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  1. I will back you up on that @BackyardBullion The sign of a master craftsman is making sure that the finished product meets high standards. The sign of a good businessman is owning up when things go wrong and then making it right for the customer. You got it right on both counts BYB.
  2. Awesome idea and good on BYB for putting all the effort in to running this. Well done to the others who donated as well. Well pleased - as I never win anything...........until today - A baby flame dragon - could not be more chuffed
  3. Hi Folks!

    Hi and welcome
  4. I’m in. PayPal payment sent @BackyardBullion Good on you BYB for running this
  5. Christmas prototypes already!

    I really enjoy watching your videos BYB and loving the slow mo on the big star! Beautiful pieces of art.
  6. completed Gold Sovereigns

    Hi Pete Arrived and all good. Cheers for the lovely coin
  7. 2017 Half Sovereign question

    Yes I have purchased from royal mint bullion. You pay more over spot but coin comes in a nice capsule and the coin I received was in very good condition.
  8. completed Gold Sovereigns

    Buzz - PM sent on coin C
  9. What a sight. Feel free to put my name into the registry.
  10. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I ordered one from this seller for £30 (accepted offer) arrived today - took about 5 days to arrive. Well packaged and signed for delivery. Thanks for the heads up Cornishfarmer.
  11. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Payment & Shipping

    Awesome - PM sent with my details. Can't wait to get my hands on it - it's just like xmas!
  12. Nice unblocking. Great to see the variety of coins people on the forum like to get. Thanks again BYB for ordering and looking forward to deciding on coins for the next one.
  13. Signed the petition. Only £99,979 more signatures to go
  14. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    Hi - Could you let me know how much this would be including delivery to UK? - for the 2oz silver