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    Goldfinga reacted to Jay2 in **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!   
    Looks like this coin is their numismatic grandmother. 
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    Goldfinga reacted to ChrisSIlver in 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign   
    @Alex I whole heartedly believe that @HawkHybrid posed a genuine question. It seems like the topic escalated from there.

    And although I can't deny that this topic has offered me some entertainment on a Sunday night, I don't think continuing it is constructive, so I have locked the topic.

    Those who have this particular coin for sale will be able to PM you with pics etc as requested.
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    Goldfinga reacted to BackyardBullion in **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!   
    I have it in writing from the manager of the European mint that they have 3rd party business insurance like the other dealers in Europe and that they will cover lost parcels. I have also met this company in person when I visited to collect an order. They are not cowboys - these guys are the real deal and are simply working within the VAT and tax laws of their country to become competitive and relevant in the European bullion market.
    If you order from the European Mint you are perfectly at liberty to arrange your own courier - one that covers bullion if you were worried that they would not cover the contents of the parcel. At least you have the choice to do this with the European Mint - with all honesty I would rather buy my silver knowing I am going to have it delivered with a big and reputable courier like Fedex or even UPS or DHL which have significantly better infrastructure than some of the couriers used by the German/Belgian dealers like Yodel or Hermes. The main issue for us in the UK ordering from GS.be is just that they don't offer good shipping. I have heard stories of £1000's of silver left on doorsteps, with neighbours, in bins, thrown on the roof even! All of these bullion dealers responsibility ends when the item is signed for. If Yodel come and forge my signature and leave it on the doorstep because they cannot be bothered to come back later - and that box is subsequently stolen or had visible damage on it then all the cover int he world won't make a difference.
    As to prices, the European Mint are cheaper on the majority of their wholesale bullion - i.e. the cheapest coins are a lot cheaper with these guys than with a lot of the other. I am not going to quote figures but last I checked a monster box of 2017 Britannias was about 300 Euros less than from GS.be and that includes the shipping. Yes they are more expensive for other coins - but that is because dealers like GS.be buy thousands of each type and benefit from an economy of scale. Having said that the European Mint has already matched and/or beaten prices for customers as part of this order. 
    P.S. - as I am the one organising these group orders and I would have to take point on dealing with any issues I would much rather work with The European Mint who have given me a better courier and delivery service as well as much better reassurances from a customer service perspective than with GS.be who might end up letting down 40+ people and over £5000 of silver. I don't need that stress and risk in my life! 
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    Goldfinga reacted to Andre090904 in Reverse Proof Libertads   
    Hi there,

    This is my first post in this forum, but I am somewhat a Libertad specialist who is mainly active in the German community of silber.de. Living in Mexico I have direct access to the latest releases, Spanish-speaking ressources and some insider contacts willing to gossip and sell coins. While there are reverse proof coins since 2015 (especially the 3-coin set containing BU, proof and reverse proof coin for the 90th anniversary of Banco de Mexico that was only sold among bank employees), there have never been reverse proof coins in 2 oz nor 5 oz until 2017. Mintage for the 2017 reverse proofs is as follows:

    1 oz: 1050 (lowest ever, 500 in Apmex sets, 300 individual ones sold to USA, 250 remained in Mexico)
    2 oz: 2000
    5 oz: 2000

    As for the 2 oz and 5 oz nobody really knows where those coins are. You would think those would be readily available due to the "high" mintage figures, but they're extremely rare as of now. The 1 oz, in comparison, is available at every corner it feels (also thanks to Apmex). So this makes me think that the 2 oz and 5 oz are no Apmex order, but rather some "insider coin" that is mainly sold in Mexico. Living in Mexico, I came across 3 sets of these coins, but no more. I would also like to know where these coins are being held. Because there are just a very few ones available to the public.
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    Goldfinga reacted to Ansel in UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin   
    It is not in good enough condition to grade unfortunately. However that doesn't bother me, finding it in a bank bag of 50p was a definite wow moment.
    @HelpingHands The new RAF £2 in rather lovely, I think I may splash out for a silver proof of that when they are released individually.

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    Goldfinga reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in My Chards Experience   
    I am 6ft4" and 130kg so no small man syndrome here. I do however like Atkinsons and Chard and assume they will give me a huge discount on my next order for sticking up for them .
    Pack mentality? - I think its worse than that. There is clearly some sort of gang culture on this forum. Me and the Sovereign crew are currently at war with the Privvy Possee who in turn are against the Moon Panda Massive. Very nasty. 
  7. Haha
    Goldfinga reacted to Pipers in which bullion dealer   
    Which bullion dealer will get it in the neck next.
    Rules are rules and they are as follows,. The dealer must sell bullion. the member must demand the highest quality coin (this must be in the members mind near perfect even though the coin is over 100 years old) 
    The coin has to be worth at least 150% of its weight in gold though the member only wants to pay a premium of 5% -15% including postage. 
    The member refuses to pay specialist coin shop prices
    Right who do you think it will be??😁😁😁😁
  8. Haha
    Goldfinga reacted to Paul in aaaaand...its gone! (Bitcoin to gold?)   
    Blame me everyone !  I invested my first cash into Cryptos last week and look what it has caused now !
    Same happens every time i buy gold and silver to {sigh!}
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    Goldfinga reacted to Webster in Job Lot of Perth Mint + MORE!   
    Hi guys,
    Second wave of selling as I really need funds to move out
    Prices do not include post.
    5 x 1oz santa maria rwanda coins sealed - £22.50 each
    4 x 1oz Rwanda roosters sealed - £24 each
    5 x 1 oz NWTM bars in caps - £20 each
    3 x 1 oz Englehard vintage bars - £25 each
    100g sealed leipziger bar - £60
    10g vintage JM bar serialised - £20
    2 x 39g 999 Buttons Chinese Poured - £35 each
    1994 Kook In original Cap BU - £30
    2 x 5 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Dragon - £95 each
    2 x 2 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Dragon - £40 each
    1 x 2 oz  Perth mint Lunar year of the Snake - £39
    1 x 2 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Rabbit - £42
    1 x 2 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Tiger - £60
    2 x 2 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Dog - £41.50 each
    2 x 1 oz Perth mint Lunar year of the Dog - £22 each
    7 x 1 oz Perth mint Dragon phoenix coin mintage 50,000 - £32 each
    2 oz AMPEX Lunar coins - £33 each (2 available)
    2 x 1 oz AMPEX lunar coins sealed - £16.50 each
    4 x 1 oz brits for £60
    2012 MS69 graded - £39
    1 oz trident (6 available) - £22 each
    1 oz Silber Panda coin - £20
    Perth mint series 1 year of the dog £38

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    Goldfinga got a reaction from JCRJM in Black ring sovereign capsules   
    I need some of these too, i think sovereigns look so much better inside these capsules.
    What size would it be for full and half sovereigns, and are they the screw lid type
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    Goldfinga reacted to Kman in BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES MAYBE NOT!   
    I found it for you
    I'm a bit confused about the first 60 seconds of the video
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    Goldfinga reacted to shortstack68 in Coin mag full sovereign price guide   
    And for those who can’t afford the £4 or find a sticky magazine under the bed

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    Goldfinga got a reaction from shortstack68 in Today I Received   
    Thanks again  @shortstack68 i'll do that!
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    Goldfinga reacted to shortstack68 in Today I Received   
    It’s nice, you could also check out the 1oz gold Swan from the Perth Mint, the same dealer also has this in stock 
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    Goldfinga reacted to shortstack68 in Today I Received   
    Price is slowly increasing though, I got this for €1150 but I think it’s around €1156, but still cheaper than release price of €1180
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    Goldfinga reacted to shortstack68 in Today I Received   
    Purchased during the spot dump last night, picked up today

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    Goldfinga reacted to gazer in 1/4 gold Lion of England   
    Thank you all coins now sold and it is preferable to sell on the forum for better people and a lot less hassle and more honest. 
    Cheers everyone  👏
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    Goldfinga reacted to Pete in 1/4 gold Lion of England   
    It would be interesting to see your other coins and maybe someone will snap them all up saving you the hassle, risk and all that comes with eBay.
    You could have the money in your bank account the same day if priced right and listed on this site.
    Regular bullion would need to be competitive with Atkinsons ( who include shipping ) and HGM ( buy several coins and shipping is only £6-7 approx SD in total ).
    Arshi had quarter-ounce Beasts listed for £258 each, on Friday, and they went almost instantly.
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    Goldfinga reacted to BackyardBullion in **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE   
    I think we are around the €9000 mark - so it should make for a fairly epic unboxing!
    Also...it is going to take me a huge amount of time and effort to organise, sort, check, double check, wrap and lost everything...
    Spare me a thought when adding the "optional service charge" 😉
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    Goldfinga reacted to Pete in Calling all seasoned stackers   
    Today silver stackers cutting their first teeth are in a fortunate position compared to 'seasoned stackers'.
    Firstly there are numerous sellers offering a huge selection of coins compared to a few years ago.
    There is a forum like this that supplies lots of information so if you have paid attention you won't pay silly prices anymore.
    You can buy from various identified suppliers in the EU essentially VAT free ( only until after Brexit ).
    Before the differential VAT scheme was adopted VAT on silver coins in Germany was only 7% but 19% on bars.
    If you knew where to buy in Germany you saved lots but I started buying on eBay Germany as there weren't the current suppliers around.
    The silver price has been manipulated to artificial lows compared to gold - see the historic gold / silver ratio.
    With silver relatively cheap I would definitely load up the truck right now.
    You can buy gold anytime and the price will always be a couple of percent over spot.
    If you are starting your stacking addiction hoping to make future gains then you are assuming gold will rise in price.
    Selling gold will only ever give you the dealer prices as buyers are smarter / through the forum etc.
    Not everyone can buy silver as cheaply as we informed forum stackers - we know where to go and how to minimise shipping costs by ordering more than just a few coins.
    Jo Public however wanting to buy a single coin however see a price that includes VAT and some margin so the potential to sell your silver immediately and make a small profit is already there. The effort however is something to bear in mind selling one coin at a time but then if you are retired it might get you out of the house to visit the post office more frequently.
    Personally I cannot see any fundamental reason for the gold silver ratio to be stagnating at its current high levels so my tea-leaves predict considerable upside in silver sometime in the next few years. Don't forget you will not be able to buy VAT free ( or differential VAT ) coins after Brexit so everyone will be seeing an approximate 15% increase and therefore a potential profit on pre-Brexit inventory. Unfortunately there is no-one on planet Earth that knows how gold and silver prices will be next week never mind in years to come. There are many experts that will tell you their predictions but they cannot make any guarantees either and the probability of getting their forecasts wrong is 50%. You are on your own so make your own judgments and don't put all your eggs in one basket; only invest up to 10-15% of your total assets or what you can afford to loose in part value without forcing a fire-sale to pay bills.
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    Goldfinga got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Hello to all!   
    Hello @richatthecroft ..welcome to the forum! There are some amazing people on the forum..one of which is mr "backyardbullion", who organiser's group buying from a
    site in Belgium..i think the deadline is around the 25th for this month..might be an idea to get in touch! Again welcome and enjoy! 
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    Goldfinga got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Hello to all!   
    oops..i think he beat me to it lol
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    Goldfinga reacted to blab in Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...   
    They are still new and are stored in tubes, you should expect them to have slight marks on them because they are bullion. What do you expect Atkinson's to do? Take photos of all the thousands of coins they have and list them separately on there site, im sorry but all this fuss for a tiny scratch on a bullion coin is nonsense.
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    Goldfinga reacted to MickB in Today I Received   
    This 1911 sovereign from @sg86 arrived today. Nice to come home from a long day at work and have this waiting. 

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    Goldfinga reacted to montesf1030 in Today I Received   
    Sundays LCS pick ups
    Sundays LCS pick ups