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  1. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Bought quite a bit through BYB's August group order with no issues at all... Shipping is shared also which brings price down too ....... Myblueheaven
  2. What are your Favorite coins in your stack?

    2017 Australian silver swan..... 2 oz silver libertads are nice also... Although to me all my Australian coins look much better than the Britannia & Queens Beasts...... Just my opinion .... Myblueheaven
  3. completed Lunar series 2 silver proofs

  4. wanted Full sovereign BU

    Hello all I am after 1 x full sovereign BU only Either of these years 2002, 2005, 2012 Myblueheaven
  5. If you were going to stack just one series of coins

    The Australian Lunars are a nice coin, I am slowly acquiring a collection/stack of these. I have some wrapped Kooks also, although the mintage up to 2010 was 300k and 500k from 2010 to present. The Australian coins seem really nice, the swan is a gorgeous too.
  6. Which silver series...

    I'm sure as newbies you can tell us what we are expected to post / ask without annoying people ..... or You could just not bother to read or reply. Thought it was a forum tho ???? Myblueheaven
  7. Which silver series...

    I guess that means myself too...... thanks for taking time to know my circumstances !!! Myblueheaven
  8. Which silver series...

    @AlphaBeast Ive only been doing this a couple of months, I am up to date now with the Lunar 2 series, I intend to acquire quite a few of each coin. Some coins in the series are more expensive than others but theres no rush, bide your time, ask on here and even search the internet I found a site this week and bought 5 of the new 2018 Lunar Dogs at a great price, I got the 2017 Rooster from BYBs monthly GS.be order, the rest I got from members on here. So it is still possible to get these coins. Also the 2017 Australian Swan is looking like a good coin at a premium now tho, I have one but will be getting more, and waiting for the 2018 Swan to buy at early prices. Myblueheave
  9. Which silver series...

    @jssagu I asked and pondered these same questions when I first joined the forum a couple of months ago. After reading this forum, watching youtube vids and asking members questions I have a little more of an idea of what direction I will take. My main goal is to acquire Sovereigns so my first purchase was a 2017 full sovereign. I aim to buy a sovereign every other month. I then bought a MS69 gold panda 1/20th off a member. Honestly I don't know why but its another piece of gold. I have since purchased the full Series 2 Australian 1oz lunar coins including 5 of the latest year of the dog 2018. I also have a roll of 1oz silver 2017 Kookaburras, a 2017 1oz silver Australian swan, a 2oz Queens beast red dragon and a 2oz silver 2017 Libertad. I have 30oz of silver after approx 6 weeks. So........... I have bought these to get a feel of the things and to understand what they are to physically have, hold and store. After a bit of reading and youtubing I have sort of decided diversify a little rather than concentrating on 1 series or coin. I feel i will acquire more of the Australian lunar 2 coins and build them hoping over the years they become more collectable. The kookaburras change yearly so I feel it will be good to collect a few of each year. Not too impressed with the Queens beast but may acquire the 2oz collection so I've got them. Also I like the silver Swan and I will be acquiring these coins. The 2oz Libertad is nice and has something about it so may get a few of these too. This forum is a great place to learn, hear of new issues and interact with other members with greater knowledge. I also feel you will find your own direction but at first if like me, its all a bit confusing and you will see all sorts of coins & series that will catch your eye and confuse you even more. Ask, watch vids & read old posts on this forum. You will probably buy things you wish you hadn't but you learn from mistakes so see that as a positive. Most of all enjoy acquiring items that you can sell on if the need be, hold onto as an investment or just for the fun of it. Myblueheaven
  10. Hello

    Welcome and enjoy Myblueheaven
  11. Hello everyone.

    Welcome Regarding your GS.be / STG order, you may wish to see if @BackyardBullion is doing an October order. Ive just had quite a few coins from the Aug / Sept GS.be group order and save on shipping fees. Ive also just bought some items from silvertrader.uk ( newcastle ) his prices seem really competitive so may be worth looking at too, through the website not through his ebay though as the costs are greater. As of what to collect/ stack there is loads of you tube vids to watch which may help you have more of an idea. @Numistacker @BackyardBullion @ShadowStack all have good videos with loads of info. This is all info that was offered to me as a newbie and i've definitely benefited from it. Everyone seems really helpful on here so don't be afraid of asking before committing to purchases, just helps me with peace of mind. Myblueheaven
  12. A new adventure

    Welcome Loads of knowledge on here. Keep watching the sales sections and get on @BackyardBullion Goldsiver.be orders Ive found forum members extremely helpful so enjoy and learn Myblueheaven
  13. Just joined.

    Welcome !! Fellow Oldham lad...... I was born and bred there until moving to sunny Cumbria. Enjoy the forum Myblueheaven
  14. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Lunar dogs arrived this morning. Quick delivery and great comms from Martin ( silvertrader ) Thanks for all your advice and answering my queries regarding this seller. I too would now recommend silvertrader.uk Myblueheaven
  15. Great stuff @BackyardBullion Myblueheaven