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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in Not getting any notifications- anyone else   
    I know how to make @ChrisSIlverresponds quicker 
    “ part refund please “

    But do not cancel my membership 
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Another 4 

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    airmac got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Silver and gold coin   
    How about devil' pitchfork in silver  😁
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    airmac got a reaction from SilverRomantiX in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    You mean the Bill?  😂😂😂😂
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    airmac reacted to Numistacker in eBay & Coin Market Values   
    For modern coins and bullion its usually better to source closest to the mint as possible, large dealers are best. ebay auctions can be cheaper than large dealers through seller inexperience. ebay large dealer sales can be good or even the best when there is an ebay promotion on. 
    Sellers of high grade coins do not want to sell at auction on ebay its too risky. There often is not enough buyers for specialised items and so they use BIN to have some control over margins. Sellers of low grade or problem coins will use auctions much more than BIN so if you buy using ebay auctions you are more likely to get a dud though there are many exceptions. 
    The best places to buy and sell are facebook groups and this forum but sometimes even here the volume of people is not great enough to ensure quick liquidity so it is necessary to use more traditional channels.
    I have seen prices here on this forum that are crazy and then of course items dont get sold. Why members would price items at large premiums and then say to fellow forum members PP FF only or plus 4% for PPG is beyond me when they are asking as much as ebay which has 10-15% cost built in.
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    airmac reacted to oliversw5 in eBay & Coin Market Values   
    The BUY IT NOW benchmark is the price that dealers will price at, on new coins the price is very narrow as competition is hot. On old coins the BIN benchmark is very wide. the benchmark has validity though because people who are not professional sellers will always price near a professional price (or they should be).
    I will add to this actually. With new coins, if you price above the benchmark you probably won't sell. As an individual wanting to sell on eBay you need to come under just under the benchmark to sell a coin. Why would someone buy from a member of the public when they can buy from a well respected dealer at the same price? your reputation as a dealer is paramount and people will gravitate towards you. The price is a constant tandem of different market forces, such as spot price, competition and competitive advantage. A dealer can only come down so much in price before it harms not only himself but all the other dealers involved. For an individual to really pick up a bargain I would suggest an auction or buying peer to peer. If you are paying the BUY IT NOW price you are paying spot plus manufacturing plus dealers cut plus postage, that is for new coins. 
    With old coins, dealers have more sway over price and will charge a higher mark. This is done because backdated coins in good condition are hard to find. I often buy from dealers the world over and try and 'bully' them into getting the best price possible. I charge a higher mark up because firstly its higher risk for me, the reason the dealers will sell in large is because its left over stock they can't shift on most occasions and secondly as long as I stick to the BIN benchmark set by others my mark up is determined by the skill I have in getting the price I want.
    Going back to the original posters question. Value is a spectrum, there is no such thing as a price but a spectrum of prices that one can buy at. At one end is Ebay and the other end is peer to peer with everything in-between (such as online dealers, auctions, antiques etc etc), its not eBay is expensive as its relative. In your case you are looking in the wrong place as you are after value, eBay simply provides a mechanism for buyers and sellers and charges a fee on top. Not everyone is an investor and some people will see it as money spent and not expect a return on a coin whatsoever. 
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    airmac got a reaction from SilverRomantiX in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    You mean the Bill?  😂😂😂😂
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    airmac got a reaction from SilverRomantiX in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Unfortunately having family matters draining my funds  🙁
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    airmac reacted to Kman in Inside Russia's Central Bank Vault "Fort Knox"   
    lol I thought the exact same thing, I think this is what Mr-Deads basement looks like 
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    airmac got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Silver and gold coin   
    How about devil' pitchfork in silver  😁
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion   
    these are Korean lunar so we will expect continuous 12 coins in a series , good punt cos later people will back dates them , with only 33k I think these will do well mid term 
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    airmac reacted to DaveWheat89 in Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?   
    its the designers initials, BP ( Benedetto Pistrucci)
  17. Haha
    airmac reacted to creative in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    I couldn’t allow myself to go to a coin fair. When I physically have access to something I can have immediately all reasoning and logic goes out the window!
    ”This coin 300x more expensive than I can get online...hmmmm...but I am saving on postage...and I can take it home NOW...hmmmm...I’ll take it please” 
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    airmac reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Just past 6000 subs on YouTube thanks to all the amazing guys on thesilverforum..

    Next mega unboxing video up

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    airmac reacted to Jordie in 2018   
    Happy new year everyone, back to life and reality I wish you all a happy new year and may good times follow 
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    airmac reacted to SilverTanner in new years resolution   
    I said I would only buy income generating assets this year and not coins - I expect I will not make it through January as some key dates and ones needed to fill gaps have appeared at the various New York and European auctions.
    I only survived the first Heritage one as I fell asleep and missed the lots I was interested in 😄
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    airmac reacted to Sovsaver in Today I Received   
    My first Queens Beasts 2 oz, bought from Martin at silvertrader, great service, price good and free special delivery.

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    airmac reacted to sovereignsteve in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    are we there yet? dad!
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    airmac reacted to Platinumskies in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Why are we waiting why are we waiting 🎼🎤🔊🗣
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    airmac got a reaction from Lr103 in Today I Received   
    Lovely Morgan again
    Also my gift from Xmas draw, just lovely
    Surprise Xmas gift from @fehk2001
    And special to make @kimchi and @Bullionbilly jealous @fehk2001 sent me part of his special second place gift. Wonder if I could get it slaved and what grade it would make  😂😂😂😂
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    airmac reacted to fehk2001 in Today I Received   
    you hang on a minute , there is an invoice inside the package , that package cost you 275 euros , u can pay by paypal F and F 
    and yea hope u enjoy the toilet paper as well