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  1. How does goldline work

    Yea thanks, i got the email and payed it. Bit weird how they operate, never seen a website like that before.
  2. How does goldline work

    Just ordered a coin payed the £70 deposit but how do i pay the rest ? I thought i would of got a email with a link asking for full payment
  3. Today I received.....

    Very nice mate. Can i ask where u got them from ? I got the lion the other day and probably going to get the dragon and unicorn next week. So looking around the now for best prices
  4. Queens beasts question

    I ended up getting the queens beast lion from royal mint bullion cause goldline didnt have any in stock. Was on goldline tonight and looking at the unicorn version when you go to pay they add a little vat on, I thought gold coins are vat free. Anyone else notice this on goldline website?
  5. Today I received.....

    My first queens beast arrived today from royal mint bullion. Just got in and they had just left the parcel sitting at my front door 😮
  6. Looking to find out why people stack certain metals. I thought i only wanted to stack gold and I currently only own gold. Now im starting to think maybe i should get some silver also, after reading silver might actually be very undervalued the now. So what do other people buy and at what ratio ? I think i would maybe like to have a 100g silver bar for every 1oz gold coin i buy. Also is there any people who only stack one metal and wont buy others ?
  7. for sale Gold Silver & Display Cabinet

    Don’t suppose your selling those 5 metalor bars ?
  8. Broadband Speeds

    I am with bt been with them a few years now. I get 35 down and 5 up but the last two or three weeks its been cutting off only a few times a day for maybe 2 mins, its brutal since i online game so dont want that while gaming. I noticed virgin is available in my area is that considered the best and most reliable?
  9. Queens beasts question

    Also does anyone know if gold line is a shop you can go in and buy coins or is it just a office ? Noticed they have a glasgow shop and ill be in town tomorrow, so thinking i could pick up a coin or two
  10. Queens beasts question

    I am talking about gold i dont own any silver
  11. Queens beasts question

    Looking at getting x3 of the 1oz queens beasts this month, I had been getting pre owed britannia from atkinsons last two months for +2% over spot that im quite happy about since ive just started stacking. Only problem is sometimes atkinsons dont have any pre owned britannias in stock. So i was just generally looking at other gold coins and noticed the queens beasts and for only a few % more there very nice. After looking around a bit ive noticed the lion version seems to been harder to find, are these coins rare or going to be rare in the future? The usual websites i look at atkinsons chards etc dont have any stock but i noticed royal mint bullion has them for £1035 is this about as good a price i can expect to get for a new one now ?
  12. wanted 1 oz gold queens beasts

    Looking for all 4 anyone selling them please contact me.
  13. Looking for x3 1oz gold cgt free gold coins per month also looking for 100g silver bars preferably the metalor ones, looking for maybe 5-10 of those per month also.
  14. Thinking about maybe getting some silver

    Yes i think im leaning towards the 100g silver bars, not sure how much silver to stack. I think i might buy a 100g silver bar for every 1oz gold coin i buy and just having that gold to silver ratio. Always liked the look of the 100g bars.
  15. completed Metalor 100 gram silver bars

    If you have any more ill take 5 of them please