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  1. LIDI COIN CASE / box offering

    According to the description, it will hold 48 silver coins, 80 gold brits and 77 sovs, all in a nice easily stealable case.
  2. FED Rate impact

    FED rate rise will strengthen the dollar against sterling causing an apparent rise in the UK price of gold.
  3. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    Still remember the first sovereign I bought, £169, and that was only a couple of years ago.
  4. silver price by 2020

    Definitely £23, or maybe £8, it's hard to tell, ask again this time next year and I'll have a better idea.
  5. Wouldn't expect much demand in January to be honest, unless the price drops sub £10, then it would start to get very tempting.
  6. The Ultimate Christmas Pudding

    I think you're gonna need a bigger table.
  7. The Ultimate Christmas Pudding

    Use Britannias instead, less chance of any mishaps.
  8. Blatant fake sovereign so why are people bidding on it?

    Looks about as real as the chocolate coins Atkinsons have been sending out.
  9. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    Damn, sold out already.
  10. Someone please remind me to change my username to AARDVARK SILVER before the next order.
  11. 10oz griffins look popular as well.
  12. If you can post tomorrow that would be great, it'll arrive Saturday whilst i'm home.
  13. So some time mid January then....
  14. Or purchase a few sovereigns for yourself from Atkinsons, and they'll send you the chocolate ones for free!
  15. Can't really see much demand anyway at this point, the last order still hasn't arrived, and I seem to recall some other major financial expense towards the end of December as well.