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  1. I'd say a gamut of colour I wonder if Newton himself ever specified a number of colours of its just observation there is 6-7 dominant, recognised hues in the spectrum and we like to back fill knowledge sometimes. Have you read Opticks to know either way? (Edit: actually he does, listing out the specific colours we go by today. ) Are you saying the sun isnt yellowish? I cant say I was ever "taught" the moon comes out at night, more its visible at night, school might have taught me why its not always visible.
  2. And eyesight, which changes perception of hue with age, and false memory. I've been reading this stuff for 20 years, by now the sun should be either brilliant white or the sky permanently grey.
  3. Satellites and point to point communication towers that trnasfer telecoms above ground (the big round things on side of mast you've seen around). The dangerous frequencies are those the other side of the visable spectrum, the ultraviolet to x-rays. These frequencies have less energy than light, the worse that does is skin radiation after excessive exposure.
  4. We've been using these frequencies for communications for decades and no one notices, then it becomes a consumer level thing and suddenly its an issue. If it worries, move to somewhere remote with no comms and enjoy the tranquility while high tech civilization moves on.
  5. The price of silver

    Being objective, from this starting point of 1900 and accounting for inflation, silver might expect to be around $33. Gold might expect to be $530.
  6. The funny thing is, most of the genuinely good purposes of blockchain technology don't need their own token to implement. They could simply have a free blockchain with any service payments through an existing currency. ICO have become fundraising to pay for development teams and marketing, possibly payback to early round venture funding. We're had another market wide bounce. Look at Coin market cap, you'll see vast majority of graphs hit a point and bounce in unison, which doesn't make rational sense. Whole market is being driven by speculative bot trading, we're just along for the ride.
  7. People are free to speak their minds, we dont like people to make a point of coming into the country to stir up hatred. Well aware of the various clerics that do so, they tend to try to come in under the radar. Pettibone I think it was, released a letter from the Home office full of grammar and other writing errors that calls into question whether they were even banned and didn't just claim to be for the publicity.
  8. Sovereign Rings

    Chap I knew had tool box secured with some brackets for this purpose. With more lump hammers than i thought necessary.
  9. Sovereign Rings

    You have to bear in mind that once a upon a time a Sov wasn't quite as expensive. The idea was to buy some gold jewellery in good times to sell or pawn when work wasn't so available. Basically stackers who wore their horde oh, and a half sov looks pretty small on manly labourers hands. Thats for the ladies, noticed hairdresser wearing one the other day. (sorry Junkbond)
  10. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Or semantics (couldnt resist)
  11. Valuation of coin collection

    Until you sell it, you dont need to do any valuation. Same as any other asset. When you do sell, you evaluate the cost price and sale price, if along with any other asset sales the profit is over the CGT threshold (about £11k), you report it and pay CGT, otherwise do nothing. (check that last detail with accountant, maybe some circumstances you still need to report even if no CGT to pay)
  12. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    This applies to anyone born in Germany or those born elsewhere wanting to claim German citizenship? I realised a long time ago that concept of nationality and citizenship differ from country to country, something that been highlighted in our little Brexit debacle. Some significant problems stem from us having different concepts to other nations but applying their rules to our system.
  13. I read that Trump has badly misjudged this, because the US is forced to import high quality steels as they have not invested in plant to produce them. The stuff they produce is competing with various other nations, which have mostly built up their own production if they have local demand. US products requiring higher grade will bear the cost of the tariffs, and as they are more likely exported goods, now become expensive compared to competitors. As noted, the wider US economy will effectively subsidise a dying industry. Plus ca change.
  14. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Thank you and @sixgun for the response. On the point about serial numbers and the original gold, I dont see this matters as gold is fungible. I understand the potential implications, was/is there any agreement that gold owned (in this quantity) is tied to specific bars rather than simply weight? I recall the story about the tungsten filled bars and re-read an article about that, highlighting gold circulates, bars are expected to be brought and sold, melted for use, recast to size or spec. I suppose sovereign hordes wouldn't be expected to enter this side of the market. How much is heresay vs actual issues?
  15. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    A question for the "gold is gone" theory: where is it then?