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  1. What a minute I thought you read unshakable ? Entry point is not key infact is has almost zero impact and the book unshakable talks about this in detail. also the book says dont try to guess the stock market as its impossible and dont be patient that will just lose you money. Best advice for the OP is read a book or two join a investment forum ask a few questions do your research but if you are going into a isa index fund long term anyone will tell you get in now and don’t wait unless they dont there arse from there elbow
  2. I would recommend reading a book or two first. I recently read the book unshakable and the little book of common sense investing, booth really good books. I dont know why people are recommending silver and gold when your asking advice of stocks but me personally i went with a global all cap isa index fund after doing my research and i would recommend isa index funds and dont listen to people saying there overpriced and at all time highs. Stocks are at all time highs every year, so best to get in sooner than later but obviously do your own research first and maybe join a stocks investing forum this probably isnt the best place to ask advice.
  3. Off white is a brand ive never been into so dont pay that much attention to the prices but the jordans and the prestos do pretty good on the re sell
  4. Yes goat app is what i use almost every time it literally has every rare sneaker
  5. Come on man are you serious there clearly all fakes lol and people who buy expensive sneakers tend to stay away from ebay they go to well established re sellers or use apps like goat and stock X and there still selling regularly for $1000 so i stand by my original post there a great buy to sell on for at least x2 x3 your money.
  6. The release late march is the 2nd release and do you have a link to ones sold on ebay ? I dont use ebay but there still selling for $1000 on flightclub and goat so dont think it can be the correct ones your seeing on ebay.
  7. Warren Buffet move

    Lol i am in no way trying to do what buffet is doing hes like the Michael Jordan of the stock market. What i am doing is the safest way to invest in stocks and takes zero work on my part all i have to do is stick a set amount in each month long term. Although buffet has said when he passes his wife will be instructed to go into index funds as there the safest way to be in stocks if you dont know what your doing. I dont know what im doing and have no desire to read hundreds of pages a day on companies so yes i buy the index.
  8. Warren Buffet move

    Yes i know he sold alot more stocks than he bought, it clearly shows that in the photo i posted. My point was hes still finding companies to invest in.
  9. Lol bear makets are great for making money. I cant wait for the next one as i plan to go in heavy when it comes. S and p 500 is roughly up 300% since the last bad bear market in 09. So again theres never a bad time to go in people who dont go in get no rewards. So fast forward 25 years i will be sitting on a nice chunk while all the scared people will find some excuse to tell themselves they were right not to invest
  10. 10% returns on average since 1928 not the last 10 years dont know what charts you are looking at. Its fact that the best way to gain safe long term wealth is slow and stead through a low cost index fund like the s and p 500. Please show me just one time in history aftr 1928 that the s and p 500 wasnt a great investment long term 20 years ?
  11. Warren Buffet move

    I am amazed by people who still buy silver and please no one take offence but in my opinion that stuff is never making a comeback. Warren doesnt like any PMs hes said it numerous times.
  12. Warren Buffet move

    What do you mean he cant find a company to invest in, do you even look at his company’s stocks he releases his holdings ever quarter and bought a 💩 load of stocks recently
  13. I get what your saying i really do but your going on a 15 year window you are cherry picking on average the s and p 500 since 1928 has averaged over 10%. How much has gold risen in the past 12months ? And look what the s and p 500 has done 25% and 20% the year before that. If gold such a good investment why do almost none of the wealthy 1% not bother with it ? And i like gold I actually own more gold than i have invested in stocks but i just think there two completely different investments that should not be compared
  14. No they are quite different if you put £177 into the s and p 500 in 1998 same as 1oz of gold, 20years later it would be worth £1350 golds only £950 today but thats of no interest to me it was just when you said gold in GBP had risen 11% per year i thought thats wasnt right. the benefits of a index fund is say you put £1000 a month in that £1000 per month gets easier and easier to pay as the years go past and as money devalues. Then fast forward 24 years you have just over £1.2 million in your index fund and its now paying 120k a year interest, show me how gold can complete with that is what im saying ? I can basically live off my interest in 24 years time and never touch the £1.2 million balance
  15. I Like gold as a investment and thats why i own some and will keep buying it but i dont think its anywhere as powerful as compound interest and as i said before anyone getting into a index fund and cashing it out before 20 odd years is just doing it wrong in my opinion. I play to keep mine for 24 years minimum thats when i hit 60 but hopefully i dont need to cash it out then cause after about 20 years thats when the power of compound interest really starts to take off. Also gold was £177 a oz January 1998 so its quite a bit off the 11% per year you claim