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  1. £GBP heading to oblivion

    And I paid my Heritage bill the day before
  2. Today I bought.....

    Very nice indeed! Great start
  3. Point 5 was interesting - is getting coins slabbed to add value (may also make it worse ) classed as the item being modified? For me it is just protecting the coin My sales are a result of changing my collecting interests and/or as a result of upgrading a coin so I have always treated this as a capital gain. Not being a flipper the only things I have sold quickly are other items from bulk lots where I only wanted one thing.
  4. Today I bought.....

    Too many good coins available at the moment, having to save funds for some things next week! Every September (and January etc) it would be easy to spend £500K, pity I only have £500😄
  5. Today I bought.....

    Congratulations, as you said you were after one of those!
  6. I saw this and thought I must be getting old as I often don't understand the younger generation - and that's not just my kids😄
  7. Lendy's 'provision fund' doesn't appear to be the same as other platforms. They have covered the (small?) shortfalls to date but this is at their discretion and the language seems to have changed recently, which, to me anyway, looks like they are preparing lenders for the first capital losses. The size of some loans, prices achieved at auction on distressed sales (which have not yet worked their way through the system to outcomes on the platform) and also that so many are overdue means that this was always going to happen.
  8. Today I bought.....

    I saw these and thought you may be interested, I don't often bid on GreatCollections as the starting prices seem to be a little high for things I would be interested in - resulting in zero bids whereas a realistic starting price usually attracts lots of bids! It also annoys me that the obverse seems to be the side of the coin that is put on the side with the label, for alot of older coins the date and the actual design differentiating the coin is the reverse!
  9. Beginner Shilling & Sixpence Collector...Need Advice, Please

    Great area to collect - but then I would say that The book ' The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins' that has been mentioned is certainly worth a read and very useful if you are just starting out. I would decide what you want to collect (date runs, typesets, monarchs etc) and as shortstack68 has said what your timeframe is and what your reason is - numismatic, pure collecting or investment or a combination of all. It is also worth looking at your budget - for whatever you decide to collect get a price guide and add up the total in VF and the total in UNC and it will be easy to tell whether it will be possible within your budget or not, this has certainly stopped me collecting in some areas that would have made really great collections. With sixpences and shillings I started with trying to put a complete date run together and spent time looking for minor varieties and identifying new ones - purely numismatic interest. This meant I ended up with lots of coins in F/VF/EF which have gone up in value over time, but not significantly, but you learn alot! About 15 years ago 'investment' also started to become an important consideration which meant buying coins in high grade and/or trying to get the rare dates etc - as I intend to hold for at least another 20 years my plan now is a complete post 1816 date run (selling all my hammered and early milled coins) and I tend to generally only buy slabbed coins now for this reason although the slabbed populations of non-USA coins are really quite low and you may have to get many raw coins slabbed - thankyou Numistacker! Apart from sixpences my other collecting areas are all typesets rather than complete date runs as the key date in some series can be almost impossible to get, either from a pure rarity perspective or the actual price requires a lottery win, so for me, a typeset is more practical and gives a much better chance of completing it but I am finding it very difficult to reduce the sixpences to a typeset as I am only missing a single rare coin which I have resisted buying in only Fine condition on the odd occasion it has appeared over the years as I would like a VF example. You may not want to collect any specific thing at all - I have a good friend who just collects anything he likes the look of and has examples from pre-Roman all the way through to modern times, including ancients, hammered, early milled, milled, medals, artefacts from the UK and across the world although he has a great story behind all of them as he is a bit of a history buff.
  10. I am also currently running FC down as the rates are now far too low for the risk, with very little funds left in. Lendy was very good but the number of 'defaulted loans' is rising and the SM has been a bit blocked for a while now, although this has improved somewhat with the recent repayments, as a result I am not adding anymore funds and withdrawing interest but keeping the capital level. If they can resolve the 'defaulted loans' and bring some new decent ones in they I expect I will increase the investment. This seems to be the case with several platforms at the moment and I think I have just about reached my overall P2P investment limit relative to everything else as good loans are getting few and far between!
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Very nice sixpence! - I have been selling off all of my hammered and early milled coins (had to give up looking for new varieties of William III ) to concentrate of post 1816 and my world coins. I still find it hard not to bid on high grade slabbed early milled sixpences though
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    As far as I know haymarks are usually black flecks in the metal, usually because the silver is not pure and has some tin in the alloy. These also occur on gold coins of the era, as they got better at purifying the metals and controlling the make-up of the alloy they disappeared from the coinage.
  13. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Not haymarking on the 1820 sixpence, just the toning. I think haymarking is more common on early milled coins rather than post 1816, it is quite common on Anne and William III sixpences.
  14. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Fantastic results for the 1862 and the 1820 sixpences - big increase in value and the 1820 inverted 1 is a first for NGC! No plan to sell these and my daughter has already decided my coin collection is hers when I drop dead AU58 for the 1807A was expected and completes my slabbed typeset of Napoleon 1/4francs - one is in a PCGS slab so you may get this to cross to NGC in the next lot as all the others are NGC. Great result for Jester on his coin! The tiny scratch I was worried about on the 1925 florin unfortunately meant a details grade but it was a worth a try as I have seen much worse scratches be ignored. The 1700 result is probably 'NGC speak' for the grade of the coin was too low - I have no concerns at all about the autheticity of this coin. Bit surprised at no 'error mule' coin for the Ceylon 10c (proof obverse and normal reverse) as it is really obvious but completely unrecorded so there was no where for them to look it up!