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  1. 2017 BU sovereign

    14 July?
  2. Sovereign stack additions vid

    How'd I wind up in a full Monty with you?
  3. completed Queens beast Red dragon of wales. Silver!

    I got a spare MS69 . Message if interested

    Haven't had any problems yet. But the day I do, I'll drive down there and tell them in person
  5. Shipping PMs to Europe

    What the heck are you doing with that many panda's? Just think of the cost of feeding them
  6. Hello from Lisbon, portugal.

    Welcome on the forum
  7. Got a nice Luxembourg gold coin for sale here as my first time sale. Material: Gold Weight: 6.40 g Fineness: 900 ‰ ( 5.76 g fine) Diameter: 21.00 mm Mintage: 25 050 Mintage was 25050 , minted in Brussels. Do not see them often. Prices seem to range all over from from 250€ up to around 400€ (don't know why so hi ) Looking to resell for price i paid of 250€ plus shipping due to unplanned events. Payment by PPff or bank transfer. Shipping will be from Luxembourg
  8. I have for sale 5 Australian stock horse 2014 with COA for sale. Mintage 1000 from Perth mint. EBay offers at 60$ plus and goldsilver.be has at 47.8€ Looking to sell 42€ plus shipping single or 42€ shipping included for 2 or more. Coins still in roll from mint. Payment by PPff or bank transfer
  9. for sale Australian stock horse 1oz 2014

    Thanks for letting m know. I wasn't aware of that. Thought goldsilver.be was the cheapest.
  10. for sale Australian stock horse 1oz 2014

    200 euros with shipping included for all 5
  11. withdrawn 1980 Mexico Una Onza

    I don' find these appealing. Don't mean the quality but the designe.
  12. I said silly not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter silly
  13. Can I still do silly PM's?
  14. I didn't know you were part of history
  15. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    I got the shovel and witnesses we weren't there
  16. Today I Received

    Am I missing something here? Two different britannias but the slabs both say 2012?
  17. London coin fair Feb 3rd

    Will there be more fairs this year? Would like to try coming over for one
  18. pvc or not

    No idea
  19. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Well for germany it shows coins will go back to the states on regular grading
  20. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    I had a 1 oz sent to NGC that was discolored. Went to NGC and got a 70 still