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  1. Why is it

    I think the most popular coins on this forum will be silver by a long way. You see on the forum alot more silver for sale than gold but i agree the the sovereign is by far the most popular gold coin by a long way.
  2. Collection of coins and bullions need some advice

    Take them to a bullion dealer and don’t accept any less than 98% of spot price. Also i would wait till early next year as December is known for low gold prices
  3. What would you buy next ?

    Been reading quite a bit on crypto in general today and i think bitcoin will rise quite a bit still before some other better crypto comes along and takes over but what will happen to gold long term ? I dont believe bitcoin is the future but crypto currency definitely is and gold will go to **** just my opinion of course but what do others think that have invested in crypto?
  4. What would you buy next ?

    Also when I bought my bitcoin ended up getting charged a 3% fee is that right ? Seen people say there fees are 0.25% or is that for something else maybe selling fees ? Still dont have a clue whats going on.
  5. What would you buy next ?

    Lol i put £3200 into it and going to put £3000 each month for the next few months. Not buying anymore gold the now. Also bought some IOTA and seen a nice profit already
  6. What would you buy next ?

    Yea i get only spend what you can afford to lose. The way im seeing it im going to get a full bitcoin this week its $11k if i lose it all it will just annoy me more than anything it wont have any impact on my family but if it does take off it could seriously impact my family for the better. Also my father in law is a right glass half empty type of guy and was hell bent on talking me out of it last night lol so im buying one just to piss him off
  7. What would you buy next ?

    What is the best wallet to use bought $200 dollars tonight just to figure it out but probably going to try and get a full bitcoin soon
  8. What would you buy next ?

    Right ive decided im having a bash at this tonight starting off with bitcoin made a account with etoro what wallet do people use i am a bit confused by this bit ?
  9. What would you buy next ?

    I know basically nothing about crypto and to be honest i am not really wanting to learn all about it. It that tech guy john macafee that got my interest seen hes been banging on about bitcoin for the last 18months on twitter and hes now saying he reckons bitcoin could get to a million dollars a coin by as soon as 2020 so i was thinking **** if it even does 10% of that i would be happy to have a piece of that. Also i know don’t believe what people say on the internet but im a grown man and happy to have a gamble and miss out on buying gold for two months. Just wanted to see what peoples general thoughts on crypto
  10. What would you buy next ?

    So ive been on this forum a few months now and only been buying gold. Ive bought 12 oz in 4 months, so 3oz per month and will get another 3oz this month to take the total to 15oz. I have been thinking about getting into silver a few times over the last month or two since ive read a few people say its good to diversify but im just always put off by silver and other metals for one reason or another. So thats got me to consider crypto currency and mainly bitcoin and ethereum also ive read January and February are quite bad times of the year for buying gold due to increased prices. So what better time to try something else. I am thinking maybe dump £6000 into crypto in January February then jump back into gold for the rest of the year. Just wanted to ask what people would do if they was in my position? Would you jump into crypto stay with gold or even maybe get into silver ? I dont know anything really about crypto and to be honest i dont really want or need to know everything about it, if i do jump in i will take a gamble on £6000 if it does good great if it flops well its not the end of the world.
  11. gold and silver smashed down again

    I wish gold really would fall over next few years so i can buy more
  12. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    I vote 1oz coins the others are just so small i like the feel and weight of the 1oz coins
  13. Today I Received

    Two more for the collection today.
  14. bitcoin vs ethereum

    Seen that john macafee tweet today that he will eat his dick if bitcoin doesnt go upto $1000000 by end of 2012. He follows me on twitter and ive noticed hes been going on about bitcoin alot lately
  15. bitcoin vs ethereum

    I dont even know what that means sorry. Was just going to make a account and buy 5k worth