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  1. $20,500 Gothic Florin

    Accept that toning happens of course, would "cleaner" be better? Like the second example in the thread. The question is why is rainbow style toning desirable and will this fade.
  2. $20,500 Gothic Florin

    And isn't it highly susceptible to "fashion"? I mean why is this sort of toning desirable against a clean specimen of the coin design. Have rainbow tones always been considered acceptable, and not tarnishing?
  3. N.Z. Star Wars

  4. Is a coin worth its face value?

    While the face value remains so low compared to the value of the materials, it's a purely academic question. Who's going to use them in a shop or bank? (aside the edge case of the £20 for £20.)
  5. N.Z. Star Wars

    The Niue/New Zealand Vader coin pushed me into buying silver, and is a great, simple design. I hope they go on to a series, with a simple bullion coin with other characters each year. Normally Star Wars coins are collectors/proofs with a start price £60+, which a little rich for me (though i'm coming round on the idea of proofs... ).
  6. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Here's simple strategy: don't spend more than you can afford, with in that limit buy what you like I have in the past couple of month pondered deeply of strategies, then realised most input doesn't really apply to my circumstances or goals. The only common one is keep to a budget.
  7. War?

    That's a new one for me. As some one who used to work with market data and loathed how graphs got screwed by spikes and troughs, from market opening/close auctions and errors, I don't believe its possible to "wipe all record". Once the data is public its stored and replicated across thousands of systems, not necessarily with any correction algorithms.
  8. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    Hang on... I thought people kept their stacks in tubes long term? And I've just brought a tube to target filling and for loose coins without capsules. There's different plastics out there, while I can see PVC would be bad (if you can smell it has to be reactive), polyethylene and polypropylene are pretty solid, stable plastic as i gather. After all, all those caps are made from something (just what plastic I haven't worked out, anyone know?). Mylar is a form of PET, which in that form I wouldn't trust too long term (used in plastic bottles, can leach and allow through some molecules)
  9. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Lol, 3 min apart? I was interested in this, but this is nuts, especially for a coin so many say they dislike. Reckon they'll be flooding eBay for barely more than cost plus shipping next month.
  10. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Another striking design... almost immediate pulled a face when i saw it, but it grows on one very quickly.
  11. Vat free 10oz QB's

    Surprised you've let off the trail at the end there... surely the whole point is the application of the 5% VAT rate rather than 20%? Aren't the rules behind this the same between UK and Germany not the same under EU law, if not why not (harmonisation and all that)?
  12. 2017 Silver Britannia Proof

    Over-designed, trying too hard. I sort of like the concept and it probably looked good on draft but I don't think its translated to the medium. The bony left arm and non-descript shield distract.
  13. 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary (Royal Mint)

    It's not a great observe, looks like a clay model. Not the usual refined, reserved image you have, I suppose because its the focus on this coin they stylised it. Anyone notice .925 silver for the 1oz Proof and Piedfort?
  14. market manipulation true or false

    I don't have a link, i don't know his view on views on gold if has any at all. It is a conclusion of his position. He doesn't just support government sponsored fiat, his position is that the only money that exist comes from government spending. Which is news to historians, economists, business, industry and anyone else. To expand, that means no fractional reserve banking, no gold standard, no Modern Monetary Theory, no monetary policy, the only way that money or any form of currency can come into existence is by government spending. If government does not spend, money does not get created and taxation (not interest rates) is the only way to reduce money within the economy.
  15. market manipulation true or false

    I've been following Murphy's blog before he got a job at City University. His recent appointment is in the politics dept, don't let the title fool you, he is advancing an agenda of printing money to spend and control the economy. His position is based on the premise that *all* money is created by the state through spending, everything else follows from government fiscal policy - no government, no money. I'm surprised anyone involved with precious metals would be taken in by him, as his position is the antithesis of the notions of intrinsic value or gold/silver as "real" money.