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  1. Today I Received

    I wasn't aware of this set, also has meaning for me - though 1st time around! I still carry a few sovereigns when overseas just in with my normal coins - ruins their grade though😄
  2. Sixpence and a Great Resource Book

    The 'ring' is a little different and easier to compare with other 0.925 and 0.500 sixpences side by side although this is no good for a slabbed coin. Best bet is XRF otherwise I wouldn't 'guarantee' which is which - mine are logged as 0.500, in terms of E's getting very high grade examples of the two types (confirmed by XRF) may be difficult although the metal does 'look' different between pre and post-1920.
  3. Tons of Gold fall from sky

    There I was in the wrong place at the wrong time again - should have been on the end of an obscure Russian runway (although through work yesterday I dealt with a few people from Russia - no one offered any gold though!)
  4. Future of Krugerrands

    Thankyou for the info, I am very aware of the current situation so it is unfortunately no longer a consideration at all! I am getting too old to fight my way out of places any more😄 The reason for Cape Town was very very specific so now anywhere is possible😁
  5. Future of Krugerrands

    Interesting thread as Cape Town was one of the places we were looking to retire to! The last few years has unfortunately caused SA to drop off the list🙁 (family now all out of PE) So back to the pennines it is😄
  6. Today I Received

    I agree, the 4 in the date doesn't look correct either.
  7. Today I Received

    I have a couple of these and a bunch of other pre-2000 proof full and half sovereigns. Still trying to decide whether they are worth grading????
  8. Today I Received

    Very nice proof Numi! PF63 seems a little conservative - have it regraded😄😄
  9. 20 French francs advice please

    Countries issuing coins equivalent to the French 20 gold francs are Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Danish West Indies, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Leichenstein, Romania and Switzerland - it is only Belgium and Switzerland that call them francs though! One of my expensive coins is a Napoleon AN13 gold 20 francs from the Perpignan mint (Q) with a mintage of only 522 - the very few known in EF (couple? slabbed AU grade) are silly money - sold a bunch of sovereigns to pay for it but I hope it will do better in the long run
  10. 20 French francs advice please

    It seems to have lost my reply so I will have another go, I blame the WiFi This is a nice series to collect as most of the dates for Angels, Roosters and Napoleon III can be had for near spot. The earlier coins will have much higher premiums and the rare dates can be expensive - I have an early one that I paid about £2500 for and then it was only in VF condition but then the mintage was only about 500. For Angels and Roosters in MS65 and MS66 you will have to pay a serious premium but they are very impressive coins in these grades. Expanding to the monetary union, which has already been mentioned, adds many further designs and countries and increases the numbers of types dramatically, some of which are cheap (later Belgian and Italian issues) and some of prohibitively expensive. This set has always been a goal but it would need a lottery win!
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    MS in any old coin is a good result, the ones shown do not look MS though?
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The very rare 1878/7 sixpence at MS62 is a huge result😀😀 The other sixpences are all great grades, particularly the 1856 as I got it cheap, I was the only bidder at the auction probably because of a rare occurrence where the auction house had under graded it and as I was in the room I got to see it in the flesh!
  13. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    It wouldn't surprise me if it is the loss of the 'surface hairlines' term and it looks like the graders are just randomly picking anything else! As mentioned on here at the time I did e-mail NGC pointing out this change would be a major problem with world coins - I didn't get a reply😄
  14. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The Napoleon 1 franc is a great result as I was expecting AU 58, and fills missing slot in my typeset 😀 I was expecting a ordinary VF grade for the very rare 1878 sixpence, there is no way that it was 'harshly cleaned', maybe a few surface hairlines 😞
  15. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Very odd, given pvc last time - the only way it could have been polished is if NCS did it as part of the conservation process🤔 Or was it the 1868 that did not go for conservation? If so I will have to let the dealer know - he will be horrified!