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  1. 1/4 oz or 1 full oz?

    Compare the premium over spot. Simple
  2. 400oz full stack pic

    What, no kilo coins? Like the kilo kangaroo
  3. Red spots on 2015 Gold BU libertads....

    I believe one of my 2017 one ounce Libertads has a red mark on it. More towards the edge of the coin. Almost looks like a red magic marker on mine.
  4. I'm in love with

    Buy a non slabbed for about $2200 and pocket the $1500 worth of slab hype in the coin.
  5. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Don't trade on Coinbase. The spreads and fees will eat into your profits or losses. Switch your bitcoin, eth and litecoin to the gdax exchange that has lower fees and the spreads are tighter. You also set up limit buys, sells etc. just like you can with a brokerage account.
  6. Is that accurate statement? If Bitcoin goes to 100k will gold go to under $1000 a ounce and silver head to $10 a ounce? Thoughts?
  7. Rwanda African Ounce 2018 - first time in Gold

    Gotta have connections guys. 1425 euros delivered to the states.
  8. Rwanda African Ounce 2018 - first time in Gold

    If he can get his greedy little hands on them he will. Let me guess. 2500 euro to start. Sky's the limit Alice.
  9. Rwandan Giraffe

    sorry, I thought you were talking about the gold.SP are available
  10. Rwandan Giraffe

    not in stock. forget about it.
  11. Someone please explain this to me

    While we are at it might as well add silver coins as well. It will be tough because the premium is always moving around. Guess you could base it on issue date premium. Sounds like a waste of time to me.
  12. Someone please explain this to me

    Not that great of deal when you factor in the $25 shipping. What did the buyer save vs. buying the coin from high priced APMEX? Maybe $50? 3%-4%. 10% restocking fee if you have to return the coin for any reason. No thanks
  13. Someone please explain this to me

    As a percentage over spot gold will sell at a much lower premium than silver. Don't even try to compare even the most expensive gold bullion coin premium to SP premiums. And where do most of those high premium silver proofs go? To the scrap metal pile. I'll stick to bullion gold and the occasional gold proof (Libertads mostly)and won't lose as much on my hobby than silver proof collectors.
  14. Someone please explain this to me

    And look at all the members on here scrambling to buy the Rwanda gold bu series to pawn it off on some naive uneducated collector at spot plus 100%-200% markup.
  15. Someone please explain this to me

    Only the wealthy Chinese and other Asian countries. Think China is buying silver. Just cheap brits stack silver. You should of said no many Silver Forum members buy one ounce gold. But you will buy silver at much higher percentage premiums that most gold one ounce coins.