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  1. @morezone Can you give me the link please i cant find it
  2. completed

    i take it
  3. I prefer buying from @arshimo2012 than RM. He always check every coin and i have received always spotless coins. And cheaper as well than RM
  4. @arshimo2012 Rm is always telling they will improve, they never have done it and i doubt it they will improve in the future. Until everyone stop buying the proof from RM they will not change.
  5. i think you are right, but in short term people will trying to get them and it will bring good return
  6. iam happy, the proof will go up in price
  7. Just picked it up from @arshimo2012
  8. I always check and put it back how it was. Only thing I never do is open capsule
  9. Just greed from RM.