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  1. Today I Received

    Great coin, I have just sold one of these. Unfortunately a high grade slabbed set of all the ZAR coins is way out of reach😞 They are very impressive at MS64 and above.
  2. new years resolution

    I said I would only buy income generating assets this year and not coins - I expect I will not make it through January as some key dates and ones needed to fill gaps have appeared at the various New York and European auctions. I only survived the first Heritage one as I fell asleep and missed the lots I was interested in 😄
  3. I too saw this and, as has been said, the numbers do not 'stack' up. There are lots more successful coin sellers on Ebay - some on here! I must have a very different definition of what is a 'rare' coin😄
  4. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    No idea but that border is from the old British trade dollars - unfortunately the 1934B at Heritage this week was out of my price range!
  5. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Now I want a big gold coin!
  6. Heritage Auctions - Bidding from the UK?

    As mentioned they ship worldwide - their live on-line bidding is very easy and it is now one of the main places for quality coins although their realised prices can be quite high for quality old coins you tend to have to get them when they appear rather than hope the equivalent coin surfaces somewhere else. Other than pure bullion I hardly buy anything in the UK anymore - odd exceptions are mainly Baldwins StJames and DNW - most come from the USA and across Europe. All my deliveries so far from Heritage have been FedEx who always seem to charge the import duty and their fee! Import duties are 5% for normal numismatics and 0% for gold. As I tend to pick up coins regularly from their weekly world coin auctions and their main auctions I usually have them keep coins until there is sufficient to send - which usually means 3 or 4 deliveries a year. Unfortunately they only give a small discount on the postage from each auction for this rather than combining things from multiple auctions into a single delivery charge (their IT system doesn't seem to be able to cope with this!) - bit annoying but it does save a bit and allows gold and silver to be sent separately as FedEx and Customs can get very confused with a 'mixed' parcel I expect when it comes to sell things most of my collection will be via Heritage.
  7. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Thankyou for flagging this offer but all the high grade world coins I am interested in are cheaper at auction even with the discount and then they would have to come from the USA or Australia I just can't justify any more bullion sovereigns - did I really just say that
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Not just UK coins but the same also applies for world coins, particularly non-gold denominations that saw circulation. It is only 'excessive surface hairlines' that would be a problem as these tend to really impact the look of a coin as they are very noticeable to the naked eye, having said that I didn't bid on a 'raw' UNC scare date sixpence at a recent auction as I felt it was in this category but there was much bidding on it, both in the room and on-line, and it went for a very strong price. (I was amazed as I still had the coin on the table in front of me and thought I could have had a slabbed MS63 which would have been a much better coin for far less money!)
  9. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The thought never crossed my mind
  10. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I am going to e-mail NGC and see what they say!
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The extra guarentee is nice but is it really worth anything given, for example, the price difference between AU50 and AU58 is large for most things and is more important than the colour of the label. I think using 'cleaned' for both 'surface hairlines' and 'improperly cleaned' is a massive step backwards. The former is often very slight and usually results from a wipe of the coin at some point, or movement in a pocket as they were often in circulation, whereas the latter is often as a result from a deliberate attempt to clean the coin and is the result of much harsher cleaning, dipping etc. I would guess as more and more old and world coins are graded the former would be more common and if this is NGCs way of accessing this very large market, unfortunately I think they have got it wrong.* Whilst most buyers of old world coins are not bothered by 'surface hairlines' as it is the nature of the beast they are by 'improperly cleaned' and would not buy the latter, as it is often very difficult to tell the level of these things, even from a very good photo, this has effectively now completely killed the market for those coins now just deemed 'cleaned' (unless major rarities) as the view would default to the risk of the much lower grade of 'improperly cleaned' which may just be scrap value if you could sell it at all. I wonder if PCGS will follow suit. *or do they just what everyone to now slab all the 'details' USA coins?
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Great results, particularly the sovereigns!
  13. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    Just arrived
  14. LIDI COIN CASE / box offering

    Don't look at the January auctions for Heritage, Stack's Bowers, Goldberg or Stephen Album then😄 I wouldn't get much change from £20million! At the weekend we went to our only Lidl in the next town and, albeit being a large store, they didn't have any coin cases😥 I guess they don't think there are many coin collectors in the North East!
  15. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    I have also had problems with deliveries by DHL - though they have always eventually turned up. I am currently waiting for one from Monaco and the text I have just had says it will be delivered today - fingers crossed. At least they don't stop everything and charge you for the privilege like Fedex do!