor Bar with COA £65 posted Thanks, Ben
  3. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    Not the 'flashiest' or most valuable piece I own, but I just find this '81 A-Mark bar really pleasing. And I love my Libertads...
  4. Hi all, Just interested in moving on a few coins. For sale, or will swap for American silver eagles. Payment by PayPal f&f. Postage will be £2, I'll send recorded 1st class.... 2016 Kangaroo, slight toning £17.50 Armenian Ark £18.00 2013 Maple £17.50 2017 Steamboat Willie £19.00
  5. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Just my thoughts as a stacker, more than a collector. I've been stacking for about 4 months now. In month 1, I went crackers, bought a lot of coins (vat free) and a 250g bar (full vat). Since then it's gradually dawned on me that I need to cool it a bit and not just give in to magpie within! The few rules I now live by are.. - no new / full vat silver, unless it's a very limited mintage (I'll never make my money back on the 250g bar I bought! But I still love it) - buy mainly bars up to 5oz. Anything that is a good deal, and preferably collectible. (Hand poured etc). Trying to move on larger bars always seems to be trickier... - buy silver bullion coins when available for as cheap as possible (my personal limit is £17). This way I should always be able to make my money back, within reason... - try and be patient rather than spend any spare cash instantly. This has allowed me to move in to gold. - buy full/ half sovereign where possible as a priority. The rest of my budget I spend on the silver mentioned above. Not a particularly scientific list of rules, but it's just what's started to become obvious as my stack and experience grows! Have a good weekend all.
  6. wanted Fractional Gold Pandas

    Does 3 gram count? Theres a couple left with Chards, I bought one last week when the price was really good...
  7. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Great, thanks again for info!
  8. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Thanks Lizzie, that's really interesting and helpful. I'll be over your way soon with work, so I'll pop in and spend some money with you folks! Can I just nip in or do you have to make an appointment?
  9. Morning all, A few more 1oz silver coins up for grabs as I reduce the number of duplicates I own. Prices do not include postage, and are for PayPal f&f, if you wish to use gifts and services that's fine, just add 4%. Postage will be £2 for 1-2 coins, or £3 for more. Will be sent 1st class recorded. Amenian Ark 1oz. Extremely good condition - £19 2017 Steamboat Willie. Pristine conditions - £20 2016 kangaroo, light toning £17.50 2014 silver panda, extremely good condition - £20
  10. Sarnia Silver

    Evening folks. Sarnia silver, are they well known and /or any good? Ta Ben
  11. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Yep, as has been said, he's a really top guy to deal with. Bought my very first piece of silver from him!