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  1. In addition to the ones mentioned I would check out 'sixbid.com', any of the auction houses on there are OK and they pretty much cover the world, US, UK and many European auctions (less from Australia, so add Downies).
  2. I wish they would do 1/10oz versions of platinum and gold Queens Beasts! Proof versions in 1/10oz and it will be very difficult not to keep funds ring-fenced for the old numismatic stuff I usually go for😄 At the moment the toss up is between the 1/4oz and something from the 1800's and the latter is still winning! As the RM do 1/10oz Britannia's and lunars it seems to be a huge missed opportunity as most other coins have 1/10oz versions (maybe the design just doesn't work for the smaller size?)
  3. MS66 for the sovereign is a brilliant result! (not mine unfortunately 🙁). High grade pennies are very rare and are now commanding a serious premium with an increasing number of US collectors.
  4. Great result on the 1825 sovereign! Getting 'cameo' on an sixpence is very nice
  5. Unfortunately it has been like this for a long time for lots of things where prices have been the same number just with a different sign, £200 in the UK or $200 in the US. I have bought most of my coins from overseas over the last few years as it was working out much cheaper even with exchange rates and postage. More importantly for me was that the quality in depth does just not seem to be available in the UK any more, even for British coins and world coins are pretty much non-existent. It seems that some lots at US auctions appear a few months later at a UK auction with a corresponding price increase and quality unsold lots in the UK then appear in the US with a lower estimate🤔 I suppose I could just move to the US😄
  6. Guilty, my coins although I guess my name probably gives it away! I have been sending a few to Numi each grading, now slowly running out of ones that I think will benefit from slabbing, I probably don't need 15 MS slabbed 1866's although it might make it easier to sell the extra ones if I decide to abandon the high grade die number goal😄
  7. Beers take a little longer, I then let them condition in the barrel or bottles for a month or two! I guess Mrs ST doesn't mind the smell, which has never been very strong all, as nothing has been said apart from that it takes over the whole kitchen at bottling time! Use nice smelling hops😄 Safety Note: Make sure everything is clean and sterilised or it will really stink - and also be undrinkable
  8. Let us know how it goes! I usually make beers however Mrs ST prefers cider and I have been instructed to make some this year😄
  9. I used to try that, but I have not been so lucky and often missed out by just one increment - so if it is something I really would like I now get up🙁 Unfortunately you now have me looking at pre-33 US gold rather than just the world coins which adds Tuesday and Sunday😄
  10. Very nice grade, I am glad it is not just me that sets the alarm for 3am😄
  11. I am also currently overpaying the mortgage, but less than I was, despite the low rate, to try and clear it in 10 years. Extra funds are mainly going into P2P as, at the moment, the return easily beats paying off the mortgage. As we are 'up north' the mortgage is only small anyway, or even tiny, and probably equivalent to a year or so of payments down south! The base rate would need to go up by more than 3% to switch back to paying the mortgage. Moving to a bigger house will need a lottery win as at my age I would rather have some savings and coins😄 (which could always be sold on retirement to provide a lump sum to invest for income if it came to that)
  12. Go for it, I think the smallest number of die numbers is the sixpence, there are many more for the sovereigns! A database would be very valuable, I did this for the sixpences trying to record all mentions of each die number (auctions, dealers, Ebay) and get scans of everything so I didn't have to actually buy it! This should be alot easier with photos of coins up for sale/auction now being the norm😄 In addition to the Bentley Collection, Tony Claytons web page on die numbers would be a good start (not complete though)
  13. I think the Bentley collection has been the best attempt to do this for the sovereigns and even with his very very deep pockets he didn't get there. He really did try - having a list kept with every dealer/auction house with the numbers he had missing! Others do this for the other denominations - even me😀 I wish auctions/dealers would consistently put the actual die number on the listing and the TPGs on the label rather than just 'die number' as the pics don't always allow you to see it - it is very annoying having to keep asking what it is only to get told you are the 10th person to ask today (pet hate😄)
  14. Die numbers🤔 There are quite a lot of die number collectors out there - me included! Although it will be no surprise I started collecting the sixpences rather than the other denominations and as far as I know no one has managed to get them all for each denomination although I know someone who is very close to the full set for florins, shillings and sixpences. There are ~800 basic ones for the sixpences and I started to get regularly outbid for rare numbers and/or high grade examples which meant after 20 years I have almost given up - last time I checked we do have all the sixpence die numbers between my collection and a couple of others. It does mean lots of lower grade coins though😕and a slabbed full set would be of immense numismatic importance - if it wasn't for the cost I could send at least another ~600 to Numi for grading😄😄 The recent Bentley collection of sovereigns significantly updated the list of known die numbers for these. I could go through all the possible reasons proposed for die numbers on coins from 1864-1879 but that's a longer story😄