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  1. Sunday night metal chat

    From what i remember, not sure i want tea with UHT. Better solution is some nice green tea, or acquire a taste for black tea without milk.
  2. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Marvellous design, been looking at the trade dollar recently and really like it. Only downside will be getting them in UK with out paying delivery. Odd though that gold is saying Niue and silver says St Helena, and is the later known for coin issues?
  3. CelticGold AG. Has anyone dealt with them?!

    (oops didnt read properly...)
  4. Best coins For flipping on ebay

    I'd have thought low premium generic items were the least likely to work well, simply because margin is against you with fixed cost of postage. I'd look at modest premium semi-numismatic items that mean the VAT difference alone covers the delivery cost. Proofs of popular/hyped issues follow this and seem to be the best opportunity.
  5. Software Updates

    Welcome to the future of IT... 1970's style mainframe and terminal, revisited for about the 3rd time.
  6. Software Updates

    Windows updates stem from 2 decades of spaghetti code and supporting previous spaghetti code, and apps. And a culture of "add features no one asked for" and "get it out the door this business cycle", with too little control from software engineers. Good advice there, and i'll add to set it to download/approve rather than auto apply, so you avoid nasty patches that go very wrong.
  7. Zombiedog

    Eyes are too big, thats why it doesn't work.
  8. Today I Received

    Collecting 1888? Why 1887 though?
  9. That is what i meant, them making an issue of this is odd.
  10. I have to note their range too, they seem to stock everything, while others miss popular ranges so cost isn't the only consideration. Only the cheapest in practice because they are a one stop shop and you dont pick up multiple shipping fees. Making an issue of delivery on a 5k order seems very odd.
  11. This MUST be a scam right?

    Couple of bidders took it upto £400. Dont know if there's value in the stamps, big gamble. I like the way its covering coins, stamps and watches, that's all the expensive collectables But... there's something about the bar, its so obvious who in their right mind would expect that to be real, so why would a scam put it there, I cant help wonder...
  12. POBJOY Pegasus - 2018 Reverse Frosted Silver Bullion

    Quite like, but too busy on the head, looks like its on fire.
  13. This MUST be a scam right?

    Yeah, you'd think 5 minutes search on t'internet would tell you how much 100g gold is worth, and you'd be on the phone to cash4gold, not posting on ebay.
  14. Any news about CoinInvest.com?

    The URL coininvest.com doesn't resolve, so their DNS has disappeared. The registrar contact and domain servers are the same as for Silver-to-go so probably follow up through them as suggested.
  15. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    Silver does have a problem with premiums (and VAT), however the investment is that you do still have the underlying metal value. Which you hope will go up at least with inflation over the long term. The premiums tend to carry through to the secondary market, people buy on ebay for around 50% over spot for basic bullion Britannia, kookaburras etc, and a bit more for older years or other designs. You can get down to a ~20% starting premium with European dealers, which can offer reduced VAT, but then have to order enough to absorb the delivery, and premium rises from 20% too once you've taken that into account. Get nice designs and 50% is a hopeful target