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  1. What Watches do you own!!!

    No I honestly think the white gold just looks like the steel maybe slightly different and i dont like the batman, really dont like the blue. If i get another rolex its the solid gold gmt with black dial but at that price i could get a patek so not sure.
  2. What Watches do you own!!!

    The TT gmt i gave to my wife, for some reason i just dont like it on. Think it looks better on my wife. Really wanting a AP diver but the resell value of them puts me off, dont like buying watches that take a big hit if you want to flip it.
  3. Mark on my coin ?

    Yea its a pre owned 1 oz britannia so has a few dinks on it, just wasnt sure what the rust like mark was
  4. Mark on my coin ?

    Was having a look at my coins today and noticed a mark on one. Looks like a rust mark but im not sure. Ive added a photo should i try removing the mark or leave it as is ?
  5. What Watches do you own!!!

    My current line up. Was thinking about adding the solid gold gmt but after joining this forum and realising it has about £5000 of gold in the watch im not so keen now lol
  6. Want to start investing in gold

    Well its the view i have and it's probably down to the fact ive always been fortunate enough to have a well payed job. So ive basically had no desire to have any extra income or thought about long into the future until recently and thats why i see gold as some insurance. I certainly wouldnt be daft enough to skin 100% of my wealth into anything but im happy to have a go at around 15-20% of my monthly income into gold. If the price of gold stays the same in 20years i wont have lost anything but i think everyone knows over long term its only going one way.
  7. Want to start investing in gold

    Thank you for your reply, my monthly budget of £1500 a month is the minimum i will spend. I've spend just over £3000 in the last week on 3oz im probably going to realistically get 3-4oz a month this year as i still have 3 holidays booked but next year i will up the oz per month. I dont see the novelty wearing off until i have at least 100oz thats what im aiming for 100 coins to start with. As for a pension im self employed so wouldn't have a employer contribution and pensions i just dont see the appeal. Pay x amount a month and get a lump sum in x amount of years but what will that x amount actually be worth in later years. 1oz of gold will always be 1oz of gold. I am 35 years old 100% debt free and right now i have no interest in any other investments. I see collecting gold bullion as some nice insurance after doing my research, might be wrong but its the opinion ive came too. My little collection so far
  8. Today I received.....

    My two pre owned britannias came today got a 2014 and 2015.
  9. That was a good video 👍🏻 Been watching a few of your videos today, good stuff 👌🏻
  10. Today I bought.....

    Ordered x2 gold 1 oz britannia today got a decent price considering they have went up a bit in price recently. Both 2013 onwards pre owned from atkinsons great place to deal with.
  11. Soppy story

    Lol thats what i was thinking, my wife is currently on the waiting list for a new one. Apparently they start at 6k and you can pretty much sell them for a profit right away or so my wife tells me
  12. Who buys gold at spot price ?

    Nice getting coins at spot. If you dont mind me asking how much roughly did you need to spend to get that deal? Do you think this is something can could be done online without ever meeting the seller ? I might just stick to one website and buy all my coins from them then maybe 30-40 oz later see if they can at least lower the % over spot
  13. Who buys gold at spot price ?

    I have been reading and looking at gold prices the past few days, how does it work when buying gold. Im guessing the gold dealers buy and spot price and thats how they make there money charging 4% + and i take it the only way a non dealer can get gold for spot price is if they buy privately pre owned bars/coin ?
  14. Want to start investing in gold

    25kg in his wheelchair 😂 wouldn't like to push that up a hill
  15. Want to start investing in gold

    Yes came in a plastic capsule is it onky the anniversary coins that come in the capsule?