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  1. New Zealand - Maui and the Sun

    New gold & silver set from New Zealand Theme: Maui and the Sun - Tama Nui-te-Ra Gold Set: 2 x 1/2 oz Gold - mintage only 150 sets Silver Set: 2 x 1 oz Silver - mintage 1.500 sets As usual higher price tag for New Zealand coins but especially gold set with only 150 sets should be a quick sell out Pictures here: https://coins.nzpost.co.nz/new-zealand/2017/maui-and-sun-tama-nui-te-ra
  2. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    in less
  3. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    not yet - got information 20 minutes ago There are no firm allocations out yet
  4. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    I got mine Gold Santa Maria yesterday
  5. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    yes, Saxony or the Saxons
  6. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    About two tails: By Dalimil chronicle was blazon lion reward from emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa to king Vladislav II. for helping to conquer of Milano on 23 July 1158. First historical proof is on seal of moravian nobleman Vladislav Jindřich from year 1213. But number of tails isn't recognizable. Second tail was allegedly (again by Dalimil chronicle) added as reward from Roman king Oto IV to Czech king Přemysl Otakar I. for helping to defeat Saxons in 1204. First reliable image of two-tailed dragon is on seal of prince Přemysl Otakar II from 1247
  7. Now there was a 1 oz Gold version from Chiwoo Cheonwang South Korea 2016 (mintage 2.016) and a silver proof version (mintage (2.016) issued As well a set - mintage 250 pieces with silver BU, silver Proof and Gold BU, https://www.apmex.com/category/90555/chiwoo-cheonwang-gold-and-silver-medals?vt=g&trk_msg=R2IQFQ74HU14VFQ7G0B0LFN744&trk_contact=CEREN35CKE7VD4ME234NGGMTDG&trk_sid=RFP7QOD1GRVSBFMKILLRIMKCQS&he=AC8EB189183F6596D600BED71D5B7DC5B7E9641BEDACF9E9DAAC00306685343D&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.apmex.com%2fcategory%2f90555%2fchiwoo-cheonwang-gold-and-silver-medals%3fvt%3dg&utm_campaign=09202017-category90555-Openers&utm_content=1
  8. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    First Bullion coin from Czech Mint Licence from Niue Island - therefore Niue Island on Obverse Mintage: 10.000 - coming in tube - 15 coins in each one
  9. Queens Beasts boxes

    nope, please contact me for shipping outside Europe I mentioned the prices already here
  10. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    Technical reasons
  11. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    Hi, by bank transfer prices (in Euros and including insured shipping to UK) below, payment with paypal additional 5 % 1 box: 60,95 2 boxes: 109,90 3 boxes: 157,85 4 boxes: 205,80 5 boxes: 248
  12. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    For sure I ship to UK as well. Members here already ordered You just need to contact me and in what size you are interested in and I will let you no everything else
  13. Congo Silverback Gorilla now available as One Kilo Silver coin

    And also the next coloured Proof version
  14. Hi, wooden boxes for the Queen's Beast Series are available now 1/4 oz Gold 1 oz Gold 2 oz Silver Boxes coming with 10 capsules for the 10 coins in the series
  15. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    good idea...