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  1. Chinese gold panda

    I'll pm you
  2. Chinese gold panda

    Hello Mike, Is the 1997 ms69 still available, if it is I'd be interested, cheers Myblueheaven
  3. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Right, I've decided to get a 1/20th 2017 Libertad or one of @StackerMike graded pandas ( if hes still got them for sale ) with my spare £100, not sure which one, might toss a coin to decide LOL Will still be buying a sovereign and silver every other month to build a stack. Thanks for all your input its appreciated. Myblueheaven
  4. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    I've looked into matched betting before but in all honesty couldn't be bothered after getting headache during a tutorial. I know its good way to make money but I could never really get my head around it. I might have another look into it this week if I have some pain killers at hand !!! Thanks for your comments Myblueheaven
  5. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Thanks for your advice Numistacker, I have a silver order with BYB for August so I'm on that one, Some 1oz Kooks, 2oz Q beasts & 2oz Libertad. I am currently buying a Sovereign 1 month then some silver the next month, planning on holding onto this for a few years as you say. I just fancied doing something different so thought I'd start with £100 ( i know its not a lot ) I will look at the Gold 1/20th Libertads and I'll check out the 1/20th pandas you say Stackermike is selling. Thanks again and great info from you youtube channel. Myblueheaven
  6. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Confused Lol
  7. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Yep i agree, I was just thinking of doing something different with £100 other than the usual bullion coins. Myblueheaven
  8. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Already got my bets on for today !! Huge footy fan and love my Saturday fix of throwing away some cash to the bookies, had some good wins last season tho !! Wow 27 in a row, that's some going !! Never tried that system but I will have a play with it , thanks Myblueheaven
  9. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    That' weird or maybe a sign LOL I was just watching shadow stack talking about Peter Rabbit coins when you posted that !! Thanks for your advice Myblueheaven
  10. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Know nothing about them but I will research. Thank you Myblueheaven
  11. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I know £100 is not much money so I may wait for the next new coin to come out. I've spent approx £250 on BYBs August GS.be haul, so in September I will buy another Sovereign. Just thought I'd have a play with £100 on my rest days. I'll watch some more youtube vids. More knowledge needed eh !! Take it you don't work in sales Jester , ( I obviously don't before you say it ) Regards Myblueheaven
  12. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Hello all, I was left an amount of money recently from the death of a close relative. I want to take £100 of the money and see how much I can build it buy buying and selling. I am looking for advice on my first purchase on this venture ( I have other gold and silver which is just to stack). So any advice on any of the following items would be greatly appreciated. -- Australian Kangaroo 2017 or 2016, 4 set proof boxed set. 3000 mintage £115 --1oz silver proof Wedge-tailed eagle with box & coa. 10,000 mintage £62 --1oz silver kookaburra 1997 Zurich privy. 2500 mintage £56.60 --1oz silver Britannia 2016 Brexit colored shield. 1000 mintage £38.50 -- 1oz silver Australian Swan 2017. 25000 mintage. £45 -- 1oz silver 100 cedis leopard 2017. 5000 mintage. £32 Cheers folks Myblueheaven
  13. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Stack gold and you'lle be taking your Mrs for afternoon tea at Claridge's with champers !!
  14. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Well I would need 2oz cos you've gotta have Peas & curry sauce as well !!!!
  15. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Well at 46 years old I'm now thinking more of the future than I ever have. I will have a decent pension but nothing fantastic and hopefully I will have some money put away for when I decide to call it a day in my profession, hopefully our mortgage will be paid off too. Things can go wrong tho, nothing is that certain, circumstances change, people in your life can come and go sadly, as can work and incomes. So my plan for now is to buy Gold Sovereigns one month and silver Bullion / semi Numismatic the next and alternate as long as I have the spare cash. I feel its wise to diversify but I might be wrong. I plan to hold on to these for as long as I can, especially the sovereigns. Whether I end up flipping the odd bit of silver to help buy sovereigns remains to be seen, got that gut feeling I may try at some point !!