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  1. How is London Gold Bullion?

    What site link? The address is https://www.londongoldbullion.co.uk/
  2. Hi, I live in South Korea and I have purchased two 5g gold bars from London Gold Bullion on 2nd of January. Payment has already been made and it has been 20 days since, but the item has still not been shipped. Does anyone have experience with London Gold Bullion? If you do, how was it? I am beginning to wonder whether this is a scam and I am being ripped off.
  3. Today I Received

    From a local store in Korea.
  4. Today I Received

    Small purchase. 2018 Chinese panda 30gram silver and 3gram gold.
  5. Today I Received

    2017 Mexican Libertad High Relief Kilo siver coin 2017 Mexican Aztec calendar Antique Kilo silver coin Very pleased with my first kilo silver coins.
  6. Today I Received

    Three Rwanda coins today. Year of the dog proof and bullion one each and the Year of the rooster bullion coin. Hope I can collect the complete series in both bullion and proof.
  7. Today I Received

    Three 1 oz swiss silver bars. Two from Heraeus, one from Valcambi.
  8. Today I Received

    Today I received... A 5 gram gold Kinebar from Heraeus. The kinegram effect is beautiful.
  9. Today I Received

    Three Mexican Chichen Itza 1 oz proof coins. The display case is quite big, but it does math the coin beautifully.
  10. Today I Received

    Two 1 oz Mexico Libertad silver reverse proof coins. Very attractive coins.
  11. Today I Received

    Items delivered today are... 2018 queens beasts unicorn 2oz silver coin and 1/4oz gold coin.
  12. Today I Received

    Today.... The Rwanda rooster proof coin. At first, I wasn't quite interested by the design. After I saw the 2018 dog coin, I thought that it could be a great collection. As a result of late decision, I paid top dollar on ebay. Better act fast next time.
  13. Today I Received

    I totally mistook them for silver.
  14. Today I Received

    I didn't know there were silver sovereign coins. May I ask where you got them?
  15. Today I Received

    Received them back from NGC after grading. Little unhappy about the quarter ounce coin receiving 68. Nevertheless, they are beautiful coins.