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  1. 2017 BU sovereign

    14 July?
  2. Sovereign stack additions vid

    How'd I wind up in a full Monty with you?
  3. completed Queens beast Red dragon of wales. Silver!

    I got a spare MS69 . Message if interested

    Haven't had any problems yet. But the day I do, I'll drive down there and tell them in person
  5. Shipping PMs to Europe

    What the heck are you doing with that many panda's? Just think of the cost of feeding them
  6. Hello from Lisbon, portugal.

    Welcome on the forum
  7. for sale Australian stock horse 1oz 2014

    Thanks for letting m know. I wasn't aware of that. Thought goldsilver.be was the cheapest.
  8. for sale Australian stock horse 1oz 2014

    200 euros with shipping included for all 5
  9. withdrawn 1980 Mexico Una Onza

    I don' find these appealing. Don't mean the quality but the designe.
  10. I said silly not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter silly
  11. Can I still do silly PM's?
  12. I didn't know you were part of history