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  1. Halifax Clarity Credit card is the one to go for. I have used it when travelling to US and it beats any other card for the exchange rate.
  2. +1 once again an outstanding job @BackyardBullion thanks to both you and Mrs BYB.
  3. @Bullionbilly did you manage to find that link?
  4. Does anyone have a capsule for a 10oz Silver Queens Beast they want to sell? My recently acquired 10oz Griffin has arrived with the capsule badly scratched and I would like to display this wonderful coin at it's best. I can't seem to find one anywhere (or I'm not looking in the right places). Please point me in the right direction if you know where I can get one. Thanks
  5. completed QB 2oz lion - gubbed - cheap

    I will take it
  6. Can I have No:35 please. I bought this off another member of the forum (Madstacks) when he sold a few of them.
  7. 10 oz Silver Queens Beasts Red Dragon

    Thanks Lix. I was wondering when this coin would be on sale.
  8. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    @muenzdachs - How much is the 10oz silver box delivered to the uk?
  9. My box arrived today and I am really happy with it. The quality is really good and the capsules are a nice snug fit.
  10. Any news about CoinInvest.com?

    As a gesture of good will, we have included free shipping service to selected countries for the week ending 18th February 2018. Use the code PSHIPFREE18 to activate free shipping during checkout / 300 GBP / EUR / USD minimum order amount, retail customers only.
  11. Greetings!

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  12. No worries - consider it a Xmas bonus
  13. Thanks @fehk2001 will PM you
  14. Hi Does anyone have a link for Queens Beast 2oz Silver capsules or have any for sale? The only one's I can find on ebay are minimum purchase of 10 and I only need a couple.