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  1. European Coins Thread

    Picked this up from a Post Office in France last weekend. €50 Face Value for €50. 41g 900. Silver 50,000 Mintage "The obverse of this 50€ Silver coin presents roosters singing La Marseillaise, France' national anthem."
  2. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Wait for the Royal Mint to release the next 'Peter Rabbit' coin. By which I mean a coin with a lot of interest that sells out instantly that you can then flip for 5x what you paid. Being on forums like this can help a lot. I'm also a member on CoinTalk and in early 2008 someone posted a topic about a suspected mule error with the new 20 pence coins. I then went on eBay and bought one for £6, before they hit the news and were then going for 100s!
  3. European Coins Thread

    2017 Piedfort Silver Poof Pound Coin
  4. Panda Photo thread...

    One of my faves.
  5. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Stunning. Coke and coin fans will be all over this one. I will be keeping an eye out for this one and try and get as many as possible.