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  1. I first started buying pure bullion in the late 1990's and collecting coins (old numismatic stuff in the 1980's) - I now feel very old
  2. Now you are in trouble! Hammered, early milled, post 1816, by monarch, by denomination, key dates, gold, silver, copper etc etc 😄😄😄
  3. It would be good if the price would correct to sub $17 - I have some cash in my SIPP at the moment which would be very happy in a silver ETF! I know you can't hold it in your hand but it is alot easier to buy and sell and there is no VAT😀.
  4. Not even silver or gold but cupro-nickel! 1947English and 1951English shillings in BU which completes my George VI shillings which I thought I had done long ago 🤔
  5. They will probably turn up, I have had a few packages going in either direction that the system 'lost' only for everything to get sorted out in the end. A previous company I worked for had someone with the same name on an oil rig off the Australian coast and as we had very different jobs we both used to get some very odd things in the mail😀
  6. I agree, this is why I had to stop collecting modern issues as there wasn't a definite finish date and I would be so tempted to collect from the beginning which would be very expensive. The only one I have been tempted with is the Queen's Beasts but the premiums were too high so gave it a miss at the time, probably a mistake. I think I have some 1996 eagles though! At least with the older coins they are not making any more
  7. As mentioned the best place to start is one of the price guides - the rare dates/varieties will stand out as much more expensive. They will not be cheaper than sovereigns! (apart from rare sovereigns - for an example a good grade 1854 sixpence recently went for £5K, a good 1905 halfcrown is now £10-12K and I dread to think what a 1831 proof crown is now, >£25K?) I would go to a coin show and look at a range of denominations and designs and see which ones you like. Looking back I wish I had just collected key dates and not tried to do complete date runs, or identify new varieties, although adding the prices for these up from the price guide may be a shock😄
  8. NCS have done a really great job - really highlights the benefits of this service, they should use this transformation as an advert, for a fee of course
  9. Years ago I would never have bought a slabbed coin however as my collection grew it became very apparent that the different dealers and different auction houses all the way across the UK, whether big or small, all had different opinions on what each grade was - no surprise there as grading is 'an opinion' it is just that TPG tends to be a combined opinion of several people rather than maybe just one. However if the coin was found to be 'not as described', such as plugged, cleaned, heavy scratches, lacquered, odd toning/spots, or clearly the wrong grade etc etc then I have never had a problem returning it. 'Surface hairlines', unless really obvious, seems to be the one thing older raw coins never seem to be considered for, yet for TPG this seems to be an issue - given most older coins have been in circulation at some point I would expect many more with this designation as a result of being wiped, in pockets, purses etc but this may just reflect that the number graded for these types has traditionally been very low and mainly restricted to the best-of-the-best. I have found that the lower grades are very consistent however the higher grades EF to UNC varied dramatically between places and were not even consistent from just one source with this variation reflected in the large AU55 to MS65 range used. Where some dealers specialise in certain things e.g. pennies, sovereigns, they tended to be much more accurate and consistent but less so with denominations they were less familiar with. In the case of TPG these are mainly US based and as such also have less experience with world coins, although this is rapidly growing, and it is therefore not surprising that they vary more than for US coinage (some variation there too!). My personal experience is the variation across Europe is even greater as the locally accepted definition of EF in one country means something completely different in another - after all these years I think I now have a reasonable grasp of the German, French, Italian and Spanish systems Most of the coins I have sent with Numi for grading (many thanks Numi as you prompted me to do it!) I have had for between 10 and 20 years and deliberately covered a range of dealers and auctions and were all classed as UNC, unless an obvious F/VF, yet have so far come back with grades from AU58 to MS63 which was no suprise at all which is why I started buying slabbed coins several years ago and a bit like the gamble of MS69/MS70 for the new coins there doesn't seem to be much in it for AU58/MS61 and then MS62/63 together whereas MS64 does stand out a little and MS65 or better really stands out as a quality coin. As I see it the coin market has now been made easy, and global, with the web and it is not always possible to see each coin before purchase and NGC/PCGS slabs just give the buyer, and the auction house if selling that way, more confidence on what the approximate condition and hence value of a coin is. When I come to sell my collection, in hopefully 15-20 years, this will most likely be through the major UK, US and Europe auction houses where I expect top grades will still carry a hefty premium - I fortunately have some of the top graded coins for some types. Slabbed coins are becoming more acceptable in the UK with Baldwins-St James Auctions noticeabley having many graded coins in each sale over the last few years and with them also creeping into the other auctions, the vast majority of my purchases over the last few years have been from overseas as the coins I am interested in just don't seem to be available much in the UK anymore and the only time I will buy a high grade older raw coin now is if I have seen it or its rarity means that the label on the slab doesn't really matter! ST
  10. The 1807A 1/2F was a good result - pity it didn't creep into XF40 as the value would have gone up quite dramatically! The 1831 and 1837 sixpences were a bit of a surprise compared to the MS63/64's that I already have - will have to have a good look when they get back. The 1837 was also an unrecorded variety and not the normal one The 1848 sixpence is actually 1848/6 which is a rare classic variety of an already rare coin and should probably be on the label - they have done some 1848/7's with this overdate on the label but this would be a first example of 1848/6 for NGC which probably accounts for the confusion although it is included as an option on the NGC Registry, a 'details' grade for this coin doesn't really matter. I now have 3 with 'surface hairlines' so I may be able to judge what they think they are seeing
  11. I also have an investment in Property Partner and have had for a while, I had enough for the deposit for a 'very cheap' BTL here 'up north' however that would be a single property and a single tenant which I decided would not only be alot of work and hassle but would also be too risky, not to mention teh planned tax changes etc! So I drip fed the equivalent of the deposit into PP over a year and across a range of properties, most investments are 'down south' where house prices do actually go up and it is all dead easy on-line. The monthly 'rental' is a 'dividend' so no tax to pay and this was invested straight away to top up a holding in one property at 4.09%. I intend to hold for the long-term and would invest much more if I had it - there are two coins at different European auctions this month that may mean no more PP for this year ST
  12. Any of the gold pattern sixpences - for the 1924 version I was outbid in the room at the time!. Bought by the American sat next to me who had it graded (NGC MS63) and then sold it for more than double the price a couple of years later and is now way out of reach. For the other couple of types I was also outbid or didn't have the funds at the time It is very tempting to sell the whole collection to make sure I have the funds when they reappear, but that will give me a collection of just 3 coins and we all need more than 3 coins!
  13. Nothing for me this month🙁 They have certainly beat a High Street savings account over the last year though! ST
  14. Good grades, AEF are very nice coins that usually command a decent premium, I have lots of sixpences at that grade! I was tempted by the MS64 1930 in the recent St James auction as there are very few at that level but couldn't do it.
  15. Just wondered what grade the halfcrowns were? Although I now have these two in high grade it wasn't easy and am currently trying to complete a slabbed set of George V halfcrowns having 'forgotten' that I had not finished the date run😄 - this is surprisingly difficult. One of the ungraded coins is going in Numi's next batch to see what NGC think - hopefully at least MS64!