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  1. for sale Gold fractional britannias

    1/10 sold to woody65. Will send pm in morning.
  2. for sale Gold fractional britannias

    Hi all New year spring clean, 1 x 1/10 @ £100 and 1 x 1/4 @ £250 both bullion and in good nick. Payment by PP F&F or BT plus postage of your choice.Thanks for you time.
  3. for sale HR Dragon & Phoenix 1 oz proof

    bump, open to offers....
  4. Hi all Selling above coin. Stunning quality and detail. Limited edition of just 5000. Every thing is absolutely mint with no blemishes. Asking £75 plus post of your choice. Payment by pp f&f or by BT. Many thanks...
  5. wanted Silver Proof 1 oz Britannias

    Hi all I'm on the hunt for the above, with case and COA please. Any year bar 98, 03, 09. Cash or trade gold fractional / 5 oz silver bars. Many thanks.
  6. Sovereign Photo Thread...

    My first PROOF, with some cousins.
  7. PM sent, regards
  8. silver krugerrand

    I purchased one for £65 in the summer in my newbie enthusiasm. I'm so pleased with my success that I have set up a go fund me page to help me purchase 999magnums post where you can purchase 15 silver pandas for $49.99. (Check this out). Please feel free to contribute........ This time next year I'll be a millionaire.
  9. Lunar photo thread...

    S2 1/10 gold to date, with a 1/4 mouse, 2005 1/2 kilo rooster and S1 complete set 1oz.
  10. Hi all, Long shot I know but does anyone have 6 of the above capsules. I have recently bought some coins from Germany and they have arrived in the square Quadrum capsules and not the originals. I have a shiny new display box to use but the after market capsules I've got are all too wide to fit. I am more than happy to make a donation to a charity of your choice or BT the money to you, I was thinking about £15 so if anyone can help then please get in touch. Happy Xmas to you all.....
  11. completed 1918-I Sovereign

    Nice one Goldmick, 5 minutes too late for me. Please pm me if anything similar MikeSol. Cheers
  12. Hi all I'm looking for a PM Series 1 2005 5 oz or 10 oz silver Rooster coin. I have in exchange a PM silver 1 oz HR Proof coin plus cash. This is limited to 5000 units, is absolutely stunning and in mint condition. The detail as always is fantastic... and comes with box, outer cover and numbered COA. I am also looking for PM Series 2 gold 1/10 oz mouse or ox. Please feel free to make any sort of offer... Thanks for looking.
  13. wanted PM Lunar gold 1/10 mouse, ox and rabbit

    Cheers, was hoping to avoid the main dealers if I can.... Thanks for the heads up though....
  14. Hi all Am looking for the following, obviously if you are looking to sell then get in touch Many thanks
  15. Help... Lunar 2 -1/4s, Sovs or Pandas

    Thanks for that.. looks like the general concensus is Sov's, it's going to be an 18th birthday present.... who knows he might be able to exchange them for a years car insurance lol......