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  1. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

    Outstanding. Good work BYB these look incredible. Can't wait to reserve mine.
  2. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Well I see that Gold managed to reach the £1,000 mark earlier today before dropping back (a bit). Do you think this trend will continue? I hope not - waiting until pay day before I get my next sovereign!
  3. Discolouration on sovereign?

    Ah of course. Thanks
  4. Discolouration on sovereign?

    Sorry noob question. What is "lcs"?
  5. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    This looks fantastic - will need to keep an eye out and see if I can blag one
  6. Hello The Silver World!

    Hi and welcome - I was also a lurker until a week ago. It's a good forum with some excellent advice.
  7. Today I bought.....

    These look great. May I ask where you purchased them from?
  8. July Group order Unboxing!

    Brilliant video. Thanks for sharing BYB and I think I may well join the August order.
  9. Greetings

    Thanks for the warm welcome and it sounds like a sovereign will be my next purchase. Any advice on where the best place to get them would be really welcome. I have just been buying from Royal Mint so far and am happy to pick up a 2017 sovereign from them but I would like to get some of the earlier years but have no idea what websites are trustworthy and which ones to avoid. Cheers again and it's nice to meet you all.
  10. Greetings

    Hi everyone. Thought it was time to introduce myself having been lurking for the last week or so and absorbing some of the advice and guidance on the site. I started collecting a couple of months ago buying some Silver Britannias from the Royal Mint and have got the collecting bug in a bad way😊. I don't have much spare cash but what I have left over at the end of each month is ear marked for some PM. So far it's only been Silver Bullion but I would like to get gold coins and can't make up my mind to do for Sovereign or save for longer and get Britannia. No real thoughts on exit plans at the moment, just enjoying the thrill of a purchase and diversifying a little bit of the pension fund into precious metals. Keep the advice and friendly banter coming. Cheers.