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  1. Britannia Photo Thread...

    A slight twist to normal.... the 1797 "cartwheel" penny and two pence were the first coins to feature Britannia as we know her today. It was the first time she was pictured holding a trident, instead of a spear and the first time she was pictured overlooking the sea and a ship. This coin is the two pence version, 41 mm, is made of copper and weighs a mighty two ounces. The penny is slightly smaller at 36mm and one ounce.
  2. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    No worries, I get the butler to clean them....
  3. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Thanks for the intrest. I have posted some photos on the Photo's Only link, under britannias, sovereigns, and perth mint.
  4. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    9 months in and my stack so far.
  5. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    They always say quality is better then quantity !!! Lovely looking desk by the way.
  6. 1857 Shield back Sovereign

    Thanks for all the pointers. Some really useful advice and it's great to know that you can get instant knowlegeable help when you need it. That's what's so great about this forum.
  7. 1857 Shield back Sovereign

    I think the lighness in colour might be somewhat down to my dodgy photography. If you look at the black background the obverse side ìs definitely a few shades lighter then the reverse. To the naked eye there seems very little difference in colour tone.
  8. 1857 Shield back Sovereign

    And who the bloody hell's been cleaning it !!!!!!
  9. 1857 Shield back Sovereign

    Thanks for the replies guys. Interesting to think where and what this coin has been up to in the past 160 years. Long may the hunt continue.....
  10. 1857 Shield back Sovereign

    Hi everyone I've just recently purchased this and am really over the moon. I was just wondering what you experts out there think and whether it is worth spending the extra to get it graded. I would really appreciate any information. It's amazing how many different types and variations there are, I'm starting to see why these are so collectible. Many thanks
  11. Britannia Photo Thread...

    Old and new proofs....
  12. Biggest disappointment on buying

    You're right, I bought the chicken masquerading as a rooster as well. Happy days.....
  13. Biggest disappointment on buying

    Not seen that, will have to look it up, don't disappoint me !!!!
  14. Biggest disappointment on buying

    Too true....
  15. Biggest disappointment on buying

    As a newbie some 9 months ago I decided to jump in to pm' s and buy my first coin. It was a 2017 silver britannia it lòks a beauty from the Photo's. What a disappointment... nothing about it stood out and as for the pebble dash finish well enough said.....im sure there are lots of coins that have had a similar response. In my case it wasn't a big outlay. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Saying that have fallen for the proof versions as a new collection. Any other love/hate relationships???