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  1. My first sovereign

    Well @Clens92 says it's a restrike but still a beautiful coin 😁
  2. My first sovereign

    So today I went bought my very first sovereign a 1925. Paid 265€ and was hoping if the experts here can tell me if I did ok.
  3. Royal Mint considers coin valuations

    Don't you mean spend unreasonable sums til someone straightened them out? 😁
  4. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    So you could be a Scotsman? 😂😂
  5. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Does that mean your rich? 🤔
  6. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Out of pure curiosity. Would there be a reason for a mint to keep it secret if they were making a coin?
  7. for sale Silver Mix

    Eagle and 2000 Britannia please
  8. European Coins Thread

    Sigismund of Luxembourg ( 1387 - 1437 ) Hungary silver denar Luxembourg 1980 proofset only 3000 made
  9. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    175 €
  10. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    I'm surprised that silbersammler still has the proof nautical
  11. Help with 2009 silver eagle coin

    Weight check? The edges also seem different in width.
  12. Britannia proof sets

    I was hoping for some information feedback. I was browsing through eBay looking at proof britannias and I noticed that quite often the 1 oz proof was charged at the same price as the set or more. The sets seem to be able to get mostly around the 200 € Mark. How come is the 1 piece as expensive as a whole set? And generally speaking buying sets averaging 200€ is that on ok deal or bad? This all came to me on eBay and would appreciate any insights