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  1. Car back from detailers

    One does not buy a Lambo to hide away, yellow is the modest colour compared to the day-glow green and burnt orange. Question i have is what causes all that "damage" in the first place, its it just microdirt or non-professional clean/polishing?
  2. Today I Received

    What series is that?
  3. That will be interesting. Draghi has done what he's to do to prop up the Eurozone. An incoming Banker will have the same problems and same lack of tools, so likely have to do the same, German or not. Eventually the Germans and other northern nations will have to accept to supporting the south, or else break up the Euro some how. Monetary union without fiscal union and transfers isn't going to be sustainable. And thats why a Greece style scenario is unlikely in UK. We have full control fiscal policy (albeit they did not use it enough in past 10 years), we have a sound tax base (people pay them), can adjust interest rates with fewer constraints, ultimately devalue in a really tight spot. More over we can act, the Euro institutions have little executive authority. One thing markets abhor is indecision, they'd rather the wrong action taken assertively then dilly-dallying around for months.
  4. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Looks like Scandium might be about that at $4500/Kg
  5. What are you trying to suggest here, that this vehicle wasn't involved or the incident didn't happen? I know that picture is not right after the incident, as it occurred around 22:30 local, so at least 12 hours later. Be careful what you think an incident should look like vs. what it may look like, the entertainment media has certainly been feeding us an alternative sense of reality. Note on the visa program, that open to any one who wants to buy invest into the UK, a few hundred up for grabs each year and plenty of Russians made they wealth legally. Maybe not quite ethically, though that's a very flexible line over there. and they are usually ones that want to get themselves quite far away from Russia. BTW, RT is not broadcast in Russia, its for our benefit.
  6. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    You haven't said were you are, i'd reckon US state bordering Mexico. They took what ever had currency, except the one that took silver because it looked purdy. They can use it, trade, buy things with that dollars or pesos, its recognised as money. Silver just doesn't register for people as money, because its not used. If you put a £2 Britannia alongside a £2 coin I reckon most would take the common £2 simply because they recognise it rather than real sense of value. I think this partially proves Sixgun's point, but i'd go further and say its simply down to familiarity. A short while ago I wouldn't have given you ~£230 for a sovereign even though i'd have a notion of the value of gold, because i wouldn't really know what it was supposed to be worth.
  7. 1/10th gold coins

    Jewellery quarter being Hatton Garden or somewhere else? Often wonder if some of the online sellers will discount postage for over the counter trade, which would bring prices right down.
  8. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    I have read that for some producers of silver (or other metals) their costs are effectively 0, because they are considered surplus or even waste products of the targeted mining resources. Another consideration is like any other business, a mine can carry on running at a loss for some time to cover some fixed costs of plant and debt. On the other hand a particular mine might shut down well before others because its uneconomic. Also, it may be interests of a company to report small profits or loses on operations, or lower costs to justify a project etc. So it seems quite complex to put a single number as the low, it will be a range, and people with interests will modify that range range to suit. Reckon you have to be inside a mining company and have knowledge of other miners to know the true cost of production.
  9. Syria

    What might you do if you wanted to gauge nations relationships and reaction to a foreign action? First of all, you need to make sure they all know there was an action. I believe there has been surprise at how Europeans joined together on this, contrary to the expectation we're all at sea and split over Brexit.
  10. Gold shops in London

    Sharps will be the closest "known" shop to Harrods, but still a bit of walk if you don't know where you are/going. Or a tube and a half (between stations). ATS Bullion is on the Strand (about 5 stops and a change of line) and Hatton Garden Metals in Hatton Garden... you'll be needing a tube map to Farringdon. I'd check if open on a Sunday.
  11. Syria

    France are involved, where they buttered up? US leading as usual, perhaps they are anti-Russian by default. I find it odd that people want to accept Russian version of propaganda, they are run by ex-secret services, mafia and oligarchs, and have form for poisoning opponents. I don't think being anti-Russian makes much impact on Syria either, the public aren't go to accept a proxy war over a attempted assassination. Syria is a nation with deep sectarian divide ruled by a despot who'll hold on to power at any cost. Though its quite likely to fake the chemical attack, its also a quite likely for Assad to do it. I reckon we should just stay out of it if they want to kill each other. I see a minimum response from the West, they didn't do much after the last attacks, UK easily accepted parliamentary defeat, US easily accepted lack of support, and looks like a similar reaction now. If you compare to other incidents over the decades, I get the impression the no one really wants to get involved, but don't want to be seen to not respond.
  12. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Its not really acceptable from any business, number one rule of customer service is to communicate. If theres a problem, people want to know what the status is.
  13. Gold Short Term Investment?

    Sounds like he wants to drink the contents of the glass while he can enjoy it.
  14. Fees Warning Using Transferwise

    Fair enough if that is what they've communicated to you, I dont recall anything from them about this. Silly of them when they cannot control the fees banks charge.
  15. Fees Warning Using Transferwise

    I dont think this is a Transferwise issue. Its always been the case that credit card *cash transfers* have fees and that isn't changed by the legislation on credit cards. Fees didnt get outlawed, they just forced them to be hidden, counter-intuitively. Keep on using debit card is the answer.