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  1. European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    Good stuff. Is the offer still open does anyone know?
  2. 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p

    Love the image, I think its the best so far.
  3. Apologies for changing the topic but is this order still open for people to join in? This is my first time participating, is there a minimum order amount? Cheers
  4. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    My idea is to use the silver to hedge against any crypto losses. Don't put all one's eggs in one basket etc. Gold would easily suffice in lesser quantities. I imagine the fed is trying hard to find a way to tax any gains made from crypto, but it will be hard for them. Its a complete wild west frontier at the moment, many scams and horror stories along with the newly made crypto wealthy. Early adopters are now millionaires. Many people lose everything. I would not sign up to any website or exchange via a link, but do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I got in very recently but am already +35%. Its a crazy ride. Who knows what the future holds.
  5. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Well that was an interesting month. I nearly picked up 20 silver Britannias for a steal at my local auction house, missed out by £20. Including the commission they went for £400. Some interesting dates in the mix too. So its a while until the next auction... and I decided to go in for some Bitcoin. Next month will probably be 50/50 crypto/silver
  6. Silver Deals.....

    Im sure you are all aware but Royal Mint bullion is doing a black friday discount on coin premiums
  7. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Discipline come from within If you've seen that South Park episode youll get it It can be hard though to control ones impulses when it comes to shiny...
  8. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    HH you will be pleased to know that i have committed my next buy to a full sovereign. any tips? whats your favourite (affordable) Sov?
  9. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    figuring out priorities and coming up with a list of wants... Sounds good. Now.Can all the mints stop releasing nice new ones so I can catch up with my list please!
  10. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Hullo BT, I have had an interest in precious metals for over 5 years, but stacking and collecting them is quite a new hobby. Ha ha its good to know that others have been through this too. I like silver at the minute, because of its affordability but being in the UK i am realising you are better off sticking to gold due to the VAT, or going in on a group order from europe. UK silver investors seem doomed to having to pay extra per coin due to the VAT or delivery costs. I cannot fathom how we are not in line with the Us and Europe on this. Hi Jester, I was attracted to the half crown because i hadn't seen one come up at my local auction house before, and as soon as i laid eyes on it i thought it was brilliant. To my eye it was in great condition, with a lot of the detail still present. It is made from silver, so ticks that box, but also has a numismatic element that will hopefully increase in time. I did a quick search and from images in recent sales and ebay, the coin seemed to be in very good condition in comparison. So I weighed a few things up and came up with my maximum price (£100), put in a commission bid and won it for exactly that. I was overjoyed. its great to own a really old coin and imagine who handled it, what is was used to pay for, etc. wow reading this back to myself and it seems i am in the collector category! however i do think there is big financial trouble on the way,a part of me wants as much exposure to gold and silver as possible. so this would point to bullion! what a conundrum to have. I like the suggestions of having a fixed amount per month and dividing that into 2 pots, bullion and collector/shiny things Thanks all!
  11. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Good morning all, I was wondering if you guys have any tips for sticking to your purchasing strategies. I have a limited budget, and there are so many gorgeous coins out there, with more and more being released this year. There must have been 10-15 coins from the Royal Mint alone! I find that my head is being turned by all and sundry, and when a coin I would love to have crops up like the Rwanada dog, I have exhausted my budget! For some reason I spent most of my budget this month on a 400-year old Charles 1st Half-Crown at auction. Actually i will put a pic of it up later and see what you think. How do you guys keep on top of new releases and stop yourself from impulse buys? Is there a good website that has news of planned releases? Thanks, Jeffers
  12. 2018 Kookaburra and RAM Silver Kangaroo

    Beautiful coins and i can already feel my wallet getting lighter... Whats the best way to obtain some delivered to the Uk?
  13. 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary (Royal Mint)

    Face value of £500 !?
  14. Star Wars Silver Proof Medal

    I've emailed the post office for confirmation as to the medal mintage, I'll post an update when I have it. Ive had a problem with a recent silver proof from the royal mint (See my tom kitten post), - how do you tell if marks are a small milk spot or dust/scratches?
  15. Star Wars Silver Proof Medal

    Sovereigns are my next target. however I need to save a bit first which requires ignoring all these tempting silver items! finding it hard at the moment. would you have a recommendation about where to purchase sovs for a first timer? Did any of the medals tempt you at all? Some lovely designs.