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  1. At an average of say c20 an oz that's around 12KG!
  2. Black Friday

    OK, almost giving it away then, lets say, 50%off or more, that's not unreasonable is it?
  3. Black Friday

    Anyone found any dealers that will be giving stuff away come Friday?
  4. Has anyone ever bought from sharpspixley.com?

    I've used sharpspixley a couple of times because they had something I wanted, no problems at all, didn't use bitcoin though.
  5. Gold bar buying advice

    Lots of computer programs will allow a reverse printing, the tricky bit for the mirror finish bars will be the fake blisters.
  6. Gold bar buying advice

    I would have thought the tough bit was creating ripples not just creases.
  7. Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!

    Will there be a 10oz version?
  8. I thought silver was supposed to be antibacterial,, someone who works with it all day should never be ill !
  9. Wearable silver bullion!?

    I did wonder if you could drill the little 1oz stars to use as Christmas tree ornament, maybe just buy a couple each year.
  10. Ok, Thanks, I'm tempted to buy myself a little Christmas present, payday is the 25th or 26th so it depends when it clears, and I'll have to work out how much I have left at the end of the month. I know the unboxing video takes time to edit, but can we please have it ASAP, it plays havoc with my OCD if the stuff arrives before I've seen it unboxed.
  11. Universal Credit

    I always preferred the Terry Pratchett quote Build a man a fire, he's warm today, Set a man on fire, he's warm for the rest of his life.
  12. Silver storage companies

    I think you may have to provide a slightly more accurate location than "US"
  13. Are white people an endangered species?

    And yet if they'd just used polar bears they'd be called racist for excluding brown bears and black bears.