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  1. Sounds like a good reason for another safe
  2. Richard III gold coin find

    Used to go detecting on the battlefields around here. But it's mostly illegal here since major are under protection because of all the old roman artefacts and such that keep getting found here. Although i never found any coins did find a 12 handgrenades
  3. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Stupid question probably. But then again I ain't the smartest. Whith the prices and all you see for the stuff, is it like possible to say as example put 100€ in it and mess around to figure it out? Kind of Luke when you were a kid finding out about money?
  4. for sale Free Sterling Silver Brick Giveaway!

    He already sorted me out
  5. for sale Free Sterling Silver Brick Giveaway!

    Can't comment Thanks
  6. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    We probably don't want to know that
  7. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I'm curious as to how you get the coins mailed back and no import taxes are requested. Like here they tax you on anything coming from the states.
  8. Is that a UK thing only or do we, the rest of the world, also get into it?
  9. Introduction From Alabama, USA

    Hi, you can certainly find some branching out here.
  10. Coin capsule advice needed

  11. Coin capsule advice needed

    You sure that's all that's tight?
  12. completed Quadrum Capsule Storage Cases

    You do know I am a yank? I ment your second prize rolls. Tp rolls